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    Characters from Super Robot Wars Alpha include:

    The SRX Team

    This team's responsible for the combining Super Robot Genre SRX. They made their debut in the ill-fated Shin Super Robot Wars and various other games, but is brought together for the Alpha series and gets their stories refined there.

    Ryusei Date (Voiced by Shinichiro Miki)


    One of the heroes in Super Robot Wars Original Generation (actually debuting in Shin and improved in the Alpha series with some side stops in Super Hero Sakusen and Super Robot Spirits along the way), Ryusei's the prime example of the Ascended Fanboy, especially on games and super robots in general, and is apparently uninterested in human girls, but swoons over girly-looking giant robots; he also has a sickly mother. His story, especially told in Original Generation, revolves around getting chosen into a super robot team, just because he's the champion (runner-up in the Animated Adaptation Divine Wars) of a video game competition. Unfortunately, it doesn't help that the robots used by the military has similar controls. There, he learns real-life wars are completely different matters compared to video games. He's joined by fellow pilots Raidese F. Branstein and Aya Kobayashi and becomes the core member of the SRX Team.

    Despite the Face Heel Turn of his commander, Ingram Plisken, he continues the project and successfully forms the SRX. He remains in The Federation, defending the Earth from various aliens and dissidents among The Federation, while not letting go of his Otaku traits. Even then, he proves to be quite a stud, such as getting the attention of two Little Miss Badasses, Latooni Subota and Mai Kobayashi. Oddly enough, he actually responds to their attention, although probably not to the extent that they like. As of Another Century's Episode: R, he and Kyosuke Nanbu's location is unknown. However, recent information confirms he will return at the helm of the R-Blade Custom from Alpha 3 for the Second Original Generation.

    In Alpha 3, he gets hit with Heroic BSOD after losing Aya against the invading Balmarians, and getting the SRX trashed. Despite so, he continues to fight and eventually gets to control the upgraded SRX "Altered" Banpreios, and lines up in kicking more ass. Ryusei's default mecha is the R-1, the core of the SRX. He and the R-1 embody these tropes:


    "I honed my reflexes through years of video games!"

    • Image Song, Non-Singing Voice (Several members from JAM Project sing his Leitmotif "Everywhere You Go")
    • Magikarp Power (In-universe example: Ryusei progressively becomes more skilled as a pilot in subsequent sequels for the Alpha and Original Generation games. By his appearance in Another Century's Episode: R, he's caught up with Kyosuke in skill, while in Alpha 3, he's performing insane feats in little more than a custom R-Blade. In fact, he's likely the most skilled pilot Original Generation has to offer, but it takes him an entire series to showcase his full potiental)
      • In-game, the Telekinesis skill can make him this as well. At the start and the middle of the game, Ryusei is a fairly mediocre pilot; by the end, when his Telekinesis level is high enough, his evade can get insane, the the point where the SRX is dodging like crazy!
    • Momma's Boy (Ryusei adores his mother Yukiko; it's the one thing that ranks higher than Nakama and Humongous Mecha on his priorities. He was even going to enter the military to pay for her medical bills rather than go to college (even though he got "drafted", anyways). Though this is subverted by the fact he's a Chick Magnet and his mother isn't in control over him, though he does still live with her. However, never mention you've experimented on Yukiko in her younger years at a Psychodriver lab or utter a death threat against her: Ryusei will kick your ass)
    • Parental Abandonment (Yukiko's still around, but his father was a police officer KIA'd during duty)
    • Psychic Powers (Via his genes: Yukiko was the first recorded Psychodriver and was considered the strongest human to use her abilities)
    • Robeast ( Gets turned into one by Primada in an Alpha 2 4koma)
    • Ship Tease (As much as Ryusei's the Ascended Fanboy, there's still a good amount of shipping from fans for him and Latooni or Mai)
      • What's interesting is neither side can claim a win yet: sure, Mai gets an exclusive Combination Attack with Ryusei in Original Generation Gaiden, but Latooni gets a hug from him in The Inspectors. Of course, there's always another option...
      • Him and Villeta Vadim spend a long time alone together in Alpha Gaiden. Who knows what went on other than training in that period...
    • Shout-Out (Lots of them)
    • Show Within a Show (He's a big fan of the arcade game Burning PT and anime Banblade)
      • In Alpha 3, fellow pilots are shocked when Ryusei gives them a rare copy of Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Legend of Lynn Minmei romance movie to Mylene Jenius as a birthday present. Turns out he's only interested in the film's Valkyrie battle scene.
    • Super Prototype (Aside from the Wildrauptier and R-Blade, the R-1 and ART-1 are essentially his Ace Customs)
    • Tenchi Solution (Seems to be heading this way: Original Generation Gaiden's ending has him, Latooni and Mai watching anime together)
    • Throwing Your Sword Always Works R-1's strongest attack, "T-Link Sword," generates an ornate blade out of pure energy...which he promptly throws at the enemy, like a javelin. Driving home this point is that, despite being classified as a meele attack, it can't be used on directly adjacent enemies, despite being, you know, a sword.
    • Transforming Mecha ("Chaaaange! R-Wiiing!")
    • Unwanted Harem (Maybe, if you count Viletta, who might like him that way, and Mio Sasuga having made a few advances on him during the first two Alpha games when the Masou Kishin cast were included (though she was likely kidding). At first there was Kusuha Mizhua, who has since moved on because she became an Unlucky Childhood Friend. Aya's a MAYBE, but she seems more interested in her sister, and Rai (well, according to the fandom, anyways). Then there's Latooni and Mai, who are outright smitten with him. Still, it's not so much "unwanted" as much as he has no idea it EXISTS)
    • Worf Effect ( In the first five minutes of The Inspectors, the Shadow-Mirror universe version of the SRX Team is brutally destroyed by Kyosuke's Evil Twin Beowulf. Just to show how sadistic he is, a defeated Ryusei gets Impaled with Extreme Prejudice)
    • Wrong Genre Savvy (Minor version: during a live-fire training in Divine Wars, Ryusei believes it's impossible for tanks to outmaneuver and down a mecha. He's disabled and shot down in a matter of minutes)
      • Genre Savvy (Then again, he does hang a lampshade on Kyosuke's Tranquil Fury after a Brainwashed and Crazy Excellen Browning appears in Kyo's discontinued route in the first game)
        • In the above-mentioned Alpha 2 4koma, Ryusei's knowledge of super robots and how they work makes his Zondar form a very seriously dangerous opponent. Example: Zondar!Ryusei has Mazinkaiser's Fire Blaster attack, and its version is so powerful that GaoGaiGar's Protect Shade is not strong enough and needs support from Yuu's and Hime's Brains' Chakra Shields just to survive ONE blast. Also, despite having no (canon) knowledge of Dygenguar until the 3rd Alpha game, Zondar!Ryusei not only remembers but is able to fully use the original weapons loadout, particularly the General Blaster. He even uses it on Sanger in the 4koma.

    Raidiese Fujiwara Branstein (Voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu)


    The Lancer to Ryusei's "beatdown first, question later" attitude. A crack marksman, Rai's the designated pilot of the R-2. A heavy bombardment unit, in Rai's hands it becomes a menacing foe at any range, though of course Rai prefers to stay back to get the most use of its twin shoulder-mounted BFGs, leaving the melee for Ryusei.

    Rai's the younger brother of Elzam von Branstein (or whatever he's calling himself these days), whom he had a rocky relationship with. Rai adored Elzam's wife, Cattleya, but when Elzam chose to save innocents at the cost of her life, Rai disowned himself from the Branstein clan, took up Cattleya's maiden name of Fujiwara, and swore to get back at the family. He informed cousin Leona Garstein should she cross his path in defense of Elzam and what he stands for, he will not hesitate and fight.

    Rai initially comes across as the cold, calculating, stick-to-the-book soldier, but his interactions with the various characters causes his personality to change and loosen, though still comes across as cold, cool and collected. This cracks when he meets Archibald Grims, the true culprit behind Cattleya's death, causing him to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, but gets shot down, almost killed. Learning from his lessons, Rai starts to trust his brother more and together they kill Archibald. This marks the event where Rai finally makes peace with Elzam and himself.

    If you kidnap Princess Shine Hausen, expect Rai to deploy to her rescue even before orders are given. He pilots the R-2 Powered and takes care of the Tronium Engine in the SRX. He embodies these tropes:

    Aya Kobayashi (Voiced by Yumi Touma)


    She's the 21-year old leader and captain of the SRX Team. She's the daughter of Dr. Kenzo Kobayashi, head of Psychodriver research. She often looks out for Ryusei. Her Psychodriver powers are very strong and is the key when they try forming the SRX. She admires Ingram greatly and he was always nice to her, but was hurt the most by his Face Heel Turn. During the final fight with Ingram, he tells her not to be bound by the past and start a new life for herself. Later, while fighting Levi Tolar, she realizes Levi is her long-lost sister they thought had died. Since Levi was inside the Judecca, she was too far gone and had to be destroyed.

    After the war with the Aerogaters, she stays at the army's Far Eastern Izu Base and cooperates in her father's research. She later meets with sister Mai, who she thought had died. One of her hobbies is walking around art museums.

    In the Alpha storyline, she gets into one nasty misfortune during Alpha 3, where a fatal attack from Balmar general Hazal Gozzo strikes her hard, seemingly killing her and sending Ryusei into one huge Heroic BSOD. In truth, she's captured and later used to demoralize her Psychodriver friends, especially Mai, who after one "voice demoralization" had her power go haywire. Thankfully, it doesn't last long as Aya is rescued by defecting Balmar generals Baran Doban and Luria Kayitz and she rejoins the SRX Team within their new SRX Altered Banpreios.

    Aya pilots the R-3 Powered, a flying, ranged support unit. Its specialty is to blanket an area with missiles with 0% chance of hitting friendlies, as they are guided by her Psychodriver abilities. The R-3 can also aim its Strike Shields with precision, again guided by her powers.

    Tropes associated with Aya:

    Mai Kobayashi (Voiced by Ai Orikasa)


    Aya's younger sister assumed dead after an accident years before Original Generation at Kenzo Kobayashi's lab. She currently has no memories of her past, and is a very quiet and gentle girl. She's discovered after the L5 Campaign and was given medical treatment under Kenzo's care. Due to her exceptionally strong Psychodriver powers, Mai gets assigned to the SRX team for learning purposes, and selected to be the R-Gun Powered's pilot. Has since developed a small crush for Ryusei.

    She was kidnapped, brainwashed, and turned into one of the Aerogaters during the lab accident, taking the name Levi Tolar and piloted the Judecca. Together with Ingram, they challenged the SRX Team many times. Neo Divine Crusader's Aguila Setme explains the Earth Federation Army recovered her body from the Judecca's remains. Kenzo had also altered her and Aya's memories in order for them to have higher emotions, which enables them to use the T-Link System to its full advantage.

    Tropes associated with Mai/Levi are:

    • Brainwashed and Crazy ( As Levi)
    • Enemy Within (In Original Generation 2, festering elements of Levi goads Mai in her subconciousness to turn on her allies)
    • Girl with Psycho Weapon ( Levi's Judecca)
    • Image Song, Non-Singing Voice (Like Rai, Mai's Leitmotif "Marionette Messiah" is sung by Masako Iwanaga, rather than Ai Orikasa, another exceptional singer with many image songs to back her talent who doesn't get a chance with this character)
    • Little Miss Badass
    • Magikarp Power (A little, though not as much as Ibis Douglas: Mai's got decent stats initially and doesn't get better than Viletta until she's leveled up a bit. In fact, players might relegate the R-Gun Powered to Viletta rather than her, as the former can use the SRX's Combination Attack in scenarios much earlier through Viletta's lower Will requirement. However, Mai's base attack power for the combination attack is significantly higher than Viletta's, which makes her FAR more useful, especially when playing the game on EX-Hard Mode)
    • Meaningful Name (Possibly: keeping in line with Balmar's Theme Naming, "Tolar" may be a mispronouciation of the word "Torah", meaning "the law" in Hebrew. Since Hebrew Levites were priests, and Levi acts as commander of the Aerogaters, it's her job to "preach the law"...just with extreme methods of kidnapping and Brainwashing the human populace, anyways)
    • Mismatched Eyes ( Levi has has one red and one golden eye to match the Judecca. Her eye color changes depending on continuity, but also whether her Levi personality or her as Mai is dominant, to which if it's the latter, it reverts back to a natural blue)
    • Not Blood Siblings (Without any romantic undertones, mind you)
    • Precision-Guided Boomerang (The T-Link Boomerang on the R-Gun, which is powered by her...)
    • Psychic Powers
    • Rose-Haired Girl
    • Ship Tease (Really, when you get an exclusive Combination Attack with the Ascended Fanboy whom you have a deep-seated crush on, where said attack is created by your rival for the fanboy's affection, major teasing occurs)
    • Talking to Herself (Mai also voices Shiro, one of Masaki's familiar cats. This is taken to its logical conclusion in a save-quit intermission: Shiro talks with Mai as Levi, who says the latter should start adding a "Nyan~" Verbal Tic. She does, but performs miserably)
    • Unskilled but Strong (Unlike Aya, Mai's psychic output outclasses her; unfortunately, she has little to no control over the exact amount she generates. This serves as a counterbalance to Aya being Weak but Skilled)
    • Youngest Child Wins (A variation of the trope: her Psychodriver powers are often stated to be stronger than Aya's. The fact Mai's part of the SRX Team in order to fulfill the SRX's Combination Attack makes it more obvious)
      • This theory gets a boost when the Banpreios first appears and shatters a pocket dimension Hazal trapped the Alpha Numbers inside in Alpha 3. For the record, the only people piloting the Banpreios at that point are Rai (who isn't a Psychodriver) and Mai. Sure, the Crossgate may have played a role in that moment, but the fact Mai can generate enough Psychic Powers to move a mecha that requires four Pyschodrivers to normally pilot AND break apart a pocket dimension says something about her abilities.

    Ingram Prisken/ Alef Balshem (Voiced by Tohru Furusawa)


    Commander of the SRX Team and his ranking is a Major. After recruiting Ryusei and Rai, he had all the people he needed for the SRX Team. Ingram rarely talks about himself and is dedicated to the task of completing the SRX Project. Like Rai, he too maintains a sense of composure and collectedness, but hides a slight calculating side.

    Ingram's the first clone in the mass-produced Balshem series created by Euzeth Gozzo and known as the "Originator", with the codename "Alef Balshem". He pulls a Face Heel Turn on the SRX Team, revealing himself to be a spy sent by the Aerogaters to assess the strength of The Federation. He and Ryusei fight many times on the battlefield. Many couldn't understand his actions, and how he's able to stay calm the whole time, but really, he was being manipulated by Euzeth, though Ingram's will was strong enough to want to break free from his control.

    In Alpha, his body is lost and only his influence over the Astranagant allows him control. By chance, when one Balshem clone "Ayin" scouts an area near an asteroid, the Astranagant emerges and takes over his machine. Ingram's consciousness then takes over Ayin, but somehow fuses both their souls into one, forming Cobray Gordon. From time to time, Ingram attempts to retakes control, but Cobray breaks free and chooses to fight on his own.

    Ingram is a Time Diver, someone who takes on the role of keeping the balance of good and bad in dimensions. In Original Generation, his initial mecha is the Wildschwein and later uses the R-Gun until his Face Heel Turn, where he mutates the machine into the R-Gun Rivale, rather than use the Astranagant from Alpha (since it doesn't exist in this continuity). Ingram has the following tropes:

    Viletta Vadim/ Bet Balshem/Viletta Prisken (Voiced by Atsuko Tanaka)


    The new SRX Team Commander replacing Ingram and is a Captain rank. She has very good PT piloting skills, and is always able to judge cooly on the battlefield. Viletta is the the fourth clone in the mass-produced Balshem series, based off of Ingram, the Originator, with the codename "Bet Balshem". She's a spy for the Aerogaters sent by Ingram to go to the Earth Federation in order to gather data. However, during the final battle with Septuagint, Gilliam asks her who she really is. She tells him her real name is "Viletta Plisken", and she was created from Ingram to act on his behalf once he becomes unable to do so of his own free will. Ingram created her before he's fully taken over by the Judecca, then sends her away to complete his will. She goes on to explain to Gilliam about the Balmar Empire.

    After the L5 Campaign against the Aerogators, Viletta permanently joins the Earth Federation Army. Later, alongside Gilliam and Lune Zoldark, she is sent to investigate the abandoned Aerogater fortress White Star, but is forced to retreat with the Hiryu Custom when the Inspectors launch a surprise attack on their location. In Alpha, she uses the R-Gun Powered, but can use it as well in Original Generation (otherwise, she comes with an Ace Custom Gespenst). She's back to R-Gun in Original Generation Gaiden, as Mai is in ART-1. Viletta has these tropes:

    Characters debuting in Super Robot Wars Alpha

    Kusuha Mizuha (Voiced by Mikako Takahashi)


    "I'm not just some Damsel in Distress waiting to be rescued!"


    The "heroine" of the Alpha series, being the only girl who appeared in all 3 games (excluding Alpha Gaiden). She's a nurse-in-training turned mecha pilot. Her boyfriend's the easily flustered disciple of Jigen-Ryuu sword style, Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield. Kusuha's usually a sweet, everyday girl who dislikes fighting, but is infamous for one thing: her health drink knocking out the manliest of men (and even androids). Only a few are unaffected, but it's usually a major source of terror from her otherwise Moe Moe appearance.

    In Original Generation, she starts out as Ryusei's very Unlucky Childhood Friend (yes, very, considering he's more interested in giant robots than normal girls), but eventually falls for Bullet. At that time, she gets kidnapped by Ingram, Brainwashed and Crazy, but gets snapped out of it by Bullet. In Original Generation 2, Kusuha eventually gets picked as the pilot of the The Four Gods machine, RyuKoOh (based on Seiryuu), while Bullet gets to pilot the KoRyuOh (based on Byakko), and the sentient beings tell them to fight the Einst, their current enemy. In Original Generation Gaiden, Kusuha's one of the victims of the ODE Incident and caught by the Bartolls, but luckily she's rescued with the Aggressor kids.

    In Alpha, Kusuha gets a bit dose of Badass, and sometimes makes Bullet look like James Bondage, although he usually comes back to the routine of ass-kicking after they reunite. She acts like a mother figure to Irui in Alpha 2, and gets a nasty rival named Son Ganlong in Alpha 3, who pilots a literally draconic mecha called Shin RyuKoKi. She's the pilot of the RyuKoOh, but since it's too dangerous by normal standards, in casual times, she prefers using a variation of Grungust machines. Tropes associated with Kusuha:

    • Badass Adorable In Distress (Fortunately, her Alpha incarnation averts the "In Distress" part)
    • BFS (RyuKoOh's Hazanken/Dragoon Blade). She drops this in favor of a staff and magic in Alpha 3 when RyuKoOh attains its Mid-Season Upgrade.
    • Cutscene Incompetence (In Original Generation, when Ingram kidnaps her. God damn it, Kusuha, just put on the Iron Wall/Guard Spirit Command, then swat those grunts already)
    • Damsel in Distress (She will be kidnapped at least ONCE in every Original Generation installment: first one had Ingram, second one had Lorenzo and Murata, Gaiden had Juergen and ODE (yes, she really doesn't live it down). The Alpha timeline, on the other hand..., completely subverts this)
    • Doomed Upgrade (Subverted: in Alpha, she and Bullet are suppose receive the Grungust Type-3 to upgrade from their Type-2, but the villains find the Type-3 first and destroy it. The parts used to repair the RyuOhKi and KoOhKi that become the REAL upgrade are far more impressive than the Type-3. In Original Generation 2, they receive the Type-3 first, but it's immediately crippled by the Einst, until it's absorbed by the Choukijins to form the RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh a la Alpha)
    • Five Temperament Ensemble (In the ATX Team, Kusuha would be the "Supine")
    • The Four Gods (Albeit only two of them thus far in Original Generation, but Alpha's Shin RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh incorporates all four)
    • Gargle Blaster AND Lethal Chef (Her health drink; run in terror if you see her offering it to you, at the very least)
      • Subverted with Lethal Chef: apparently, she's able to cook normal things, namely a birthday cake in Alpha 3. She just tends to add her dreaded health drink ingredients. The reason why the cake wasn't lethal was because Bullet "accidentally ruined" the various ingredients.
    • Kiai (Kusuha's version of the Gespenst Kick. An interesting point about her yell is she's able to hold the last part of "Chesto!" for people to hear clearly. By comparison, both Sanger and Bullet have been slipping a little lately, so their kiai sounds more like "CHESTAAAAGH!")
      • This becomes funnier when you consider that chest of hers...
    • Kill It with Fire (RyuKoOh's Magma Vasarl)
    • Leitmotif ("Blue Blue Sky". Upon receiving the RyuKoOh, it becomes Ware ni Teki Nashi ("None Can Oppose Me"; localized as "I Am Invincible!"))
    • The Medic (It WAS her job, until she changed profession)
    • Moe Moe
    • Nakama (There's a strong bond between her and the Choukijin. In Original Generation Gaiden, Kusuha makes it clear she isn't good at using a sword, yet she can use RyuKoOh's Hazanken effectively as a result of the Power of Friendship)
    • Official Couple: (Alpha only; with the way things are in Original Generation, she and Bullet are the Beta Couple to resident Official Couple Kyosuke Nanbu/Excellen Browning)
    • Shout-Out (The Shin RyuKoOh is nearly a Humongous Mecha version of Sun Wukong: its extending staff is a blatant rip of Wukong's Ruyi Jingu Bang while the Shin RyuKoOh's strongest attack is based on the Celestial cauldron Wukong was put in after his failed rebellion against Heaven)
    • Shy Blue-Haired Girl
    • Super Prototype (The RyuKoOh's data was used to develop the GouRyu in the RyuKoOh Denki manga, which is used as a base model for her Ace Custom GouRyu Kai at the start of Alpha 3)
    • Unlucky Childhood Friend (Of Ryusei in Original Generation)

    Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield (Voiced by Tomokazu Sugita)


    Kusuha's default boyfriend dating back to the Alpha series. Bullet is a promising Psychodriver hired to the EFA. Being a student of the Jigen sword style, he's Sanger's junior in learning swordsmanship under Master Rishu Togoh. He's one of the earlier members of the ATX Team when Sanger forms it, and unfortunately, thanks to being put with the extremely cheery Excellen, he ends up as the butt joke of most of her antics, and it doesn't help he's shy around women and has a tendency to Nosebleed; not even the entrance of "newcomer" Kyosuke lets him avoid that fate. But, he does his job well enough to the point he's given a Huckebein MK II. Later, he meets Kusuha and falls in love at first sight. When she gets kidnapped, he's deeply crushed he starts a fight with Ryusei, her childhood friend, about protecting her. She gets better and Bullet continues to contribute to the team.

    In the sequel, he's eventually chosen as the pilot of KoRyuOh and uses it to battle the sentient Einsts, as well as other threats. In Original Generation Gaiden, he rescues Kusuha from the Bartolls, slightly snaps Kyosuke out of a subsequent Heroic BSOD, goes back to Tesla Leicht to research more about the Choukijin, which results in another creature called the Youkijin to attack the lab. After taking care of it, he rejoins the team...and along the way gains immunity to the side effects of Kusuha's Gargle Blaster, but he still hates the taste of it.

    In the Alpha storyline, however, Bullet is a bit of a James Bondage, or maybe because they give Kusuha too much Badass dosage. He hides the Choukijin in Alpha 2, due to The Federation declaring them dangerous, but then gets Brainwashed and Crazy into serving "the will of the Earth" (the Gun Eden). Kusuha snaps him out of it and he goes to rejoin her in the battle against Son Ganlong and Keisar Ephes...but not without vanishing here and there and thought to be dead time to time.

    His personal mech is the KoRyuOh. Bullet embodies these tropes:

    Leona Garstein (Voiced by Yui Sakakibara)


    18 years-old, she ranks as a Second Lieutenant. She's from the Branstein clan's Garstein family and is Rai's cousin. She graduates with top scores in her piloting classes. Calm, prideful, and her nature is strong. Her skill as a pilot is first class, too. She belongs to the colonies "Troye Unit", an elite, all-woman aerospace Armored Module squadron and is persuaded to join the Hiryu Custom during one of the later parts of the DC War.

    She currently belongs to Katina's squad and her call sign is Octo-4. She appears to have a cold attitude, but she's always worrying about Tasuku. Not a very good cook, but this doesn't stop Tasuku from eating her food, which results in him fainting. After the war with the Aerogaters, she goes back to the Icarus Base in the asteroid belt. Six months later, she rejoins the Hiryu Custom and returns to the Earth.

    She is of the "cool and nihilistic" archetype from Alpha, which means her romantic interest will be the one who is "logical but has an affinity for the opposite gender". As with all of the starting characters from Alpha, she's a Psychodriver, but this only becomes important in a few instances; Original Generation makes this more blatant. These are Leona's tropes:

    • Ace Custom, Mid-Season Upgrade (Tasuku redesigns her Guarlion Custom into the new Siegerlion)
    • Ace Pilot (Her talents are so highly recognized that Marion Radom is opposed to installing the T-Link System on the Siegerlion simply because Leona's that good of a pilot)
    • Alternate Character Interpretation (In the Divine Wars TV series, Leona actually participates in the final battle between the EFA and the UCC; in the games, she's ordered not to by her commander Julia Heinkel)
      • In the manga Record of ATX, Leona and few surviving members of the Troye Unit make the decision to join up with the Hagane and Hiryu Custom right before the DC invades Geneva, Switzerland. Leona herself also does the same thing in Divine Wars, only after the DC has finally been defeated in Geneva: and with a little persuasion from Elzam.
    • Amazon Brigade (Was second-in-command of the Troye Unit)
    • Dual-Wielding, Guns Akimbo (Siegerlion sports a pair of Blade Railguns)
    • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl (Mecha variation: Leona's Guarlion Custom and eventual Siegerlion is about a quarter the size of Tasuku's Giganscudo. This image from Divine Wars illustrates the difference perfectly)
    • Kuudere (Few bits of it here and there; she being of Blue Blood might have something to do with it)
    • Lethal Chef (Not quite on Kusuha's level, but, unlike her Branstein cousin Elzam, perhaps cooking is not a Garstein forte)
      • That's due to her weird sense of taste: when she cooks something she thinks tastes awful, everyone else will like it and vice versa.
      • Excellen, being Genre Savvy, tells her to cook what she thinks tastes completely AWFUL, then give it to Tasuku. His opinion is that it's the best food he's ever tasted, to her shock and embarassment.
    • Leitmotif ("Treue", which is German for "loyalty")
    • The Stoic, Tall, Dark and Bishoujo (Leona certainly keeps her "cool"; even the happy-go-lucky Tasuku can do little to faze her)
      • Actually, Tasuku's the ONLY one who can break that stoic exterior, but only if they're alone and he's not being retarded.
    • Wave Motion Gun (Siegerlion's Sonic Acceleration)

    Tasuku Shinguji (Voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi)


    He's a pilot with the Hiryu Custom. Tasuku starts out as a mechanic, unable to pass the PT pilot physical for a variety of reasons (wet noodle). He's an optimistic person and loves to play games and gamble. He always tries to test his fate out on the battlefield. He has quick reflexes, is tone deaf, and is skillful at juggling enemies around.

    He's the pilot of the Giganscudo. Once he finds out about the truth behind it, and all of the death it caused before he becomes the pilot, he said he doesn't care, and he'll use it so it can atone for its sin. He and Leona are also quite close. About 6 months after the war, he returns to the Earth with the Hiryu Custom. He pilots the newly upgraded Giganscudo Duro, and his call sign is Octo-3.

    He fits the "logical but has an affinity for the opposite sex" archetype, given his love interest Leona is of the "cool and nihilistic" mold. He likes to flirt with women, whether they are fighting alongside him or against him. His logical side comes into play later when he designs and implements an upgrade to Leona's Guarlion Custom, which makes use of her Psychodriver abilities to power its finishing attack.

    Tasuku's a Psychodriver himself, and is also absurdly lucky. In Original Generation, if Tasuku deals the deathblow to Leona's Guarlion in a certain scenario, he's able to render it immobile without crushing it, despite the large difference in size and speed between his Giganscudo and her Guarlion.

    • The Blacksmith (Tasuku personally redesigns Leona's custom Guarlion into the Siegerlion, with only a little help from Marion on the T-Link System. In reality, Marion's help was mainly getting through the red tape to get the T-Link System, not to actually install it, because she feels Leona doesn't need it)
    • Born Lucky (Like Arado, he too has the innate "Lucky" skill, although it's not required to advance his story)
      • Given the Giganscudo's low speed, "Lucky" does come in handy for him.
    • Broad Strokes (In Divine Wars, Tasuku's already a pilot in the Octo Squad during the Antarctic attack. He also upgrades to the Giganscudo much later than he does in the games, acquiring the mech during the final showdown with the UCC. Unfortunately, like the games, his first sorite in the Gigan results in a close encounter with the business end of Sanger's BFS that sidelines him for a while. In an interesting twist of fate, Tasuku's the one who deals the death blow to Tempest Hawker's Valsion Custom during the DC's final stand in Geneva, Switzerland)
    • Chest Blaster (Giganscudo's Wide Blaster)
    • Hey, It's That Voice! (Tasuku may not be able to lie as well as Usopp, but he does bring the humor ever so often. Though not bear puns.)
    • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl (Mecha-wise, Tasuku's Giganscudo is a whopping 70.3 meters tall and weighs a little over 450 metric tons (487, once it's upgraded to the Giganscudo Duro). In contrast, Leona's Guarlion Custom's only 19 meters tall and her Siegerlion's about 21 meters tall, with both weighing in at around 30-31 metric tons)
    • Idiot Hero (Somewhat: he carries a few undertones, but doesn't reach the moronic levels Arado's better known for)
    • Leitmotif ("Gan! Gan! Gigan!")
    • Lightning Bruiser (Normally, most players wouldn't think of switching out Ryoto Hikawa for Tasuku in the Huckebein MK III Boxer, but players who love swapping characters into other mecha will realize Tasuku's a beast in that machine and practically outperforms Ryoto with it)
    • Mid-Season Upgrade (Giganscudo Duro)
      • Interestingly done during gameplay in Original Generations: when the Hiryu Custom's ambushed by a Neo DC squad led by Murata, Tasuku takes the brunt of a Shishioh Blade from Murata's Guarlion Custom. The Gigan's Seize Shields are busted up, so he tells the Hiryu to launch the Seize Anchor module, purges the shields and attaches the anchors to form the new Duro.
    • Shout-Out (There's a chance that Tasuku will yell out "Chokusetsu Shuda Ryusei Kyaku" when he uses the Gespenst Kick. It's the same-named technique used by Ranma Saotome. Incidentally, Kappei Yamaguchi voices Ranma)
    • Stone Wall (Giganscudo's the slowest playable unit (excluding battleships) with a base movement speed of 5 and some fairly strong attacks. However, the machine's true capabilities lie in its high armor rating and Tasuku's natural "Defense Support" pilot skill, which allows him to interrupt an enemy attack and take hits for adjacent allies)
    • The Power of Love (Out of the eight Alpha personalities, Tasuku's the only male who gets the Love Spirit Command in Original Generation)

    Ryoto Hikawa (Voiced by Yumiko Kobayashi)


    Ryoto is scouted by the Divine Crusaders as a potential Armored Module ace pilot, but lacked the willingness to kill and the mindset the position demands. Not willing to chalk him up as a complete loss, they sortie him against the Hagane and its defenders, when in the middle of combat his engines fail (much to his surprise as he has an affinity with machines and personally maintains his Armored Module). He's captured and taken on board the Hagane - his mech was to follow when it suddenly detonates; fortunately, it wasn't hauled into the hangar.

    It turns out his superiors planted a bomb on his Armored Module and deliberately rigged the engine to fail. They knew that their opposite numbers would kill to capture a complete Armored Module, and decided to get rid of a liability at the same time. Once this was pointed out to Ryoto, he saw the DC weren't so "divine" after all. Understandably shaken, he firms his resolve and decides to fight against them, if the Hagane crew will take him; they do. He's not the most aggressive pilot but his natural skill coupled with Psychodriver abilities serve well in combat. Even with the DC defeated, he stays on the Hagane to battle against the Aerogaters.

    After the Aerogator threat is put down, he asks to be transferred to Mao Industries to work as an engineer and eventually pilots the Huckebein MK III. Ryoto re-joins the Hagane as part of its maintenance crew/reserve pilot after the Inspector War, but returns to full piloting duties in Original Generation Gaiden. His family owns a karate dojo and is quite skilled in the art, as Rio discovers it firsthand.

    • Adaptation Decay (The Divine Wars TV series changes Ryoto's story considerably: after being captured by the Hagane, Ryoto doesn't actually become part of the crew until the assault on Aidoneous Island. After the showdown with Bian, Ryoto then stays on the sidelines until Operation SRW, where he becomes a pilot once again)
    • Beware the Nice Ones (Ryoto might not carry a Berserk Button the likes of which Rai has, but push him too far and he'll ensure you get the short end of a cruel beating; that, and he's a black belt in karate)
    • BFS (Variation: the Boxer frame can transform into one, but rather than wield it, the MK III uses it like a surfboard)
      • A bit of Mythology Gag surrounding this: the Boxer was originally going to be the "R-Sword", a seperate unit like the R-Gun to be used for the SRX since Alpha, but the idea was scrapped because development was nearly complete. The Boxer ended up relegated as a frame for the MK III.
    • The Blacksmith (In Original Generations, the Armorlion's built by Ryoto using his Lion F given by the DC and strengthening it with Gespenst MK II and Alt Eisen spare parts. Additionally, he's one of the head mechanical designers behind the Huckebein MK III)
    • Captain Ersatz (Is viewed as a psuedo-clone of Shinji Ikari, except Ryoto takes levels of badass in canon and develops the balls to prove it. His karate and mechanical skills seem to come from a mix of Kamille Bidan; following Continuity Reboot, tidbits of Kira Yamato were thrown in)
    • Cross-Dressing Voices (Ryoto's the only male Alpha protagonist voiced by a woman)
    • Genius Bruiser
    • Heir to the Dojo
    • Hey, It's That Voice! (It's Azuma Kazuma...IN.A.GIANT.ROBOT! Just don't expect Ryoto to be making bread anytime soon...although Original Generations does lampshade on him being slightly interested in baking during a save dialogue between him and Rio)
    • I Know Mortal Kombat (Drafted into the DC for being a talented Burning PT player)
    • Leitmotif ("Right and Kind")
    • Mecha Expansion Pack, Meta Mecha (Gunner and Boxer frames for the MK III, respectively)
    • Otaku (Semi-averted: he doesn't openly flaunt this side of himself as much as Ryusei does)
    • Super Prototype (Due to the Huckebein MK III getting Exiled From Continuity in The Inspectors, Ryoto gets the exclusive "EXbein", the in-story prototype of the intended MK III that was scrapped by The Federation. Like the MK III, it can also use the Boxer and Gunner frames)
    • Took a Level in Badass

    Rio Mei Long (Voiced by Rio Natsuki)


    Debuted as one of the possible protagonists in the first Alpha game, and later appeared in Original Generation, as an operator on the Hagane. After pleading with Ingram, she is welcomed as a fresh pilot to help the Hagane on its mission to assault the DC headquarters, which is already short-handed on pilots. On her first mission, Rio meets Ryoto Hikawa, then a DC pilot. At first, she doesn't trust him and sees him as a rival, but as the war progresses, Rio begins to understand Ryoto little by little. After the L5 campaign, she joins Mao Industries as a test pilot for the Huckebein MK III project (but mainly so she can be closer to Ryoto). After the Inspectors seize Mao Industries, Rio returns to formal piloting in the AM Gunner. After the Inspector War, she re-joins the Hagane as an operator/back-up pilot during the Bartoll incident. However, once the Shura arrive, Rio becomes a full-time pilot again. Like Ryoto, Rio is also a Psychodriver. Her father Yuan works for Mao Industries as its Director.

    Yuuki Jaggar (Voiced by Mitsuaki Madono)


    Debuted as one of the possible protagonists in the first Alpha game, and later appears in Original Generation 2 as a member of Neo Divine Crusaders. However, the Divine Wars TV series shows him joining the DC very early on, possibly amongst its first recruits. Parts of his backstory involves him participating in the DC's attempt at defending San Diego from the Aerogaters, where he unknowingly rescues Ricarla "Carla" Borgnine. During Original Generation 2, Yuuki and Carla are assigned to Archibald Grims' Neo DC unit and briefly acts as Arado Balanga and Seolla Schweizer's superiors. Yuuki constantly tries to convince Carla to leave the Neo DC, but she stubbornly refuses. He develops a short-lived rivalry with Bullet throughout the game, but following their integration with the heroes, they're on good terms. Currently serving aboard the Kurogane alongside Ratsel Feinschmecker and Sanger.

    • Cultured Badass
    • Early-Bird Cameo (In Divine Wars during the Aerogater attack on San Diego, Yuuki's shown leading a small DC regiment)
    • Even Evil Has Standards (His attitude at first almost seems Jerkassery, until you discover he's got a set a rules that blatantly subverts him being an antagonist; naturally, this is what pulls his Heel Face Turn. In fact, over the course of Original Generation 2, he becomes more likeable)
    • Hey, It's That Voice! (Yuuki may not be as hotblooded as Soldat J, but his attacks show hints of that side every so often. Don't be surprised if Yuuki goes full circle and creates his own version of the J Phoenix with Carla down the road)
      • Yuuki's rivalry with Bullet also mirrors the similar rivalry between Soldat J and Gai Shishioh.
    • Leitmotif ("Believe in our Bonds")
    • Mecha Expansion Pack, Mid-Season Upgrade (Laz Angriff Raven)
    • More Dakka (A standard Laz Angriff sports a folding bazooka, small knife, one handheld (two in Super Robot Wars Advance) missile launcher, two remote missile pods and a fixed missile battery. Yuuki's Laz Angriff Raven, by comparision:
      • Keeps the knife, missile pods and missile battery
      • Drops the handheld missile launcher and single folding bazooka
      • Bings back the shield the Laz Angriff had in Advance
      • Adds the following: a Tesla Drive, two large missiles on the back, two folding shoulder cannons, several smaller missiles on the wings and an underarm laser cannon)
    • Psychic Powers (Like the rest of the Alpha Originals, Yuuki's also a Pyschodriver. With the exception of the Choukijins' revival, this side of him isn't really touched upon in Original Generation)
    • The Spock (Variation: Yuuki has a hard time believing in aliens and all of the weird events that happens throughout Original Generation 2, so much so when directly confronted with these issues, he opts to drop a Logic Bomb rather than accept it wholesale. Archibald Grims, of all people, calls him out on this)

    Ricarla "Carla" Borgnine (Voiced by Rica Matsumoto)


    Debuted as one of the possible protagonists in the first Alpha game, and later appeared in Original Generation 2 as a member of the Neo DC, alongside Yuuki. In the Divine Wars TV series, she's seen fleeing the Aerogators during their attack on San Diego, where she loses her family. Presumably rescued by Yuuki, although he vehemently denies he ever did such a thing. Still, it's incentive enough that she follows him around and joins the Neo DC soon afterwards. Unlike Yuuki, Carla's more jovial and kind, often addressing him affectionately as "Yuu". Makes more sense when she doesn't want to leave the Neo DC and stay with Yuuki, despite his attempts. Currently part of the Kurogane's crew, Carla's dream is to become a professional dancer.

    • Broken Bird (Her backstory in Original Generation. Fortunately, it doesn't weigh her down)
    • Early-Bird Cameo (Gets two in Divine Wars; once during the DC's initial declaration of war, and again during the Aerogater attack on San Diego)
    • Genki Girl
    • Leitmotif ("Dance and Brace")
    • Mecha Expansion Pack, Mid-Season Upgrade (Randgrith Raven)
    • More Dakka (Not as much as Yuuki's Raven, but the Randgrith Raven adds two folding shoulder cannons and a large railgun to its standard armament, along with a Tesla Drive)
    • Only Known by Their Nickname (Virtually no one uses Carla's full name in Original Generation. The only one who ever does is Van Vat Tran (but only in the Japanese version), right before his Heroic Sacrfice when he orders Yuuki and Carla to join up with the Hagane and Hiryu Custom)
    • The Power of Love (Out of the eight Alpha personalities, Carla is one of two females who have the Love Spirit Command in Original Generation)
    • Psychic Powers (Like the rest of the Alpha originals, Carla's also a Pyschodriver. The Choukijin's revival aside, her powers are not really brought up that much in Original Generation)
    • Red Headed Heroine
    • Shout-Out (One of her lines when performing the Gespenst Kick in the Gespenst MK II Type-S is "GETO DAZE!")
    • Stone Wall (Her defense stat is high enough to match or surpass even Tasuku's and Russell's.)
    • Subordinate Excuse (Yuuki's the only reason she stays with the Neo DC)
    • Token Minority

    Characters debuting in Super Robot Wars Alpha 2

    Sanger Zonvolt (Voiced by Kenichi Ono)


    Probably the most Badass character Banpresto ever created, Sanger's an elite ace who acts like a Samurai and goes everywhere with a katana in hand. His master is Rishu Togo and he's an extremely good friend of Elzam von Branstein. He likes melee-based robots, especially those equipped with a big honkin' sword, one he calls a Zankantou/Colossal Blade. He usually calls himself "The Sword That Smites/Cleaves Evil" and has a tendency to make dramatic, otherwise silly speeches and phrases and turn them into totally badass ones. He starts out as a founding member of the Aggressors in the past and then creates the ATX Team. Unfortunately, to avoid fighting his buddy Elzam, Sanger defects to the Divine Crusaders. He fights the team until the Crusaders' fall and goes solo, smiting those whom he considers evil, until he finally rejoins the Earth Federation. Even then, his samurai code causes him to be filled with grief that he doesn't feel worthy to rejoin the team he betrayed, until Kyosuke gives him a Kyosuke Slap and utters the legendary line "We don't need a moping fool. We need Sanger Zonvolt, The Sword That Smites/Cleaves Evil!".

    In Original Generation 2, Sanger has a new rival: Wodan Ymir. This escalates quickly, and later Sanger receives one Mid-Season Upgrade: the Dygenguard. He also finds out about the presence of Sophia Nate and fights his way to rescue her, concluding his rivalry with Wodan Ymir in a huge package of awesomeness. He then helps end the war, but comes back again during the battle against the Shura, finding a slight rivalry to the fat Gonk of a Shura general Magnaz Ald.

    In the Alpha series, his origin differs in that he first appears in the bleak future of Alpha Gaiden as The Dragon to Magus/ Sophia Nate, The Big Bad of the game ( but is recruitable under very special circumstances), appearing in a mutated Grungust Type-3 called Thrudgelmir (which Wodan later inherits in Original Generation). In Alpha 2, he becomes the male Super Robot route protagonist where his new story begins with the Earth Cradle being destroyed by Kukuru. Sanger believes the staff has been killed ( Sophia Nate does live, while Egret Feff's presumed to be killed) and he temporarily falls into a Roaring Rampage of Revenge state, but quickly recovers (in part because the Alpha Numbers want to prevent the bleak future of Alpha Gaiden from occuring again and know what Sanger could become if he's allowed to go about unchecked) and becomes a great fighting force for the Alpha Numbers. He also has a soft spot with the Loli Irui, which produces rather...interesting interpretations in the eyes of fans.

    He'll also appear in the Namco Bandai X Sega X Capcom crossover Project X Zone, in which he appears without any of his mecha, but wields a human-sized Type-3 Zankantou (especially when it's on BFS mode), and yes, he still smites evil like a Badass.

    Sanger's most definitive mecha is the Dygenguard, but he's known to have ridden the Grungust Type-0 and 3. He embodies these tropes:

    • Absurdly Sharp Blade ("There is nothing my Colossal Blade cannot cut!")
      • One 4koma plays on this: Sanger accidentally cleaves a kitchen countertop (with a normal knife, mind you) while trying to help Elzam cook. Elzam is NOT happy.
    • The Ace (Played for huge Badass parts, less for jokes)
    • Antiquated Linguistics (Due to talking like a samurai, his manner of speech tends to be severely outdated)
    • Art Evolution (In Alpha Gaiden, his hair is grayish-blue. From Alpha 2/Original Generation onwards, it's grayish-white)
    • Badass: Even on foot. He will appear in the 3DS crossover Project X Zone with Sega and Capcom, representing Bandai Namco, and he's kicking ass on-foot with a human-sized Zankantou.
    • Bash Brothers
      • In Project X Zone, he swings around a human-scale version.
      • Katanas Are Just Better (Somewhat subverted: the Colossal Blade's main form (the one he uses for finishers) is a straight, double-edged, humongous broadsword)
        • The Guardian Sword (Dygenguard's original blade), however, plays this straight (no pun intended).
    • Big Damn Heroes (Has several moments of these, complete with copious amounts of Kiai and ham)
    • Bittersweet Ending (In Alpha Gaiden, Sanger returns to the future, and essentially becomes a recluse living near the ruins of the Earth Cradle, cutting off all contact with the rest of the world. His Alpha 2 ending isn't so happy either, as he fails to save the younger Irui from the destruction of the Nashim Gan Eden)
    • Brainwashed and Crazy (In Alpha Gaiden)
    • Can't Hold His Liquor (Amazingly enough, all things considered)
    • Catch Phrase, In the Name of the Moon ("I am Sanger Zonvolt! The Sword That Smites/Cleaves Evil!" "There is nothing my Colossal Blade cannot cut!")
      • A lesser-used line, albeit, just as significant is: "I am Sanger Zonvolt! The Sword of Sophia!"
    • Chekhov's Gun (Dygenguard's original weapons were mentioned since Alpha 2, complete with unused concept art in the artbook. It isn't until Original Generation Gaiden we finally see Sanger use them)
    • Chest Blaster (Grungust Type-0's Hyper Blaster and Grungust Type-3's Omega Blaster. Dygenguard has one in OG Gaiden, but it is mounted on its shoulders, and it isn't accessible until later)
    • Christmas Cake (According to Masaki and Excellen, anyway. They claim he's getting old when he's not even 30 yet.)
    • Combination Attack (Tatsumaki Zankantou/Tornado Blade)
    • Crowning Moment of Awesome (He's Banpresto's walking embodiment of it)
    • The Dragon (In Alpha Gaiden)
    • Dynamic Entry (Original Generation 2, scenario 30, Dygenguard...yeah...)
    • Ensemble Darkhorse (Oh, so very much)
    • Everything's Better with Samurai
    • Expy : Badass with BFS, a Samurai, and the same catchphrase, making it clear that hes one to Akashi Juzo from Akatsuki Otokojuku.
      • YMMV of how much this holds,but of the Odin summon from the Final Fantasy series during Tatsumaki Zankantou. I mean, really! Giant sword, riding a horse, starts atop a cliff, during a massive rainstorm in Original Generations...
    • Five Temperament Ensemble (In the ATX Team, before him taking leave, Sanger was the "Choleric")
    • Give Me a Sword (In Alpha 2, Sanger flat-out requests for the Type-3's Colossal Blade when the Dygenguard's original weapons malfunction. In Original Generation 2, Wodan Ymir makes this decision and throws the weapon to Sanger to help him defeat Vigagi)
    • Guide Dang It (The process for unlocking Sanger in Alpha Gaiden is a little difficult, if you don't know how to do it. You have to be on Hard difficulty (meaning you have to get A LOT of Skill Points early on when you have unupgraded mechs and little room for error) by a certain stage, then you ABSOLUTELY MUST defeat him the second time he appears in the game (this step is very easy to screw up, since he retreats at a certain amount of HP), and then finally defeat him right before storming the Earth Cradle, at which point he joins your side)
      • In OG 1, unlocking the the Shishio Blade requires a similar obscure requirement. You have to be on hard mode, your main character has to have at least 50 kills, and you have to beat Sanger before he retreats at 14,000 HP. You better have a hell of an attack ready.
    • Heroic BSOD (Shortly after rejoining the EFA the first time)
    • Heterosexual Life Partners (Him and Elzam, hence the phrase Real men ride each other. Ultimately leads into Ho Yay and doubles as a Running Gag)
    • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl (Only in the Alpha series with Irui, and the original one in the franchise)
    • I Am Not Left-Handed (You're so damn wrong if you think knocking off his Colossal Blade will destroy him)
      • This happens in Original Generation Gaiden, and through the power of SHEER BADASSERY, he activates Dygenguard's default OS, giving him access to his Dynamic Knuckle, shoulder-based General Blaster, and the Guardian Sword, a blade that is a toothpick compared to the Zankantou but gets the job done.
    • Kiai ("CHEESTOOOOOO!!!!")
    • Large Ham (Just shut up and listen to his epic hamminess)
      • Actually, he's sufficiently hammy enough that one doesn't need to shut up in order to listen to him ham it up, even if currently sitting in an armoured, soundproof bunker on Venus.
    • Leitmotif (Aku wo Tatsu Tsurugi ("The Sword That Cleaves Evil"; localized as "A Sword to Smite Evil"). Upon receiving the Dygenguar, it becomes Ken Kon Itteki ("A Single Strike With Sword And Soul"; localized as "Samurai Sword"))
    • Memetic Badass (Also contributes to how fans hail him)
    • Painting the Fourth Wall (All of Dygenguard's introductions, where said intro has steadily increased in dramatic effect over the years)
    • Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liner (With a post-ass kicking one liner sandwiching a large Kiai with an extra helping of ham)
    • Roaring Rampage of Revenge (Falls for it shortly in Alpha 2)
    • Rocket Punch (Dygenguard's Dynamic Knuckle. The Boost Knuckles of the Grungust Type-0 and Type-3 also count)
    • Samurai
    • Secret Character (Alpha Gaiden only. Keiser Ephes be damned if he's not difficult to unlock)
    • Ship Tease (With Irui; Sanger's probably the biggest Lolicon in the whole franchise...)
      • It doesn't help that Sanger's view towards Sophia Nate is more of a Knight And Lady thing.
    • Shoulder Cannon (Dygenguard's General Blasters)
    • Shout-Out (Some of Sanger's techniques are named after some Super Sentai mecha sword finishers. For instance, Alpha Gaiden Thrudgelmir's sword attack is named Inazuma Juuryoku Otoshi, while one of Dygenguard's named Raikougiri. Later, in Original Generation, his Grungust Type-0 gets Shippu Dotou)
    • Silence, Hannibal (And listen!)
    • Spell My Name with an "S" (Sanger or Zengar? Dygenguard or Daizengar? In fact, even beyond that, there's his catchphrase: is it The Sword That Cleaves or Smites Evil?)
    • Sword Beam (Overlaps with Razor Wind: Dygenguard's Denkousekka)
    • That Man Is Dead (In Alpha Gaiden, in regards on changing from "The Sword Of Magus" to "The Sword That Cleaves Evil". Then in Alpha 2, it's regarding his quick discard of his Roaring Rampage of Revenge)

    Ibis Douglas (Voiced by Akeno Watanabe)


    One of the heroines of Alpha 2, Ibis is introduced as a delivery girl pilot with really clumsy skills in piloting, assisted with friend Tsugumi Takakura. When one of her deliveries gets astray into a battlefield, she ends up helping the good guys. At first, she doesn't seem to have an important past to speak of, but encounters with a woman named Sleigh Presty out for her blood gives her shades of a past that Ibis has wanted to forget: she used to be a training pilot under Project TD (Terrestrial Dream), a space-venture project turned to military due to budget problems, but an accident ends it when she kills her mentor Filio Presty, Tsugumi's fiancee and Sleigh's brother. Ibis eventually makes amends with her past and starts showing her potential: she's actually a great pilot, and later convinces Sleigh to join her. She befriends the loli Irui, and is deeply crushed when she departs. She reappears in Alpha 3 in Selena's route.

    Original Generation covers Ibis' past before ssaid accident in greater detail. She's a member of Project TD and a complete klutz in piloting, to the point she's called "The Shooting Star" as an insult, since she constantly gets shot down. Despite that, she's chosen as the pilot of the Astelion, which enrages Sleigh and has her defect. Ibis pushes forward and contributes greatly to defeat the Inspectors and Einst. Before the Bartoll incident, the Astelion is upgraded to the Astelion AX, which she uses to survive the ambush from Kyle Bean, and later takes it to defeat the Bartolls, and eventually Dark Brain. After that, she's given her default unit in Alpha 2, the Altairlion... which means Filio might bite it soon...

    In Original Generation, she rides the Astelion and Astelion AX, while the Alpha series has her pilot the Altairlion and later the Hyperion. She embodies these tropes:

    • Badass Normal (Somewhat lampshaded in the games: Tsugumi states she's almost completely normal compared to her peers, who either have Psychic Powers, genetic modifications, Born Lucky, etc. Despite this, she can keep up fairly well)
    • Bittersweet Ending (Her Alpha 2 ending, where Ibis is unable to save Irui from the destruction of the Nashim Gan Eden)
      • Alpha 3 retcons this with Selena's story, just like Sanger's ending is retconned with Touma's story.
    • Captain Crash (A semi-Deconstruction: because of her tendency to crash she ends up killing Filio. Needless to say, it turns out badly)
    • Captain Ersatz (A pretty blatant one Noriko Takaya from Gunbuster, except she's flat as a board and isn't quite as Hot-Blooded. Additionally, the Astelion and Altairlion are too similar to the variable fighters of Super Dimension Fortress Macross)
      • She is actually more specifically a shout-out to the protagonist of Super Mobile Legend Dinagiga. Her plot mirrors said protagonist's almost exactly, down to the oddly romantic relationship she has with an amnesiac co-pilot (who is mentally young instead of physically young due to her amnesia), and the same white-dimensional-space scene where the love interest sacrifices herself to keep the protagonist from killing herself to rescue her. About the only difference is the kiss they share.
      • The analogy to the former could be taken further, as the Hyperion may be Banpresto's interpretation of a Real Robot Genre-based Gunbuster.
    • Character Development (Perhaps the most significant one in the Alpha series)
    • Combining Mecha (Hyperion)
    • Fragile Speedster (The Astelion outflew Inspector Aguija's Silbelwind, which is already a speed demon. A great compensation because the Astelion's armor is oh, so horrible)
    • Heroic BSOD (She's basically stuck in one of these after accidentally killing Filio, though she's rather good at hiding it. It takes a lot of motivation to get her out of it)
    • Leitmotif (Ryusei, Yoru wo Kirisaite ("Shooting Star, Cut Through the Night"; localized as "Shooting Stars"))
    • Lolicon (Depending on how you interpret her last scenes with Irui Ganeden in Alpha 2 and their relationship in general. Either way, the Les Yay is exceptionally heavy)
    • Macross Missile Massacre, More Dakka (Astelion's Maneuver GRaMX)
    • Magikarp Power (Starts out really slow, but when properly "raised", she's excellent)
      • To reiterate, Ibis' stat gains are horrible throughout the first half of Original Generation 2, but should the player reach level 50 with her, the gains become so significant, she can become one of the top tier characters. This is alluded to in-game, with multiple references to her "piloting potential".
    • Mecha Expansion Pack (Astelion AX)
    • Memetic Mutation ("Ibis is love", and on certain imageBoards, threads featuring Ibis are called "Love Threads")
    • Moe Moe (Actually wins the 2006 Saimoe RPG tournament!)
    • Pettanko ("Flat as a surfboard"; taken to a point it's her personal Running Gag)
      • It's also a Running Gag that every girl around her (barring the lolis) outclass her. Even Irui will eventually grow up to have a bigger chest than her. In one 4koma, even Sanger Zonvolt has a bouncier chest than her.
    • Red Headed Heroine (More like orange, but you get the general idea)
    • Shout-Out (Just like Sleigh's Scarlet Comet is this to Char Aznable's Red Comet, Ibis is Shooting Star to Amuro's White Shooting Star)
    • Spell My Name with an "S" (Is it Ibis or Ivis?)
      • It's Ibis: "Ivis" came from people who never played the game she debuted in (where the very first thing you see is her name in English as Ibis) and assumed that all "b's" in Japanese must be "v's", even though Ibis follows the Theme Naming of her and her partner (avians) and is, in fact, a real word.
    • Sweet Tooth (An honest one: she loves cheesecake and looks very moe when eating it)

    Sleigh Presty (Voiced by Miki Nagasawa)


    Ibis' much more competent friend, Filio's little sister, and hellishly haughty. Sleigh's a talented pilot and isn't afraid to show off her skills and chew Ibis out along the way, though she means well: she hopes her scolding will make Ibis improve. She's so good she was first scouted for the Troye Unit, but declined in order to assist her brother. Oh, and she likes red color, and to counter with Ibis' "Shooting Star" monniker, she's called the "Scarlet Comet". Yes, Scarlet, not Red, because it might get us into trouble...

    She retreats when the Inspectors attack Tesla Leicht, and to her shock, she finds out she's not The Chosen One for the Astelion, but it's Ibis (as she can tell, it's not colored red). Enraged and jealous, as Ratsel lampshades it, Sleigh defects to the Neo Divine Crusaders, who were also planning to take TLI in hopes to rescue her brother. She encounters Ibis and quickly decimates her despite Ibis using the Astelion, but her memories as friends prevents her to completely kill her, causing her to somewhat fall from grace among the NDC. She later indirectly helps the team and Ibis, but ultimately, after helping them defeat Vigagi of the Inspectors, Sleigh leaves, feeling unworthy to fight alongside Ibis. She makes a cameo in OG Gaiden, still as an Neo DC, getting chased by both Bartolls and Duminuss' Space Flounders, while being saved by the Hiryu Team (fortunately, no Ibis there).

    In Alpha 2, which may as well be the continuation of her Original Generation story, it gets worse: Sleigh's finally summoned back to be given the Vegalion, but then Ibis commits an accident with sister machine Altairlion, at the cost of Filio's life. Sleigh elevates her irritation into a personal agenda; from time to time, she appears to antagonize Ibis. Ibis, however, continues to grow skillfully and outfly her, which eventually leads Sleigh to get some understanding on Ibis' plight and combine their mecha into the Hyperion. After assisting Ibis to fight the Gun Eden, for some reason, Sleigh's separated with her and encounters Selena Recital, whom she befriends and eventually she reunites with Ibis and fights off Keisar Ephes.

    In Original Generation, she sticks with the Calion; in the Alpha series, she uses the Vegalion, and later the Hyperion. Tropes associated with Sleigh:

    • Alternate Character Interpretation (The Inspector has taken steps to rewrite her Original Generation 2 story as well as her rivalry with Ibis. After escaping from TLI, Sleigh sticks around to not only protect the TLI transports from the Inspectors (as Ibis' Calion was shot down at TLI in the previous episode and Kusuha decides to not deploy in her Grungust Type-2), but to later witness Ibis handle the Astelion with considerable talent. Sleigh realizes that Ibis is more committed to Project TD than she is and chooses to join up with Ratsel on the Kurogane instead of fleeing to the Neo Divine Crusaders. In Episode 15, Sleigh actually assists Ratsel and Sanger's assault on the Tesla-Licht Labs; however, she opts to retreat back to the Kurogane instead of joining up with Ibis and Tsugumi)
    • Char Clone (Between the nickname, the red mech, and the uniform, all she's missing is a mask.)
    • Bitch With A Heart Of Gold
    • Expy (With the amount of skills, talent and haughtiness (and that long, blue hair to boot), Sleigh might as well be a blatant copy of Kazumi Amano from Gunbuster)
    • Foe Yay, Les Yay (A source of frustration for her as her odds at landing a guy aren't looking good when she's surrounded by other girls)
    • Law of Chromatic Superiority (She likes red color on her mech, and her mech is sometimes... well...three times faster)
    • Red Baron ("Scarlet Comet")
    • Shout-Out (Said nickname is a Shout-Out to the Red Comet)
      • This gets hilarious as she can fight the origin of her nickname in Alpha 2.
    • Tall, Dark and Bishoujo
    • You Gotta Have Blue Hair

    Arado Balanga (Voiced by Kazuya Kaichi)


    Seolla: "Do you know how big I was worried back then?!"
    Arado: "... As big as your breasts maybe?" (SLAP!) "Ow!"


    The hero of the Real Robot route of Alpha 2. Arado's an Ace Pilot, who mostly acts like a complete moron, which pisses off Tsundere partner/girlfriend Seolla, but push the right buttons and he's a complete Badass. Oh, and the God of Luck smiles upon him like no other (except maybe Kyosuke and Tasuku). His story in Alpha starts out with him being a member of the Titans along with Seolla, but due to some circumstances, he ends up in the Alpha Numbers, realize the Titans are wrong, and fight on their side, eventually winning Seolla back to his side. Along the way, he befriends Irui and gets entangled with the Gun Eden plot. Afterwards in Alpha 3, he tags along with the enigmatic Cobray Gordon and alongside Seolla, helps him recover his memories and lines up to kick some Balmar ass.

    In Original Generation, Arado's amongst The School's alumni, along with Seolla, Latooni Subota and Ouka Nagisa. He was drafted to the Neo Divine Crusaders, but a crazy stunt to protect Seolla gets his mech shot down...he lives, gets taken care of by our heroes and proves his worth to become a dependable ally. Like Alpha 2, he brings Seolla back, but fails to save sister Ouka. Also, for this continuity, the Machinery Children are his clones, though his head is too dense to ingest that. He's later drafted to the Aggressors, somehow befriends Kouta Azuma (the future Fighter Roar), but is captured during the ODE Incident. Though saved, he witnesses new friend Lamia Loveless getting killed ( Or does she?). This lets him stop Kouta from going on a lone, suicidal mission to save little sister Shouko. Arado resolves to fight harder to honor Lamia, but through a string of miracles, she returns alive and well. All this and he hasn't even met Irui yet.

    At first, NOBODY knows what kind of mech fits him; all he does is employ blitz tactics, hoping for a successful Death of a Thousand Cuts. Fortunately, he settles with the Wild Wurger. Tropes associated with Arado and his machine are:

    • Armor Is Useless (Wild Wurger's excess "Jacket Armor" can be purged to increase mobility and speed)
    • Big Eater (Eats 3 helpings in one sitting)
      • Also one of the few people to says Kusuha's health drink is...* shudder* ...delicious.
    • Berserk Button (Archibald trips one briefly in Original Generation 2 when he calls Arado by his School number. In addition, insult and/or harm Seolla in some form, and you might as well kiss your ass goodbye)
      • Unless the "insult" part is about her breasts, to which he'll happily join you and get a whack to the face for his troubles.
    • Born Lucky (He carries the innate "Lucky" skill in Original Generation; it's also part of some of his plot-driven events)
    • Cloning Blues (The Original Generation Machinery Children are based on him)
    • Combination Attack (Twin Bird Strike)
    • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass (Pretty much Banpresto's poster boy of this trope)
    • Death of a Thousand Cuts
    • Epic Flail ( During the escape from Mao Industries on the moon, he's given a Boost Hammer to hold off the Inspectors. It's the best weapon to come by when all Arado ever does is Death of a Thousand Cuts)
    • Glass Cannon (Arado has the stats of a Super Robot pilot rather than a Real Robot pilot, which means he can't dodge well, but does exceptional damage and carries a good defense stat. Unfortunately, the Wild Wurger has poor armor compared to other reals (even WITH the Wurger's unique Full Upgrade Bonus and armor-enhancing parts). Most players will compensate by putting evasion-increasing parts on the Wurger, instead)
    • Heel Face Turn (Both Alpha and Original Generation)
    • Idiot Hero
    • Leitmotif ("Wild Flug")
    • Mid-Season Upgrade (In Alpha 2, Arado begins with a Zaku II, then moves on to a powered-down Huckebein MK III, then upgrades to the Wild Wurger; in Original Generation, Arado starts with Ryusei's R-Blade before moving onto the Wurger)
    • No One Could Survive That (Some of the things that happen to this kid are just plain crazy, like surviving an exploding Lion simply because his ejector seat malfunctioned)
    • OT3 (Fandom likes to pair Arado, Seolla and Cobray together as, "happy trio")
    • Shout-Out (One of his Gespenst Kick lines perfectly recreates Hyper Gatack's Rider Kick)
      • Also, Arado often yells "Cast Off!" when purging the Wurger's Jacket Armor.
    • Super Soldier (Implied throughout Original Generation: due to his conditioning and enhancements from The School, Arado's so outrageously strong he could've overpowered anyone on the Hagane when he was captured. It's more of an Informed Ability, however, as either exceptional or dumb luck's usually the reason why he survived multiple shot downs)
    • Training from Hell (Before they can settle on what proper mech to give him, he had to go through with this. At the same time...)
      • Ace Pilot (His usual antics of rushing head-on places him in the "Steamroller" type)

    Seolla Schweizer (Voiced by Yumi Kakazu)


    Another Ace Pilot and rival for Arado. Has exceptionally huge melons for her age, thus very sensitive about it, but Arado ALWAYS finds a way to make fun of it, which leads to one form of pummeling. In Alpha 2, she's a member of the Titans and when Arado defects, she treats him as an enemy and goes out of her way to kill him. Unfortunately, she gets left behind, and with morals catching up to her, enters into Heroic BSOD before Arado picks her up. Alongside Arado in Alpha 3, she befriends Cobray Gordon and help him in his story.

    But things get rowdier in Original Generation. At least the Titans didn't bother with her memory, but here? Agilla Setme, in an attempt to boost her fighting skill after Arado's stunt which leaves Seolla thinking he's dead, subjects her with lots of memory tampering, thinking Arado is her complete enemy. But of all things to wake up from, it's the joke about her rack that snaps her out of it. She joins the team and ends up drafted into the Aggressors. She mostly follows Arado, including getting captured by and rescued from the ODE Incident.

    To counterbalance Arado's crazed, melee tendencies, Seolla uses long-range mecha. Eventually, the Wild Wurger's counterpart Wild Falken is given to her, which lets them unleash the deadly combo attack Twin Bird Strike. Tropes associated with Seolla and the Falken are:


    Seolla: Say that again, troper!?


    Irui Ganeden (Voiced by Nao Yamauchi / MAYA)


    Okay, where to start? At first, Irui comes off as a stray little girl whom the chosen protagonist of Alpha 2 (Kusuha, Sanger, Ibis or Arado) encounters and takes under his/her care. However, her appearance triggers a lot of strange creatures to appear near the protagonist and their team, whether it's attacking or assisting them. Day by day, Irui, while still kind-hearted and adorable, starts having a certain sickness which culminates in her disappearance. When she reappears, she's no longer a loli, but a butt-naked adult woman claiming herself as Irui Gan Eden, the one who preserves the Earth. Turns out there are two entities of Irui: one is Irui herself, the other the Earth's guardian goddess Nashim Gan Eden. Using the "Garden of Baral", Irui attempts to seal the Earth from extraterrestrials to prevent the Earth from being put in danger anymore. This doesn't sit well with the protagonists and they proceeded to kick her ass. Depending on the chosen protagonist, the younger Irui may be rescued (Arado or Kusuha's endings) or destroyed (Ibis or Sanger's endings) along with the Gan Eden.

    Fortunately, Banpresto opts to give players Irui back, where she's Not Quite Dead, appearing in the last scenario of Alpha 3 with the Nashim Gun Eden to help kick the True Final Boss straight to hell.

    Tropes associated with Irui:

    • Amnesiac Dissonance
    • Break the Cutie, Brainwashed (Done lots of times by various villains; she always recovers, though)
    • Crowning Music of Awesome ( "TWIN ICON", a theme designed to strike the fear of God in you)
    • Elegant Gothic Lolita (A textbook example)
    • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl (Especially when she's around Sanger, taken to a point where fans assume Sanger's become a Lolicon)
    • Les Yay (To Ibis)
    • Moe (No one can say they don't want to hug her when she smiles)
    • One-Winged Angel ( Don't quite think the Nashim Gun Eden looks menacing? Then look no further when it transforms into a literal dragon raining fire from the heavens on your ass).
      • And then laugh evilly when she rejoins you in the fight against the True Final Boss if you meet the right requirements.
    • Psychic Powers (The most powerful Psychodriver on Earth. At one point in Alpha 3 she teleports the Alpha Numbers from a crumbling dimension after Ryusei fails to do it. And she does it with in a weak condition, still suffering from her Break the Cutie process)
    • Redemption Demotion (Gloriously averted. When she rejoins you in the final fight against Kaiser Ephes, she comes in the Nashim Ganeden, which still has her old boss statistics. Yes, she still has six digits of HP.
    • Shrinking Violet
    • Spell My Name with an "S" (Is it Gun Eden or Gan Eden or Ganeden?)
      • At the very least, it's not "Gun Eden"; "Gan Eden" is Hebrew for "of Eden", most notably in Nashim Gan Eden, which means "Garden of Eden".
        • "Gan Eden" means "Garden of Eden". "Nashim" means "women" (plural). The phrase "Nashim gan Eden" makes no sense in Hebrew, but presumably Banpresto meant to say something like "woman of Eden".
    • Well-Intentioned Extremist ( Nashim)
    • Uncanny Valley ( Nashim when she opens her eyes, which are unusually big)

    Characters debuting in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3

    Touma Kanou (Voiced by Yasuyuki Kase)


    "I call it...Jinrai!!"


    The male Super Robot hero of Alpha 3. Former delivery boy, with a minor Karate background, when delivering supplies to the Tomine Lab, it comes under attack. Current lab head Minaki Tomine urges him to save the lab using the RaiOh, the third Dynamic General Guardian. Touma luckily manages to somehow pilot it to kick ass thanks to his karate skills and the fact he's riding a Motion Capture Mecha. He finds himself entangled with the final stages of the Balmar War and gains a rivalry with Baran Doban, but along the way, lots and lots of combat pros, martial artists and even cyborgs, and Sanger Zonvolt himself, teaches and hones his skills, and he takes OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND levels in badass.

    Touma cameoes in Original Generation Gaiden, but has yet to meet his machine, though he gets himself in trouble when Shura General Magnaz Ald (who ironically happens to have the same voice actor as Baran) harasses him for being too defiant on his beliefs. He's saved by Kouta Azuma and vanishes, but he'll be back for sure, with his shiny mecha. Touma and the RaiOh/DaiRaiOh exemplify these tropes:

    Cobray Gordon/ Ayin Balshem (Voiced by Yuuki Tai)


    "Now, return to the midst of this infinite light!"


    The male Real Robot hero of Alpha 3. Cobray Gordon's a mysterious pilot encountered by the Alpha Numbers with no memories of his past. He's close with Arado and Seolla. It wouldn't take players long before they found out why Cobray's story is perhaps one of the more insightful and nostalgic of the Alpha 3 plots.

    Cobray was originally a Balmar soldier named Ayin, and part of the Balshem line of clones. During a recon mission to Earth, he finds a wrecked Astranagant and the machine goes sentient, attacks and absorbs his mech, but somehow the machines fuse into one new unit called the Werkbau and Ayin loses his memories, assuming the name Cobray Gordon. Throughout his story, the soul of Ingram Plisken resides in his body and occasionally possesses him. Turns out Ingram tried to possess his body completely to resume his duties as the Time Diver, but Cobray develops enough willpower to refuse submission. In fact, Cobray's existence was erasing Ingram, thus he acknowledges Cobray's will and works in tandem with him, evolving the Werkbau into the god-like Dis Astranagant. After defeating Keisar Ephes, Cobray takes Ingram's mantle as the Time Diver and vanishes, performing his duty as the one who perserves balance between multiple universes.

    Cobray makes a few appearances in the Original Generation timeline. He first appears in Divine Wars, where he is shown fighting against another Ingram in the Astranagant. The two are separated by the combined forces of their strongest attacks directed at each other, but Cobray reappears again during Operation SRW against Septuagint, where he frees the damaged SRX and temporarily merges the Dis Astranagant with it, forming the DiSRX. He also appears once in Original Generations, telling that version of Ingram it's not yet time for him to make his appearance, but knowing Banpresto, expect Cobray to make one Dynamic Entry in the sequels.

    Tropes associated with Cobray and his machines are:

    • A Match Made in Stockholm (Princess Almana, the Balmarian priestess gains a small crush on him after Cobray used her as a hostage to escape from a Balmarian battleship. When it turns out the Golar Golem weren't going to hestitate to shoot them down, even with the princess on-board Cobray's mecha, he does his best to protect her. Subverted since Cobray's Oblivous To Love)
    • Amnesiac Dissonance
    • Attack Drone (Werkbau and Dis Astranagant's Gun Slave)
    • Chest Blaster (Werkbau's Axion Buster and Dis Astranagant's Ein Soph Aur)
    • Deader Than Dead ( The properties of the Infinity Cylinder (used in Ein Soph Aur) in the Dis Astranagant functions like a time machine: the attack basically rewinds its target to its place of origin in time, effectively erasing it from existence)
    • Dark Is Not Evil ( The Dis Astranagant syphons energy from the dead, but Cobray claims it's merely borrowing unused energy from their souls)
    • Hair Color Dissonance, You Gotta Have Blue Hair ( Whenever Ingram possesses him, his hair color turns into Ingram's blue hair color)
      • If you look very carefully during his story introduction before he's brainwashed, you can see he originally had blue hair.
    • Mythology Gag (Doubles as Meaningful Name: the Werkbau's Leitmotif is " Another Time Diver", which is a remix of Ingram's "Time Diver" theme. Considering Cobray's ending, there's great significance since players began his route. Furthermore, the Dis Astranagant's Leitmotif "The Gun of Dis" is really a remix of the Astranagant's "Emissary of the Void/Herald of Oblivion")
    • OT3 (Gets paired up with Seolla in fan works, and sometimes Arado is there "assisting" them)
    • Overly-Long Fighting Animation (Ein Soph Aur)
    • Sinister Scythe ( Dis-Astranagant's Z.O. Scythe. Doubles as a Swiss Army Weapon, as the scythe's handle is also the machine's Raam Shotgun)
    • Slasher Smile (Whenever he uses Ein Soph Aur)
    • Time Police
    • White-Haired Pretty Boy (He's heroic, and worked for the bad guys beforehand. And... he's so dang enigmatic)

    Selena Recital (Voiced by Yuko Satou)

    We apologize for the lack of either breasts or bouncing this character possesses in this picture.

    Female Real Robot heroine of Alpha 3. Selena is an extremely playful, flirty woman with very... uh... very "mobile" pairs of breasts. She's usually assisted with her "pet" Elmo, a little communicative robot assisting her piloting and tends to speak with Gratuitous Spanish. She's a member of the Jelba Team, which gets wiped out by a Balmar fleet under Spectra McCready. Being the Sole Survivor, Selena swears revenge and jumps from faction to faction to find her. Due to Spectra's resemblance to Viletta Vadim, Selena stalks her in order to get revenge, but after meeting with Ibis Douglas and the rest of the Project TD girls, she slowly lets go of her revenge tendencies.

    She's often seen as a Flat Character, and her ending is so vague it leads to many Epileptic Trees, because she just... vanishes. The most popular theory is she's a member of the Shadow-Mirror, but none has been proven. She pilots the slightly ninja-ish robot Soleares (upgraded to the AS Alegrias). She embodies these tropes:

    Enemy Factions in the Alpha games


    Definitely one of the more famous enemies in SRW, they are the main antagonists of the Alpha series. A huge galactic empire that invades other galaxies, their modus operandi is to capture enemies and brainwash them to serve and strengthen their army, however, those in the elite class will clone themselves to ensure survival. Some, however, work for their own agenda. It's ruled by a literal "God", which takes form of Cute Shotaro Boy Ruach Gan Eden. However, there's also one man behind all those chaos... Keisar Ephes. Tropes regarding of the Ze Balmary Empire and their members:


    "I fail my purpose and my life function are going to cease soon: nothing is wrong with that."



    They are the main enemy group in Alpha Gaiden, but merely demoted into a sub-force within the Neo Divine Crusaders (but still proves to be just as dangerous).

    In Alpha Gaiden, they're led by a twisted Sophia Nate, calling herself Magus and believes herself as the next evolution of humankind, using the Machine Cells. She's assisted with a fanatically Brainwashed and Crazy Sanger Zonvolt (later imported as the Shadow-Mirror's Wodan Ymir) as well as three kid clones of her assistant Egret Feff: Ansuz, Thurisuz and Uruz Egret, known as the "Machinery Children". With the current state of the Earth, they are working at least to preserve the planet, but seeing it being ravaged by war and humans, they declare old humans a failure and they, as the new breed, will Kill'Em All.

    In Original Generation, they differ in that they're not led by Magus (actually, it's really Sophia sealed inside the supercomputer Magus), and Egret Feff takes charge in leading them. Instead of being his clones, they're clones of Arado Balanga and naturally, the kids are pissed they're created from an idiot, with Thurisuz voicing the most anger towards their origin. All around, however, the kids are highly condescending and annoying. Ultimately, they're wiped out with the combined efforts of Sanger and Wodan.

    The Machinery Children pilot Machine Cell-infected Huckebeins called Bergelmirs, while Magus pilots the Aurgelmir, a feminine but monstrous machine which somehow stores the Astranagant inside its body (Alpha Gaiden only). They embody these traits:

    • Akira Ishida (The Machinery Children)
    • Cloning Blues (The Machinery Children)
    • Creepy Child (And to hammer it home, they're also...)
    • Expy (The way the Machine Cells are described sounds very familiar to the DG Cells from G Gundam. Then there's the regenerative qualities that both share)
    • Kill All Humans
    • Laser-Guided Karma (In Original Generation 2, Thurisuz goes ballistic on Arado just after the Langley mission fails because, as revealed over the course of the game, he really hates the fact the DNA of a total moron like Arado was used to create him. Thurisuz goes so far he almost succeeds in killing Arado. However, Seolla regains her memories of Arado at the last minute and ends up Taking the Bullet, but without the lethality. Thurisuz is stunned, while Anthuz calmly explains Thurisuz's pummeling was basically a form of shock therapy. In short, his attempts at trying to erase his origin actually wounds up helping Arado rescue Seolla from Agilla Setme's control. To add insult to injury, the next action Arado and Seolla take is to..."demonstrate" their mecha's Combination Attack...on Thurisuz)
    • Multicolored Hair (The kids)
    • Retcon (In Alpha Gaiden, Uruz pilots a silver Bergelmir while Anthuz pilots a blue one; in Original Generation, it's reversed)
    • Sole Survivor (Egret mentions another Machinery Children called Ing. He actually appears as a protagonist in Lost Children, a side-story manga following Alpha 2, who survived the destruction of the Moon Cradle, though his whereabouts is left unknown. Ing will appear in the Second Original Generation via a Canon Immigrant)
    • Theme Naming (The Aurgelmir, Bergelmir and Thrudgelmir are based on Norse mythology. What's more, they're all related: Thrudgelmir is the offspring of Aurgelmir and Bergelmir is the son of Thrudgelmir)
      • Also, Fehu (of which Feff is a misreading), Uruz, Thurisaz, and Ansuz are the first four letters of the Runic Alphabet.
    • The Virus (The Machine Cells, probably)
    • Well-Intentioned Extremist (In Alpha Gaiden, they once act as Earth's guardian and even kill the Emperor of the Mikene Empire. It's only when Magus is sick of how humans keep damaging Earth with war that she decides to get rid of them)
    • What If (Alpha Gaiden presents the idea of what could've happened if the Astranagant didn't float into space, but instead crashed to Earth and got absorbed by the Aurgelmir)
      • Rather if enough time passed that the Astranagant returned back to Earth and got absorbed.


    Originally a pair of planetary defense systems powered by the Psychodrivers Nashim and Gebel, they were created by The First People to protect their planet against Apocalypses. However, they only barely saved The First from a massive meteor shower and the STMC. Thus, The First tasked the Gun Edens with a new mission: seed life on another habitable planet, Balmar.

    After settling on Balmar was completed, Gebel remained to protect Balmar while Nashim decided to return to their homeworld, better known as Earth. She found that most of the The First left the planet as well, but the bloodline of her creators mixed with the younger race of humanity. Nevertheless, Nashim stayed to protect her homeworld and its current inhabitants, who consider her a supreme deity. Both Gun Edens were devoted to their duties as protectors: with Gebel, he created twelve artifical moons Neviim, while Nashim created twelve mechanical gods and blessed four of man-made mechanical gods to help her protect Earth.

    Unfortunately, Nashim suffered badly while repeling an invasion of the Hundred Evils, forcing her to hibernate for thousands of years, while losing most of the original mechanical gods. Gebel was still active until he sensed how The First People perished, becoming part of the Ide. Realizing just how hopeless he is against the calamity of fate, Gebel tries to seize power equal to it. Choosing a Balmarian boy and having him take his place, Gebel departed from Balmar, eventually becoming the being known as Keiser Ephes.