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    Examples of Memetic Badasses in Video Games include:


    • According to a disturbing number of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney fans, Damon Gant can and will rape anything. Others prefer to think of him as a more traditional Memetic Badass. That, and his stare will ravage your soul.
      • The same sort of popularity has been applied to Manfred von Karma, Edgeworth's Control Freak mentor. Do not let him get within a foot of a taser.
      • At the other end of the spectrum, a group of members from the Court Records forum has elevated Klavier Gavin to the status of a rock/sex god, complete with commandments. Said commandments (numbering 55 as of this edit) include paying to see Klavier shower and losing one's virginity simply by looking at him.
      • More recently, there has been a push towards Luke Atmey getting this treatment. To wit, he is able to stop Manfred von Karma's soul-devouring gaze by hurling his Ace Detective badge directly into the prosecutor's face.
      • HoboPhoenix. After he's been hit by the car, he'll walk away with only a scratch- just in time to completely screw you over, destroy your livelihood, get his revenge, and he reunites families in his spare time. This does not apply to preHobo!Phoenix, however.
      • No, screw that; Phoenix Wright in general is this. Even in his college days, he was capable to knocking out a guy with a one-handed shove. And during his lawyer days... he proceeds to defeat three of the most formidable prosecutors in the world, and he the only reason he will ever lose is If he wants to lose, or is confronted with a certain memetic jerkass. And don't ever lie to him; if you do, he will find out and expose you as the liar you are.
      • Investigations's Tyrell Badd earned the Fan Nickname "Detective Baddass" within days of the game's release. You know how his Badass Longcoat is riddled with holes? Yeah, those are bullet holes. And that's Canon.
      • The real reason for Godot's Cool Mask is that he can shoot lasers from his eyes.
    • Oddly enough, thanks to a certain song, Air Man has been elevated to Memetic Badass. It is completely undeserved, of course. Strangely enough, someone made a Mega Man-like game with Hatsune Miku as a main character. The final boss is Air Man in it, and he's actually HARD.
    • Frank West. He's covered wars, ya know.
      • Don't forget Chuckie Green, All he needs is Duct Tape....and he can create anything.
      • The Dead Rising fanbase considers 8-Ball from 2 the most badass character in the entire series....despite the fact that he's a corpse (and not a living one either).
    • Mayor Mike Haggar is the FUCKING MANLIEST POLITICIAN in all of history. If he were president, he'd solve all the world's problems by just piledriving a shark into them.
    • Devil May Cry's Dante. Badass mutha 101. Wrote the book "My Life As A Badass With A Cool Jacket". Invented the line, "I'm too cool for stairs!"
      • Cutscene Power to the Max!Dante is invincible. You can't kill him, you can't surprise him, and you can't even hope to get a brief upper-hand. Hell, he can even kill you with billard balls and defy the laws of physics at a whim.
    • M. Bison from Street Fighter. So awesome and evil that he has done a lot of evil, Badass stunts, only to forget them, because for him... it was Tuesday. A role model for everyone who wants to, you guessed it, Take Over the World.

    Dhalsim: "I will meditate and then destroy you."

      • Recently, it has been said that if Cody would actually start giving a shit in battle, he could solo the entire SF universe (this version of him is known as Totally Serious Cody in some circles). Considering that he fights evenly with most of them already (keep in mind that he's a fifth-degree black belt who is a major pragmatist when it comes to fighting and willingly holds himself back by continuing to wear his prison cuffs which he could take off at any time), this assumption doesn't seem too far off...
    • Chris Redfield is so badass, he rapes 16 ton boulders and then punches them to death.
      • Also Jill Valentine can survive 100-plunges face first, because that dying shit is for pansies.
      • Imagine yourself in an infested Raccoon City swarming with zombies. Now place all of the protagonists there. And Wesker. Finally, add HUNK into the mix. HUNK will solo them all. There's a reason his official sobriquet is "Mr. Death".
      • When Leon Scott Kennedy fights a giant ogre monster and when it's weak point is spewing out it back, what would you do? Shoot it? Not Leon! He just climbs on the thing's back and slash it with his knife!
        • Fighting bio-organic monstrosities, silencing fanatic cults that utilize said bioweapons, and being a Big Damn Heroes in general is all in a day's work for Leon. It's how he earns his paycheck.
    • There was a green-armoured Redshirt who appeared in the first stage of Mega Man X2 and exploded in the game's opening. Nevertheless, the Green Biker Dude, as he became nicknamed, has gained something of a reputation.
      • Pull a wheelie and die, GBD! For Everlasting Peace!


    • Nintendo's very hardware is virtually indestructible, as it is made of Nintendium, which is harder than diamond. [1] (This last anecdote is verified by a troper.)
      • The most famous is the Game Boy that was found in a bombed-out barrack.
      • Back in the Game Boy Color days, their idea of quality assurance actually involved taking the machines to the roof of a three-story building and chucking them off.
      • Out there in the Internet wilds is a video of some guys who dragged their Game Cube from a rope behind a truck through a rural neighborhood in attempts to disable it before they bought their shiny platinum Game Cube. Despite the tumble, it still worked. Didn't survive the sledges and firepit, though.
        • There was a letter-to-the-editor in a 1990s issue of Nintendo Power: A old-school Game Boy had taken a bullet during Operation Desert Storm, and the owner sent it in to demonstrate that, though the screen was busted, it could still start up and play Tetris.
      • According to an issue of Nintendo Power, if you hurt yourself by dropping a Game Cube on your head, the magical medical gnome housed inside the GCN will bandage the wound for you.
      • Nintendo's games are notoriously badass for another reason.
        • And apparently the games by Atlus is purposely made to be even more memetic than Nintendo's for being being Nintendo Hard. After all, one of their company spokespersons proudly admitted the following: We get off on your tears.
      • As one YouTuber so eloquently put it (all the while putting a spin on the Genesis's tagline), "Genesis does what Nintendon't... but Nintendo is what Genesisn't!"
      • Don't be mistaken though. Game Boys have never really been waterproof. This troper learned that out the hard way.
    • Reggie Fils-Aime, the Nintendo of America president since 2004. His introductory words during that year's E3? "My name is Reggie. I'm about kicking ass, I'm about taking names, and we're about making games!" Cue the rejoicing on Console Wars forums everywhere.
      • When the Wii released, shirts were sold depicting Reggie as a shirtless, muscular man holding a Wiimote and a Nunchuk, to cement his "Reggienator" image.
      • (after winning a Wii Sports Resort match) "That's why they call me the Reggienator."
      • "My body is ready."
      • On the Nintendo 3DS's one-year anniversary in the US, they distributed a Reggie Mii over SpotPass. If you venture forth with him in Find Mii, he's level 5 instead of the usual level 1 or 2 StreetPass Miis or wandering heroes you get.
    • F-Zero's Captain Falcon, amongst Nintendo fans. To be more specific, his Falcon Punch is said to match Chuck Norris' roundhouse kick, thanks to a YouTube video of a clip from the anime adaptation F-Zero: Falcon Densetsu that makes it look like it creates an explosion that can be seen from outside the galaxy.
      • Arguably justified in the first Super Smash Bros., since Captain Falcon was one of if not the most dominating characters in the game, and in the right hands could be absolutely devastating against any other character, or even multiple characters at once. So much so that he was greatly de-powered in the sequels, reducing him to merely a formidable opponent.
        • Not quite; Falcon was strong but community consensus is that Pikachu, Kirby, and Ness are more effective. However, Falcon's memetic badassery is known to rub off on the players that use him. In particular, Isai has filled that role in the Melee scene.
        • Isai is too good. [dead link]
      • Nuclear physicists around the world have based their entire research procedure on the Falcon Punch. How badass is it? Too badass for a physical manifestation to not blow itself up repeatedly.
          • The Captain's badassery is established also in the fact that we can see his muscles from underneath his clothing. Also, he originated in a racing game. How did the developers get the idea to give him those moves? He can shoot fire from out of his legs and arms... without magic or any technological explanation.
            • From watching his behavior in the Subspace Emissary plot (driving a racecar with his arms folded, knocking over a giant robot with his paunch, carrying other characters, and summoning his spaceship by snapping his fingers) one could conclude that the developers themselves acknowledge his fanbase and may secretly want to be a part of it.
        • F-Zero's characters are a homage to comic book superheros; Falcon was always intended to be ridiculously badass.
    • Wolf O'Donnell can't let you do that, Stah FOX!
    • Beam Claws from Kid Icarus Uprising. That's not the weapon he's using, it's his name. His particular weapon, however, has Paralysis properties. He can close gaps with his excellent foot speed and cure blindness by running really fast. He can turn a single slash into a brutal Combo. And he takes advantage of the fact that opponents on rails are easy targets. He's also the only one capable of firing Daybreak. To a lesser extent, everyone else in the multiplayer. It's thought that Masahiro Sakurai himself was playing as Beam Claws.
      • Anti-example in Fairy Orbitars, who didn't do a single thing to help his teammates out and just stood by looking like an idiot when Beam Claws fired Daybreak. And he had to call in Pit to replace him.
      • Black Club too. He's Beam Claws' worthy opponent. Hell, he was the first to land a kill, and who died? Beam Claws, getting rammed by Black Club's big black balls.
      • Beam Claws' teammate, Twinbellows Cannon also counts. He knocks his opponents off the edge with AUTHORITY.
      • Insight Staff is divisive. He's either a coward who only runs away and gets a few cheap shots or he's a ruthless, cunning Cold Sniper.
    • Jeff Andonuts has a cult following (a cult following within a cult following?) like this. The most famous example being found here. Mature content warning.
      • Also, Flint from Mother 3, who has earned nicknames such as Flint Norris and Flint Eastwood.
      • One of the NPCs in Mother3 looks exactly like Mr. T. And what does he do the first time he shows up? He drags your silly ass off the train tracks and tells you, essentially, "don't do that, foo'." Best of all, you can do that several more times, and he has different dialogue each time.
    • Anti-example: Glass Joe.
    • Red from Pokémon is definitely this. Only he can defeat a mafia, stand in a pitch dark cave, on a mountain, in the snow (with no jacket), isolated from man, and run like a ninja... and he's fourteen (eleven when he defeated Team Rocket and became Champion). Cynthia also tends to be this when she isn't depicted as a Memetic Sex Goddess.
      • Red's silence has been known to make the manliest of men break down into hysterics.
      • Red did not climb Mt. Silver. Mt. Silver grew where Red decided to stand.
      • Just like his anime counterpart, Green from the games can be this due to his personality and the fact Gary is based off him. You usually beat him though. His new clothing can also be used for this lately.
        • Gary Motherfucking Oak! Mostly because Green/Blue/Gary is always one step ahead of you and acts like a dick throughout the game.
        • Blue was the Ozymandias of his time. He was always leaving behind breadcrumbs for you to follow. "What's that? You beat all eight of the Kanto Gym Leader/all of the Elite Four? I did it thirty-five minutes ago."
        • Leaf, Red's Distaff Counterpart, has become one of these to varying extents. She's on the level of Red, she's stronger then Red, she's their weakness, she wasn't in HGSS because she was too good for it or would have made the universe explode if both her and Red were in it, etc.
      • You were not necessary to shut down Team Galactic. Rowan would have subdued them with nothing but a steely gaze and ellipses. He just deputized you to do it instead so he could spend the weekend at a spa.
      • Youngster Joey's Rattata is in the top percentage of all Rattata. EVER.
        • The best part is that the source data shows that his Rattata actually has MAXIMUM IVs. When Joey says "top percentage", he's not fucking kidding.
      • On the actual 'mon side of things, we have Genosect[3], also known as Dennis. Why Dennis? This is why [4].
      • Hilda, the most recent female protagonist, has been portrayed -- especially in artwork around the revelation of her -- as a Badass truck- or motorcycle-obsessed Ladette.
      • Missingno., anyone?
      • Garchomp is a hammerhead landshark dragon that can fly at mach speeds (at least according to the 'dex). His stats also place him in the top tier of non-Olympus Mons, and many gaming communities actually rank him higher than lower-tier legendaries. Not good enough for you? Look at Garchomp. Now look at shiny Garchomp. Notice the difference? No? That's because Garchomp is perfect as it is.
        • The shiny one looks darker, but only because GARchomp scares light.
      • Magikarp. For one reason. It's so common. It evolves INTO THE STINKIN' LOCH NESS MONSTER! Because it's so common and so easy to catch, you can easily raise an unstoppable army of GYARADOS! Also, see Magikarp Power.
      • Officially, members of the GAR pantheon include GARizard, GARados, GARchomp, etc.
      • Where do you think Blue/Green/Gary got all of his magnificence? That's right, Professor Oak. The Oak family's got genes, bitch. Possibly doubles as Memetic Sex God and/or Memetic Molester.
      • Erika tends to be made into a Hidden Badass.
    • Certain The Legend of Zelda CDI Games characters are subject to this in Youtube Poops. Most notable is King Harkinian. Shopkeeper Morshu is also sometimes considered as a Memetic Badass. He has rope and bombs.
      • Also Gwonam, who uses SQUADALAH, DAI, and birds.
      • The Cuccos anyone? They are one of the most terrifying things in the Zelda universe.
      • Speaking of Zelda, we have Link himself and every reincarnation of him, seemingly the only guy you need when something bad happens. Silent but deadly.
      • And now, Groose and/or his pompadour join this elite club. This trope shall now be renamed Memetic Groosinator.
      • Demon Lord Deborah Ghirahim the Fabulous is Furious! Outraged! Sick with anger! at the fact that his tongue, which is longer than Long-cat, is not mentioned on this page.
    • From Golden Sun, we have Briggs and Dullahan. Briggs for being a Badass Normal pirate as well as a nasty "Wake-Up Call" Boss, and Dullahan for being a gleefully Nintendo Hard Bonus Boss.
    • Grit can snipe with a revolver.
    • No mention of Weegee yet?
    • Admiral Dane from Metroid Prime 3. Impressive, since he shares a universe with a woman that has (to date) blown up three planets, one which was a sentient parasite, and caused the near extinction of at least two major-threat species. This fandom was likely spurred on by official concept art portraying him with an eyepatch, peg-leg, cape, and laser sword.
      • Samus Aran needs no fandom to exaggerate her badassery. She is the intergalactic Queen of Badass.
        • In 'verse, too. Some characters talk about her like some kind of war goddess, while others can't believe the stories (they're wrong).
        • Hell, the Space Pirates actually treat stories of her as some sort of myth. It'd be like telling your kids about how Satan will come to blow up them and everyone they love if they act out... only Satan's a hot blond chick in power armor.
      • Besides, Dane's too manly to wear a helmet or filtration system while landing on the Space Pirate Homeworld to order Samus around. Note that no pirates have the balls to even try to snipe him during the briefing.
        • That, and he does so on a planet ravaged by rain so acidic that even Samus has to use a special widget to survive. What does he use as an umbrella? His own personal flagship.
          • Also notice that most space pirates stop appearing after he makes planetfall. This fact has been linked to his slightly "bulkier" appearance later in the game. So, what did he do to the pirates?
          • Rounded them up, locked them in a huge cage, then bench-pressed it.
          • Also, he SWORE in a Nintendo game.
    • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn has a faceless, nameless NPC that the fandom calls the 3-13 Archer. Has been called the best character in the game. Has had fanfics devoted to him. Is known for having had entire strategies revolving around him.
      • Statistically, he is considerably worse than your player characters, being only midway through his second tier, with average stats at best for said tier. This does not explain how he manages to instantly kill a tiger laguz every turn whilst taking no damage. It is the great mystery of Radiant Dawn.
      • Fire Emblem 7 has Glass, a level 3 mercenary, who gives us the famous quote "I am Glass! The gods fear my name!", as well as Batta, a level 2 brigand, with the quote "You think you can stand up to Batta the Beast?"
      • There's also Gheb, from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He's very unattractive and makes not-so-subtle advances to Amelia, and has had the game in which he appeared HACKED TO STAR HIM.
        • Said hack also stars GLASS!
      • Not to mention pretty much every Swordmaster in the entire series, many tend to overlap with Memetic Sex God.
        • Most Heroes do that as well.
      • In the Japanese fandom, Wrys (Or Riff or whatever) is this, despite weing a weak Cleric who can be considered borderline useless (recruited in the first chapter, but has bad stats and there isn't much need for a healer in the beginning, and you get a better Cleric in chapter 3), to the point the SNES remake didn't include him (the DS one did, to his fans' rejoice). Or probably because of this.
      • In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, EPHRAIM DOESN'T PICK FIGHTS HE WON'T WIN!
    • According to TV Tropes, Kirby: he will destroy entire armies for a piece of cake and regularly kill Eldritch Abominations. Do not fuck with Kirby, for he is hardcore (IN AMERICA!)
      • Forget America, Kirby's a memetic badass everywhere. His punch... can split a planet in half! His resolve... trumps everything. His appetite and mouth... even God himself fear. Even in the anime when Dedede was inhaled by Kirby (temporarilly, apparently) he saw the universe! Don't be fooled by his cute little face and little round, pink body... Kirby is the walking apocalypse.
      • I say Meta Knight da bess.
      • The Wild Mass Guessing page for Warhammer 40,000 states that the Tyranids, an intergalactic Horde of Alien Locusts that eat planets to their metaphorical bone and outnumber the stars, are running from Kirby. And it makes perfect sense.
      • For that matter, many have described the Waddle Dee from Kirby Super Star's Arena as the most powerful boss in the entire game, in spite of the fact that his sole distinguishing trait is an unusually large amount of health for a Waddle Dee (though Kirby can still inhale him).
      • What about Sailor Dee? He went down with the ship. Like a MAN!
        • Actually, Meta Knight saved him in the end. But the fact remains that he was willing to go down with the ship.
      • Let's not forget the big guy himself, King Dedede; a.k.a. the TRUE hero of Super Smash Bros.. Brawl's Subspace Emissary. The mere fact he has the balls to fight the pink destroyer of the universe is certainly enough, but this cunning penguin apparently outplanned everyone, even the likes of Ganondorf and an interdimensional being, in order to save the greater world all in a scenario where nobody talks. And he pimp-slaps Bowser! In Kirby's Adventure as well, he's the REAL hero while you, Kirby, have ironically shown your True Colors as the greatest villain the universe has ever seen. To go up against Kirby man... that's gutsy. If you don't agree well... then you can have...
      • What about Waddle Doo and STINKING KNUCKLE JOE?
      • It would probably be easier to think of the Kirby series as basically Fist of the North Star but in a Sugar Bowl instead of a apocalyptic wasteland.
    • Diddy Kong. Period. In the Subspace Emissary of Brawl, he fired two peanuts at a couple of Bullet Bills IN MID-AIR, and then he and DK stood doing an Asskicking Pose while the bullets EXPLODED BEHIND THEM!




    • The Xbox and Play Station 3 are so large, they are visible from orbit and warp gravity around their frames.
    • Sylvia, of all people, is one now too. Yes, the girlfriend that was kidnapped in Spartan X, known to us US people as Kung-Fu Master. Punch in "Natraps X" into youtube and witness her true unadulterated badassery.
    • Not even driving simulators are safe from Memetic Badassery. In Forza Motorsport 2 (and Forza Motorsport 3), the AI Driver M. Rossi has been elevated to this status (although "Memetic Bastard" would be a better way of putting it for him).
    • The only reason the Order was able to kill Harry Mason is because they must have caught him enjoying a little "me-time". He's indestructible otherwise.
      • Harry Mason told Heather he was the strongest man in the world. Both her and gamers thought so until Silent Hill 3...
      • And he's not even the king of this trope within the series. That title can only belong to Pyramid Head, whose memetic... badassery became so enormous that future Silent Hill developers just had to find a way to include him in almost every game. And, of course, the movie.
        • Harry Mason could kill Pyramid Head, but not before asking it if he's seen a little girl.
    • Far Cry 2 gives the player character a chance to become this. At reputation level five your journal will note circulating rumors that you are literally Satan himself and never kill your enemies before extensively torturing them.
    • Under no circumstances should anyone entertain the notion of pursuing Lu Bu.
      • Also Honda Tadakatsu. Not only was a dragonfly split in half by simply landing on Tadakatsu's spear, his drill spear will pierce the heavens!
    • Blue Steel, an otherwise minor NPC hero character in City of Heroes, has been used for so many offscreen Deus Ex Machina conclusions to superhero capture in villainous story arcs that he has gained a game-specific list of Chuck Norris-esque alleged accomplishments. It is even lampshaded by another NPC.
      • He is also one of the very few NPC heroes that you are never given the chance to fight in the game, so there is no telling just how tough he really is.
        • But with the new Shield Defence powerset added in the last update, we might get to see him in action (read: kick his ass) after all!
    • Star Wars fans have, in addition to Mace Windu as played by the aforementioned Samuel L. Jackson, Kyle Katarn. There was No Endor Holocaust because Katarn said so. The shockwaves from the explosion of the second Death Star knew to not screw with him.
      • A joke idle animation showing him shaving with his saber elevated Kyle Katarn's beard to it's own, independent status as the toughest material in existence.
        • But behind Kyle Katarn's beard, there isn't a chin. It's just another pistol.
      • When Kyle Katarn does pushups, he doesn't push himself up. He pushes Nar Shaddaa down.
        • No! He pushes Nar Shadaa up, because that's the way HE defined gravity!
      • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard in Jedi Academy because otherwise Kyle would beat the entire game for you in five minutes.
        • It gets to the point that no-one protests that Kyle Katarn is quite a bit more difficult an end-game boss than a ressurected ancient Sith Lord, because, well, it is Katarn.
      • And they get Darth Revan as well. Who is so badass in-game that he can't be killed by a full turbolaser barrage from a Knights of the Old Republic Star Destroyer. And can kill three terentateks all by himself, normally the work of nine Jedi. And can out-swoop-race, out-lightsaber-duel, and out-shoot everyone in existence.
        • It doesn't hurt that his d20 game stats have six levels on Kyle Katarn.
      • Here is what the Expanded Universe says about the Katarn Commandos (whom he was a member of): "Around this time the unit changed its name to the Katarn Commandos - some say as a tribute to Commander Katarn, though Wookiee member Frorral insisted the name referred to her homeworld's jungle predator. No team member dared mention Frorral's crush on Katarn as a possible contributing factor."
    • World of Warcraft: High Overlord Saurfang, an NPC on the Horde side, characterized by his glowing equipment, ridiculously high critical attacks, and Badass Boast, is a target of this, to the extent that a massive list of Saurfang Facts exists. "Area-effect target caps were implemented after Saurfang used Cleave on Stormwind and it shattered Draenor."
      • Amusingly, Word of God apparently approved of this, and Saurfang is now a bona-fide Badass as exhibited by his actions in Northrend. Among other items he's storywise now the boss of the players and shows up to save them from time to time. In the upcoming civil war, popular support is on his side versus the actual other factions that exist.
      • Also, Hogger.
        • Which, to an extent, became an Ascended Meme in Cataclysm, where he now has a posse, a hill named after him, and a reappearance at level 25 in the Stockade, complete with disbelief from a nearby NPC that killing him was even possible.
      • At the same time the Saurfang fad was really hitting its stride, the Alliance attempted to elevate Bolvar Fordragon to a similar memetic position. It never quite caught on.
        • Its now being attempted on Genn Greymane, whose hatred of the orcs was so fierce that he actually left the Alliance because they didn't hate them enough.
          • Note that the Alliance was putting orcs in internment camps at the time...
        • Also being attempted on Darius Crowley, a NPC in the Gilneas starting area. He's a political dissenter that got locked up for disagreeing with Genn Greymane's isolationist poilcy, sounds like a drunken lout (especially after he turns into a Worgen), Cleaves oncoming hostile Worgen mobs WITH HIS BARE HANDS when you go to the prison to help free him, and attempts to sacrifice himself in a battle he knows he can't win (and gets turned into a Worgen in the process). After his transformation, Crowley actively seeks out feral Worgen in an attempt to help them regain their sanity. Also associated with the meme surrounding this NPC is the song "Mr. Crowley" by Ozzy Osbourne.
      • The Devilsaurs of Un'goro Crater also count, as any players who have suffered through their stealth Ninja attacks while leveling in that zone can attest. Seriously, a 50-foot tall dinosaur should not be able to sneak up on you like that!
        • Fel Reaver, otherwise known as Mister Squishyfeet and The Outlands Welcoming Committee. The roaring sound it makes when it gets close to you is not a warning, but a taunt.
        • Mor'ladim was the original. A level 35 elite with more HP than most level 60s, wandering around a level 25-30 questing area. He was silent and deadly.
        • Gentlemen I present what might be the greatest badass (besides Saurfang) in Warcraft, Rhonin [dead link]. [6]
        • Yes, but in Hellfire Peninsula, the Horde and Alliance resistance could tell that the Fel Reaver coming by the extremely loud footsteps, and managed to fight it with relatively few casualties. The very next day, a Devilsaur stealthed through the Dark portal, and wiped out every Ally and Horde in the region.
        • Gentlemen, behold! I have turned the Fel Reaver into a bear!
      • Many people in MMO-champion have grown fond of Bolvar being the ultimate badass hero of the Alliance, where anything can apply to the Lich King Cutscene.
      • Algalon The Observer in the Hard Mode of Ulduar. His JOB is to assess Azeroth and determine whether the Titans need to hit the planetary "reset button". Two of his attacks are called "Black Hole Explosion" and "Big Bang". In a topic on the forums about Hard Mode, this is what a LEAD WORLD DESIGNER said:

    Hard mode rewards will be the best in the game.
    With that said, I want to be sure that everyone understands: Hard mode is hard. Some hard modes are harder than others. Then there's Algalon the Raid Destroyer. He feeds off of your tears.

        • In the same vain as Algalon: You! The player! Well, assuming you beat him. Assuming a player beats Algalon, he attributes your raid PERSONALLY as showing him that Azeroth has a fighting chance if the Old Gods DO awaken. Beings so powerful the only solution was to ANNIHILATE THE WORLD, and he basically says "Yeah, you can take 'em".
        • Gamon, a neutral tauren NPC in Orgrimmar whose purpose is to be pickpocketed for a rogue quest. After spending 6 years as essentially a Memetic Woobie, being repeatedly killed to the point where many horde players had honed it to a reflex, with Cataclysm he has been buffed to a level 85 elite, capable of two or three shotting anyone who would dare mess with him
        • People did continue to mess with him in the early days of Cata though (because it was possible to kite him). That only served to make him even more badass. Come the next patching, they beefed him up again. Now he can't be kited and hits like a mac truck going downhill at 150mph.
      • Kuros is a BAMF. This is why.
      • Murlocs. Yes, I said Murlocs. They've got their own badass anthem.
      • Theldurin the Lost."It was a bright, shiny day, when all of the sudden, Deathwing appeared! I said to myself, "IM GONNA PUNCH THAT DRAGON IN THE FACE!"
      • JOHN! J! KEESHAN!
      • Shandris Feathermoon, leader of the night elf military, has an ability that brings down dozens of super-powered moon beams (like the Druid spell Moonfire but Up to Eleven). For a time, players could kite her - she could kill Garrosh and all the players trying to defend him in mere seconds.
    • Sanger Zonvolt and Elzam von Branstein/Ratsel Feinschmecker of the Super Robot Wars games. The latter is for much the same reason as Char Aznable, with the added bonus of his theme song overwriting all others. The former is said to be able to cut ANYTHING, and may have a bit more truth to the claim, due to breaking open the roof of an underground fortress designed to withstand an alien apocalypse, from the outside, while fighting his alternate-universe cyborg self in some sort of Chuck Norris joke Gone Horribly Wrong.
      • Waga zankantou ni tatenu mono nashi! [7]
    • A Word of God-approved version of this is Master Chief in Halo. In the original games, Master Chief was relatively slow and weak (at least compared to FPS heroes like the Doom guy, who can run at 60mph while carrying a metric ton of equipment and can soak up hundreds of bullet hits before dying), with only his regenerating energy shield allowing the player to make it through a level long after the standard allied Mooks have all perished. In the novels based on the Halo universe, Master Chief and all his fellow SPARTANs have been drastically upgraded to Space Marine level Super Soldiers who see in bullet-time, can punch out Powered Armor while naked, can run at vehicular highway speeds, can flip armored jeeps over with their hands, and can soak bucketloads of small-arms fire without much concern.

    "Master Chief only managed to kill three ODSTs because they were just in a firefight and went to the gym to cool down."
    "They are so badass that they can do a headshot. Using a Shotguns. With buckshot. At 100 meters."
    "A ODST squad could have done Master Chief's job, in one quarter of the time. They just let Master Chief have fun."
    "If an ODST and a SPARTAN had children, the offspring would reach Johnson badassery."
    "ODSTs can defeat chieftans using ball pens."
    "ODSTs can Dual Wield Gravity Hammers. They don't do it because that way is too easy."

    "ODSTs use Pods, because if they didn't, the energy released upon impact would be enough to destroy a city."

    "Spartans never die. ODSTs never lose."

    • Segata Sanshiro, the "mascot" for the Sega Saturn, though he was portrayed this way in the ads even before the Internet got to them. Really, how else can you describe a man who threw one person into another, causing both to explode?! The fact that he's played by Kamen Rider 1's actor just adds to the badassery.
      • It took a nuke aimed at SEGA HQ to get him off the planet. He wasn't affected by the vacuum of space, and the explosion gave him an awesome sendoff tossed him to another galaxy where he's too busy introducing the natives to the Saturn to come back to Earth.
        • He resurfaced briefly in 2008 in person, advertising the Rambo game of the fourth film, with a much younger girl by his side.
      • Let's face it. Segata is the Katanas Are Just Better version of Chuck Norris.
        • Segata Sanshiro isn't Japan's Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris is America's Segata Sanshiro.
    • Gaenor, from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind has recently become a Memetic Badass among the community, as seen here.
    • In the Dwarf Fortress forums, Captain Ironblood from Nist Akath (A Community Fortress, which is kinda-sorta-not-really a fanfiction).
      • Also, the Elven king of dwarves Cacame [dead link] surfs zombie wyverns into battle, fights carp and wins.
        • And as a merely "Competent" Hammerman, he made mincemeat of a dragon. No, seriously. [dead link]
          • To elaborate on his (in-game) backstory: He was a common elf child born in a kingdom that was under constant war with the dwarves. He lost his mother when he was only 1, and his father when he was 2. When he was 5 years old, the dwarves conquered his city, and installed a new government there. At the young age of 12 he joined the army, and married the elf Nemo. Two years later, an elven attack injured his lower body and killed his wife (who was then eaten by the elf that killed her). Two years after that, in 99, the dwarven king was killed in battle and, somehow, Cacame became the leader of the civilization at the age of 16. It can only be assumed that his hatred of his other elves at eating his wife was so great that it impressed even the dwarves, who then granted him the title of King.
            • He is also the only elf to be beloved by most of the fanbase.
      • And Queen Sankis
    • People shouldn't have been surprised that Link, Cloud, and Snake lost the way they did during The Great GameFAQs Character Battle of 2007. After all, the L-Block is shaped like a boot to kick your ass!
    • Simon Belmont, who can cause Galamoth to run away like a wuss. He once appeared on the cover of Nintendo Power magazine, waving around the severed head of Dracula.
      • He killed Dracula twice. He was dying the second time, and yet Dracula's curse did nothing to deter him. Nothing.
      • This thread on the GameFAQs Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles board started off as a questioning of why Richter Belmont is so "average". Eventually, it turned into a pages-long thread about Richter's awesomeness that would go on to hit the capacity of 500 posts.
      • Julius Belmont gained this status for being an old geezer who still kicks all kinds of ass. He got his own set of jokes, though they were nothing more than transplanted Chuck Norris jokes.
        • Sorta justified by plot and extrapolation, though. That guy, Dracula, that confirmed memetic badasses Richter and Simon could only keep down for a couple of years, a decade or two at best? Julius killed him permanently, in something that has been referred to as a war. And then met Drac's reincarnation, and whupped his ass too, until said reincarnation either followed orders or disobeyed. In the latter case he killed him permanently a second time.
        • Going by the manual for Aria of Sorrow, Julius is simultaneously the youngest (19) and the oldest (55/56) canon Belmont to have kicked Dracula's ass.
        • Soma (said reincarnation of Drac) has to use Magic Seals in Dawn of Sorrow to permanently seal away the bosses, lest they regenerate and start the battle anew. Julius had no such problems; he was whipping their asses so hard that they had no chance to regenerate.
        • You need two theme songs to make his, because no single theme is enough.
      • Leon Belmont. Rushing into a vampire's stronghold unarmed? Stupid. Inadvertently providing Mathias with the means to gain immortality and begin his war against God as Dracula? Regrettable. Most androgynous protagonist in series history? Probably. But only one man has the gall to vow to kill an entire time of day, hand the Grim Reaper's skeletal ass to him on a silver platter (and explain to him just how he did so), and raise a clan of badasses for the sole purpose of (bears repeating) killing an entire time of day and every single stinking hellish fiend that tries to get in their way. That man, ladies and gentlemen, is Leon Belmont.
      • And on the evil side, we have Slogra, aka Berigan, aka THE MAN!!! As the old adage goes, "Where you stand, he's gonna land!"
    • Homeworld's Salvage Corvette (really).
      • Just from a gameplay example: imagine a Tiidani heavy cruiser merrily laying waste to your capital ship fleet. Ambush it with a small contingent of 'vettes and, if you're lucky, you'll be the proud new owner of a free cruiser.
      • I have a Steam friend by the name of Chicago Ted. When I met him, he mentioned something about getting bored of Left 4 Dead...
      • Search urbandictionary for Chicago Ted. Go on, We'll wait.
      • It gets worse.
      • Eilis' buddy Keith. For someone who is never once shown onscreen and may or may not be real, he's quite the badass. He has suffered from third degree burns over 95% of his body twice (once making fireworks, once deep-frying turkey), lost two fingers and a toe to frostbite, broke both of his legs after driving his car off a cliff, built a shack out of mud, been stabbed by a homeless man, got tear gassed by the police, snuck a paintball gun on a roller coaster, got attacked by an alligator, bombed by the military (among the bombs, Ellis claims, were nerve gas and cluster bombs), drowned in the Tunnel of Love, got cut up by his own "bumper-car" lawn mower leaving him with wounds over 90% of his body, got cement paved over him in a sewer after falling down an open manhole, lived in a graveyard for a year after getting kicked out of his house, hung spit on the overhang in the Tunnel of Love, fell off a roller coaster onto the tracks with the ride still going, got a tattoo on his forehead saying "I'm a moron" for $200, ate three pounds of raw chicken (The in game subtiles say catfish), turned a recreation of colonial times into a raccoon fight in his backyard, drove across a river without using the bridge, married a couple, and would have even gotten married himself, had he not ran away from his own wedding.
    • Dead Space's Isaac Clarke: curb stomping legions of alien zombies and cutting up Cosmic Horrors with his mighty power tool is all part of the job (also to save his girlfriend).
    • Kratos, Villain Protagonist of the God of War series. Given that he fought his way out of Hell on three separate occasions, and killed the Three Fates, even after they decided he wouldn't, it's entirely justified.
      • Pit, Kid Icarus himself, did it seventeen years before him, though.
        • Pit did it once, and his hell was a bit more family friendly than any time Kratos saw it. Also, Pit defeated Medusa using three sacred relics. Kratos ripped her head off and used it as a weapon... while it was still alive.
        • That's Kratos's response to anything immortal when he doesn't have an ultimate weapon handy. So far, he did it to Medusa, Eurayle, and according to the demo, Helios.
        • And what did he do with the head of Helios? He used it as a flashlight.
      • Come God of War III, Kratos has gained a reputation as a walking apocalypse.
      • Listing everything badass Kratos did would be a category in and of itself. Hell, he can even score instant threesomes.
        • The ultimate sign. Kratos managed to, by sheer badassery, score a place in Mortal Kombat 9. That's not the impresive part. Every other character then said this was unfair. Wizard gods, machines built for fighting, karate masters and the lord of the dead all thought being pitted against Kratos was just too much.
      • Kratos is so badass, he put the smackdown on Thanatos in Ghost of Sparta. For those unawhere, Thanatos was a god that the Titans and that GODS THEMSELVES feared. While Hades is the god of the underworld, Thanatos was the God of DEATH. Yes, Kratos BEAT DEATH to DEATH.
    • What, the other Kratos gets no mention? His sexy voice, Cool Sword, roguish alignment, angel wings, theme song, hot (but dead) wife and BETRAYAL OF HEAVEN ought to qualify to be as good or better than the Kratos that most people know.
    • Duke Nukem. Heck, his character is supposed to be seen as a Memetic Badass.
      • Or a parody of one. Either way, he's still more than capable of doing awesome things.
      • This is the reason Duke Nukem Forever was in Development Hell for a good 12 or so years. The devs had to keep on scrapping the project because they knew that the chickenscratch they kept coming up with wouldn't do him any justice. When you bet on the Duke, you do it right.
    • Gaia Online has, in its 'casual' MMO zOMG, the Bonus Boss Landshark. Players roughly describe it as "what would happen if Chuck Norris used a Shark Attack spell".
    • Gabriel Angelos, aka Cap'n Gabe, in Dawn Of War 2. It doesn't hurt that his arrival lets you turn the final boss fight into a f***ing Curb Stomp Battle.
    • On GameFAQs, it seems Captain MacMillan of Call of Duty 4 and Sergeant Reznov of Call of Duty: World at War are Memetic Badasses, the former despite being present for two missions, spending half the second one with a leg injury. Captain Price in all his porn-stache glory isn't one.
      • Captain Price isn't a Memetic Badass, he's a canonical Badass. As for MacMillan, spending half of the mission with a leg injury just makes it more badass that he still lays down covering fire for you.
        • The same goes for Reznov, seeing as he not only survived and fought his hardest all the way from Stalingrad to Berlin, but did it with half a trigger finger. All of his deliciously sadistic dialogue and his saving Petrenko (the player character) at the very end of the last mission certainly helped, too. Hell, he even has an article on Uncyclopedia that calls him the "alpha male of the human race"!
        • The same website has an article on the Red Shirt Carmine from Gears of War. To best sum up their opinion of him, their link to a more professional version of the article is God on That Other Wiki.
      • To elaborate, Ramirez, a US Ranger and Player Character for half of the campaign, constantly gets ordered around by his superior Foley into literally doing everything. A bunch of Infantry Fighting Vehicles are attacking you position? Ramirez operates a predator drone and destroys them. Enemy snipers? Ramirez can counter snipe them. Column of enemy armor? Ramirez can take that Javelin and wipe every last tank out. A platoon of soldiers in the Burger Town? Ramirez has already killed them. It's gotten to the point where Ramirez is basically the USA's entire army.
    • Yuri Lowell. How Badass is this man? He has fourteen Badass tropes on his character page. Surely that lets him qualify.
    • The Tails Doll of Sonic R infamy was an innocuous, debatably unsettling bonus character. From there, it escalated to a Bloody Mary-like figure.
    • In the genre of sports games, there has never been, or never will be, a greater athlete than Tecmo Bowl's Bo Jackson.
      • Brazilians would think that's Allejo, from International Superstar Soccer Deluxe.
    • Team Fortress 2: SAXTON HALE, Australian CEO. If you're not satisfied with his fine line of spy articles, you can take it up with him!
      • Some people think they can outsmart Heavy Weapons Guy. Maybe. Maybe. But we've yet to meet one that can outsmart boollet.
        • Yes we have. SAXTON HALE!
      • Saxton Hale can capture points whilst ubercharged. And cloaked. And disguished. With his bare damn hands!
      • He even has his own facts site.
      • Sun Tzu, at least according to the Soldier.
      • Demopan is becoming this.
    • Hailed by the heavens, Earth, and people, the one and only BANG SHISHIGAMI is now here!
    • The Kid doesn't stay dead. Besides, are you willing to argue against someone who killed a demonic dragon, a technological genius, a dream-manipulating toad, a brain capable of ending your lives without a second thought, two of the greatest warriors who ever lived, a vampire, two sacred guardians, as well as his own father?
    • After the game was reviewed by the Hungarian 'Bad PC Games' webseries, the Featureless Protagonist of Airborne Hero became the legendary Dick Assman (not related to the gas station owner of the same name).
    • Pablo Sanchez of Backyard Baseball. If you look on youtube for the comments on any video about the best player in the game (the video makers' opinions range from Maria Luna to Nomar), there will always be comments about Pablo as a Badass, mostly because he speaks Spanish. Though he really doesn't.
    • In Starcraft II We have General Horace Warfield, who even before acquiring his Memetic Badass status beats a hydralisk to death with his bare, well power armored hands, takes terrible, terrible damage, survives enough poison to kill an Ultralisk, then gets his arm amputated and replaced with an Arm Cannon.
    • In Resistance: Fall of Man, whenever you played co-op, the second player was an unnamed African-American soldier with no relation to the plot and no spoken lines (and coincidentally the only black guy in the game). He's actually a representation of a real-life QA tester whose hard work was awarded by the game designers putting his likeness into the game. That doesn't stop some of the fans from calling him "the greatest video game character of all time", and jokingly point out how Hale is wrongfully credited for the random black dude's epic heroism.
    • From Fallout 3, Old Lady Palmer and Deputy Weld have both been given "badass" status by various communities.
    • Mr. Zurkon requires no nanotech to survive, Mr. Zurkon lives on fear!
      • Mr. Zurkon shall spare your life, puny alien. PSYCH! Mr. Zurkon lives only to kill!
    • Gordon Freeman receives this treatment inside and outside of the games. By the second game he has become so legendary due to his actions in the first that the interdimensional alien empire collectively crap their pants at the mere sight of him, and La Résistance members and Vortigaunts especially are constantly in awe of him. The fandom meanwhile considers him to be an unstoppable killing machine equivalent to planet-destroying superweapons (with is techincally true). Also, the reason he never speaks is because doing so would cause peoples' heads to explode.
    • Duncan (or more specifically, his beard) of Dragon Age: Origins gets this treatment, being considered unkillable due to the great power given to him by his beard. Bann Teagan also gets this treatment and is also a Memetic Sex God.
      • All of them, however, pale before Sandal, who can make hearts explode with his terrifying battlecry of "ENCHANTMENT!"
        • Which may just be canon. How do you explain all the darkspawn he killed just by saying "Enchantment!" repeatedly?
      • In-universe, Hawke in Dragon Age 2 is an example.

    Random guy in the bar: I hear the Champion of Kirkwall sleeps on a bed made of the bones of a High Dragon. And he uses the Arishok's skull as a gravy boat.

      • More appropriately for that game...Shepard is this both out-universe AND in-universe. S/he became well-known in the first game for being the first human SPECTRE. By the time the second game rolls around, he/she is such a living legend that even though it's well known that Shepard died two years before, hardly anybody mentions that except in passing and no one is freaked out with talking to someone who should be a corpse. Because it's Shepard: death is merely an inconvenience.
        • Not to mention that as far as we know, the only reason Shepard was resurrected in the first place was because of his/her memetic badassitude in the fight against the Reapers.
        • Also remember: The Collectors killed him/her once, and all they did was piss him/her off.
        • Along with the fact that Shepard can use the Widow and the Claymore, both guns that would break a normal human's arm (the Widow had to be modified to be handheld, it's normally a vehicle-mounted weapon), the Revenant machine gun, and the Cain. Shepard is a goddam Devastator.
        • Fighting the Shadow Broker involves quite a bit of punching him. Yes. SHEPARD PAWNCH is effective against people four times the Commander's size.
        • Shepard: "I expected [the interrogation] to be more difficult." Thane: "Shepard, he was just a common criminal. You killed a Reaper."
        • Keep something in mind: as of "The Arrival", the Reapers have acknowledged Shepard as a threat to his/her face. A race of multi-million year old semi-invincible machines, who consider organic life forms lower than dirt and nothing but a curious accident, consider this single human being to be the biggest threat they've had to deal with for billenia. That is badass-cred.
        • "No matter what scars you bear... whatever uniform you wear... you can fight like a krogan, run like a leopard, but you'll never be better than Commander Shepard!"
      • Niftu Cal, who is a GREAT BIOTIC GOD! He thinks things....and they happen. He'll destroy the universe after getting a nap.
        • He is a great wind that will sweep all before him like...a great wind!
      • "Charge."
      • In certain corners of the internet, multiple characters get this. In no particular order...
        • Garrus, who is Space Batman.
          • In the first game. In the second he takes on Frank Castle levels of badassitude. "How'd you manage to piss off every mercenary group in the Terminus Systems?" "It wasn't easy. I had to really work at it."
        • Zaeed Massani, who can't even go and get a drink at a bar without everyone around him dying horribly.
          • The reason why Zaeed is the only survivor is because he is literally unkillable. He walks into a bar, gets set on fire, shot in the head multiple times, and has a bomb explode beneath him. He says "Give me a goddamn drink." Then everyone around him dies. He tells them "Suck it up, I've seen worse." Because he has.
        • Kal'Reegar, who held the line against a entire squad of geth and a Colossus before Shepard got there, and is evidently the quarian Rambo.
        • Blasto, the first hanar Spectre, with a girl in every port and a gun in every tentacle.
          • He's one big Shout-Out to Dirty Harry, whaddaya expect?
            • Blasto is actually an inversion - he was created as a memetic badass in the first place on the forums before even appearing. This Troper was fortunate to be around at the time of his conception.
    • Pleinair from Disgaea doesn't float; she dodges the ground.
    • Dungeon Fighter Online has GSD. He is the first character the player has to escort, though it's more like GSD is escorting you. The various theories for his blindness include God getting Scared, GSD believing that being sighted was too easy, and that he witnessed his own pwnage.
    • The Gelato Man is behind everything. Killing him was all part of the plan.
    • According to Daniel Remar, Youtube user Reallyjoel's dad is the best gamer to have ever lived. There used to be a difficulty level suited to his skill, but he beat it so hard it ceased to exist.
    • Nine Ball from Armored Core (no relation to that other one), to both fans and in-game. The title given to those that get to the spot of "Number 1 Raven" is "Ninebreaker" simply because he actually, "it" was that much of a Badass and held the spot of Number 1 for so long. And pretty much the mantra for every new AC title in the works is "Is Nine Ball gonna be in it?" This is despite, or rather because of, the fact that Nine Ball personifies Nintendo Hard in AC.
    • The Fraxy Community has a notable member named Eboshidori, A.K.A. Creator of the Best Bosses Ever A.K.A the most awesome Fraxian in existance A.K.A. Your Lord And Savior.
    • Anthony Higgs, from Metroid: Other M, has taken on a life of his own in terms of memetic badassery. it is said that if he and Armstrong Houston (the other memetic badass from Metroid) were to meet, the universe would implode from the sheer awesome.
    • Professor Layton has no equal in his universe. If he wanted to rule the world, he could do so over a weekend, and that's even taking time out for tea. He is the greatest puzzle-solving, sword-fighting, car-driving, bullet-dodging, device-making, detective/archaeologist in existence. He is also very modest. Also, his level of epic exponentially increases between games.
    • Mr. Blank. You can send him out to space, force him to dance, stick him inside a TV and he WILL NOT DIE. Hell, he was wearing the Kamina shades BEFORE Kamina did. And they were PINK.
    • Boone from Fallout: New Vegas. He headshots the Sun five seconds before it appears over the horizon.
      • And then there's Joshua Graham, who is this in-universe for being possibly the one man that not even Boone could kill. If five confirmed shots from 1st Recon, getting blown up at Boulder City and finally getting covered in pitch, set on fire and tossed into the Grand Canyon couldn't kill him, then what can? Asides from the Courier? all with a .45 caliber pistol and nothing else.
      • The Courier is one as well. In-universe. The Powder Gangers call him/her the Grim Fucking Reaper and every faction wants them to help them win the war. Cass describes it best.

    "Don't fuck with the man who delivers your mail."


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    1. One example: a Game Boy that went missing for a week, turned up in the oil pan of the family car, and still worked after it was wiped off. Or an Nintendo64 that survived an earthquake... while playing Quake. Or when someone left their Pokémon cartridge in their pants pocket when they put it in the laundry and playing it the very next day.
    2. Fanon is divided as to whether this one win was either against Rick Bruiser, or a fluke against Von Kaiser
    3. Genocide + Insect. Or Genesect for Genesis + Insect
    4. Please note that the song is actually for the Big Bad of the game, not Genesect
    5. Okay, so it's a fake enemy sun, but it's still pretty awesome
    6. * This is about 120+ pages long, but it is full of /brofist's and win.
    7. There is nothing my zankantou cannot cut!