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Freedom Fighters

Sonic the Hedgehog

Billed as "the Hero of Mobius," this version of Sonic is still brash, irreverent, and cocksure, but also has heroing as a full-time job that he couldn't quit if he wanted to (not that he does). Robotnik's coup against the government happened when Sonic was five years old, and for the ~10 years of Comic Book Time since he's spent the majority of his energy enthusiastically opposing him. Though not the tactical leader of the Freedom Fighters, he is certainly their most iconic member, and one of their greatest assets against Robotnik. Sonic's ego, though undeniable, is braced somewhat by a spirit of teamwork and a genuinely selfless impulse, against a backdrop of sobering losses to a tyrant who has wreaked havoc amongst the lives of Sonic and his friends and family. Thus at his worst Sonic is occasionally thoughtless or insensitive, but generally friendly and easygoing, quick to forgive and loyal to a fault. As of issue 236, Sonic is now the leader of "Team Fighters", seeking to hunt down the Death Egg II.

  • Adaptational Badass: Much more powerful than the Sega version. He's a Lightning Bruiser as opposed to being a Fragile Speedster, and he has more abilities than the games version (can go intangible by vibrating his molecules, for example).
  • Angst? What Angst?: In universe, Sonic's more likely to smile and crack a few jokes than wallow in depression.
  • Anti-Hero: Type II like other portrayals, but the comics tend to emphasize his flaws a bit more without making him an out-and-out Jerk Ass.
  • Badass
  • Balloon Belly: In the chapter The Return of Uncle Chuck.
  • Big Brother Instinct / Big Brother Mentor: Usually towards Tails, though he sometimes passes it off to younger heroes.
  • Big Eater
  • Blood Knight: He's not murderous and is nowhere near the psychopathic extreme that defines this trope, but certain stories have shown that Sonic enjoys fighting Robotnik and the rest of his various Rogues Gallery a bit too much.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Twice. The first time involved amnesia, and the second was when he was Roboticized into Mecha Sonic. Note that the latter involved him Fighting From the Inside.
  • Casual Danger Dialogue: He'll banter or even flirt in the middle of a fight. One example was his cracking jokes while being controlled by Eggman in the first Free Comic Book Day issue.
  • Catch Phrase: "Let's do it to it!"
  • Chick Magnet: Sally, Fiona, Amy, Mina; it seems that most girls are in love with him at one point or another. And unlike his games counterpart, he definitely doesn't try to avoid it.
  • Child Soldier: He's been fighting Robotnik since he was a kid, all the while avoiding most of the Angst that comes with this trope.
  • Composite Character: Of Sonic's myriad incarnations. He's got a bit of the adventure loving hero from the more recent games and Sonic X, while also retaining some of his 90's-era attitude along with a sprinkling of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog's comedic trickster.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Takes this trait from the games and amps it Up to Eleven.
  • Demoted To Supporting Character: For a while,[1] it seemed like other characters like Knuckles were more important to the world of the comic than he was.
  • Determinator
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Some aspects of Sonic's character from the earlier stories seem jarring when compared to elements that have become generally accepted aspects of his character. Such as his lack of hydrophobia, which has since been incorporated into more recent stories.
  • Embarrassing Middle Name: Maurice... though not any more. An issue revealed it, and Ken Penders had intended to give him the first name of Olgilvie, but it was never revealed in the comic. Current writer Ian Flynn has refused to acknowledge the canonicity of said name, but went so far as to explicitly Retcon it in a later Data File.
  • Filing Their Nails: In issue #200, Sonic ends up studying his nails during a long-winded monologue Eggman delivers before a fight.
  • Genre Savvy: Emphasized more since the beginning Ian Flynn's run -- though he can still make some critical mistakes.
  • The Hero: He's Sonic the Hedgehog, what did you expect?
  • Heroic Willpower
  • Intangible Man: This version has the ability to vibrate his molecules to pass through objects a la The Flash.
  • Invincible Hero: Definitely averted. The best example is during the events of Sonic #175, where Eggman manages to hand him his prickly behind. What happened later, however....
  • Leeroy Jenkins
  • Let's Get Dangerous: It's very rare, but there are times when he drops the corny jokes and carefree demeanor, and focuses on taking out the threat at hand.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Occasionally, he will stumble into this role.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Very much Made of Iron and one of the strongest and the fastest in Mobius, in contrast to his Fragile Speedster games incarnation.
  • Made of Iron: Sonic's taken a lot of punishment over the years, but even after being beat down, he'll get right up and come back for more.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: Sonic was prone to this in some of the earlier days of the comic, and it kept creeping in and out over the years. The most egregious example comes from the myriad ways the writers have abused his "Figure-8 Super Peel Out." He also fits trope due to his sizable amount of Super Forms (see below).
  • Not So Different: From characters like Knuckles, in that his own background is less that straightforward. The difference is that Sonic tends to take it all in stride.
  • Parental Abandonment: Sonic basically grew up without parental influence. Eventually, the mobians turned into robots were freed of Robotnik's influence, and later most of them (saving Sonic's dad) were turned flesh again as well, and so he has since reunited with them, but the lack of supervision during his formative years causes Sonic's father some angst.
  • The Power of Friendship: Sonic believes in it.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Sonic manages to combine this trope with deadpan snarking and Casual Danger Dialogue to great effect.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: In the 30 Years Later Time Skip.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right: Tended to do this when butting heads with Sally's father, and now more often thanks to the formation of the Council of Acorn.
  • Sins of Our Fathers: Issue 50 revealed his dad and uncle brought Julian Kintobor to King Max in the first place. That and they chased down a young Regina (the Iron Queen) sometime prior.
  • Spanner in the Works: Commented on in-universe: Mammoth Mogul has realized that for whatever reason, he can't beat Sonic, so he'll stay out of the way until Sonic dies. Eggman worked himself out of his insanity once he realized this, likening it to an unpredictable element in any experiment. He's rationalized that Sonic has become an element of chaos because of all the chaos energy he's been exposed to over the years.
  • Super Form: There's the usual Super Sonic, but the comic has added a few others to the mix:
    • Ultra Sonic: Attained by absorbing a large number of Power Rings, giving him Elemental Powers and a couple other Stock Super Powers. He also has the ability to transform into the following terrain based variants:[2]
      • Solar Sonic
      • Polar Sonic
      • Eco Sonic
      • All five of these forms were seen when Sonic was using a single Super Emerald, a reference to Hyper Sonic from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. This would suggest Sonic could obtain that form as well, except it would be far stronger than anything we've seen.[3].
  • Super Speed: Duh.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Definitely not a total jerk, but his tendency to let his ego rage out of control and insensitive behavior is called out more often than some of his other portrayals, where they're usually brushed off or accepted. Furthermore, he's able to work past and make up for them with surprising sensitivity.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Chili dogs. Along wth SatAm, one of the first versions to emphasize it.
  • Translator Microbes: Due to some adventures in space and acquiring a translator device, Sonic is able to understand all languages. Even his dog's.
  • Unfortunate Names: At one point, his name was considered to be Olgilvie Maurice Takeshi Hedgehog.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Though it hasn't been entirely consistent, he generally has an aversion to water.
  • Unwilling Roboticization: In "Mecha Madness", where he was roboticised and turned against his friends. Then again, years later, by the BEM, though he retained his free will this time.
  • Year Outside, Hour Inside: Due to being tossed to the other edge of the universe and the whole relativity thing, the trip home, which had been a relatively short period of time for him, amounted to a year for his friends back on Mobius. This also makes him physically younger than the other Freedom Fighters his age.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Sonic's best friend and sometimes-sidekick, Tails' earliest characterization suffered somewhat for being "the little kid who hero-worships Sonic and resents the other Freedom Fighters for babying him," and generally treated as more of an innocent in need of protection than an active asset to the team. Tails' first strike out at adventure on his own (where he met Fiona) was a rebellion in this spirit. Later issues worked to correct this by steadily upping his apparent maturity and skill with mechanics (which had the somewhat unintended consequence of rendering Rotor and Uncle Chuck redundant). Tails in the comics has also carried around the rather ambiguously defined title of "The Chosen One," for a destiny he may or may not have fulfilled by this point.

Generally sweet and unassuming, Tails retains a good relationship with the other Freedom Fighters, who are still somewhat inclined to be protective of him -- which he is more embarrassed than angered by, these days.

As of issue 236, Tails is now part of "Team Fighters", a group dedicated to finding and stopping the Death Egg II.

Princess Sally Acorn

Daughter of the deposed king Maximillian Acorn, Princess Sally led the Freedom Fighters through their time of exile after the coup and saw her father, and subsequently her brother, re-ascend the throne after Robotnik's demise (which, alas, did not stick). For quite some time she was Heir Presumptive, and retired from field duties, but she has since reassumed her post after Elias was crowned instead.

Sally is intelligent, pragmatic, and patient, often serving as a Foil to Sonic who is also her main love interest. Among the fandom she is incredibly divisive, loved by many who see her as the heart of the team and hold "Sonally" to be the One True Pairing; and disliked by many others who see her as a Canon Sue and dislike all of the Love Triangle plots her presence spawns (and/or ship Sonic with someone else). Needless to say, such tropes should go on the YMMV page rather than here.

Bunnie Rabbot D'Coolette

A Southern Belle who was subject to Roboticization and rescued half-way, Bunnie retained her free will but put her powerful robotic limbs at the service of the Freedom Fighters. Bunnie has an outgoing but gentle personality who is nonetheless willing to throw her considerable weight around when the occasion calls for it. Though liked by pretty much everyone, she seems especially close to Sally, and to Antoine, her husband.

Antoine D'Coolette

A French and somewhat cowardly member of the Freedom Fighters who was, in the early days, a would-be rival to Sonic for Sally's affections (but strictly a Hopeless Suitor). Generally used as the bumbling, occasionally overbearing comic relief, he eventually shed most of his jerkier traits and was allowed to take a level in badass when he stopped pursuing Sally and instead became involved with Bunnie. Antoine, like his father, wears the uniform of the Royal Guard, but like the other Freedom Fighters was too young to actually be a member before Robotnik's coup.

Amy Rose

The tough-but-pretty, self-proclaimed love interest and friend of Sonic. As of Issue 236, Amy is now part of Team Fighters, a group dedicated to finding and stopping the Death Egg II.

Rotor the Walrus

The team's resident mechanic and smart guy. Rotor is a somewhat retiring type, but strong enough to fill the role of The Big Guy if Bunnie hadn't occupied that slot. With Tails increasingly occupying The Smart Guy slot, Rotor unfortunately finds himself pushed to the background frequently. In #175, he sustained a back injury while protecting Tails and subsequently retired from field duty to assume a place on the council.

As of issue 236, Rotor is now leader of "Team Freedom", a group dedicated to protecting Mobotropolis in the absence of the full Freedom Fighters team.

  • Demoted to Extra: Since sustaining a serious injury to his back, he's joined the council and retired from the Freedom Fighters proper.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: The only member of the Freedom Fighters (not counting Dulcy or Nicole) that goes barefoot on a regular basis.
  • Gadgeteer Genius
  • He's Back: After quitting the Mobian Council, Rotor returns to active duty, donning Powered Armor to circumvent his injured back
  • Mr. Fixit
  • Nice Hat
  • No Shirt, Long Jacket: He wears a brown jacket in the later issues.
  • Out of Focus
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: When The Mobian Council votes to banish NICOLE to Freedom HQ, Rotor quits in disgust, especially since they give him the reason of "It's what the people want".
  • The Smart Guy
  • Stout Strength: Implied at times to be out of shape, but can whack a wallop when he needs to.
  • Taking the Bullet: His injury was sustained while pushing Tails out of the way of a falling wall that would likely have killed him.
  • Word of Gay: The original writer of Mobius: 25 Years Later has confirmed that Rotor and Cobar, an Echidna scientist, were both gay and in a relationship together.
    • Shrug of Gay: Neither the current writer, Archie or Sega have confirmed or denied this as canon though, and there are no conclusive hints, so it may not be all that relevant.


Built by Rotor, Nicole is an an Artificial Intelligence sent to Sally in the past from her future self in a Stable Time Loop, but her origins are obscured from the others in the present (as well as to the viewers of the modern-day, considering how convoluted the time travel plots have gotten since her introduction). Loyal, intelligent (obviously), occasionally playful or sarcastic Nicole has always evidenced aspects of personality, but her prominence in the series skyrocketed once she outgrew her handheld and learned to project herself into a solid form as a Lynx. Nicole and her nanites are responsible for the construction of New Mobotropolis, but the populace's initial gratitude has turned to fear once it became apparent that her technological basis left her vulnerable to Magitek -- and that under the influence she would turn the city against its citizens.

Dulcy the Dragon

A dragon. Played a minor role in the earlier days of the comic, but rarely seen since. Word of God says that he just can't find a decent place to fit her into the story right now, so she remains in the dark until then.

New Mobotropolis

Elias Acorn

Sally's brother, who was lost during the Great War and raised on the Floating Island. After being reunited with his family, he struggled under the weight of his responsibilities and eventually ran away from home. Nevertheless, after marrying his wife Megan, he returned to accept the crown. However, he soon found himself with new struggles, and was deposed as King by Ixis Naugus.

Maximillian Acorn

Former King of Mobotropolis and father of Princess Sally and King Elias, the current king. Was lost in the Zone of Silence for years, where he was mentally manipulated by Ixis Naugus and convinced to offer him the throne. After being freed, suffering crystallization, being paralyzed from the waist down twice, and then poisoned, he's had to leave the throne and gone rather senile as of late.

  • Arranged Marriage: He and Alicia are Happily Married, despite being in one of these. His attempts to force Sally into one... haven't gone so well.
  • The Artifact: In universe, as shown by his strict adherence to tradition and desire to restore the monarchy.
  • Badass Grandpa: When he was active.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Twice. Both times by Ixis Naugus.
  • Cool Sword: The Sword of Acorns. Since been destroyed.
    • Cool Hat: The Crown of Acorns. See previous item.
  • The Chew Toy: See "Sanity Slippage."
  • Dating What Daddy Hates: Doesn't care for Sonic.
  • Grumpy Old Man: In later issues he's usually complaining about something or other, and hates seeing things change after he leaves the throne (the formation of the council is one example).
  • Horrible Judge of Character: He didn't see Julian Robotnik's true colors until it was too late. As we find out in issue 233, this is a recurring problem for him, as Harvey Who, his adviser at the time, told Max to kick out Kodos, Ixis Naugus, and Robotnik, only to be ignored. Possibly justified as Max revealed much earlier that the Acorn royal family used a magic pool called "The Source of All" to guide their actions, meaning Max never developed the right skills for ruling.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something
  • Sanity Slippage: After being thrown into the Zone of Silence, branwashed, rescued only to start turning into crystal, being brainwashed again, being paralyzed from the waist down, recovering, and then being poisoned and being wheel chair ridden again, is it any wonder King Max has started to go senile?
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: He's been known as a kind father and has his nicer moments, but just as often, he turns around and forces more and more difficulties on his children. Some of this is due to his strict adherence to royal tradition, and some of it's from the sheer amount of trauma he's been through.
  • Warrior King: During the Great War and during his internment in the Zone of Silence. His attempt to slip back into this role didn't go so well...
  • Why We're Bummed The Monarchy Isn't In Charge Anymore: Even in his senility, Max is openly resentful about the kingdom's transition to democracy.

Alicia Acorn

Maximillian's wife, who was shot down in transit during the Great War and left in stasis for a number of years by the Brotherhood. After recovering, she stepped back into the role of Queen and mother to both her children.

Sir Charles "Uncle Chuck" Hedgehog

Sonic's uncle, who was roboticized when Sonic was very young. As it turned out, he invented the roboticizer as a medical tool, only for Robotnik (then Julian) to sabotage it. After toiling away for years as an automaton, an accident granted him free will, and he became a spy for the Freedom Fighters. Recently de-roboticized along with the other "Robians" save for his brother, Jules. Nowadays, he serves on the Mobian Council.

Jules and Bernie Hedgehog

Sonic's parents, once fighters in the Great War. Jules was the first victim of Charles' sabotaged roboticizer, which was meant to save his life but turned him into a slave of Robotnik. Bernie was also later roboticized. Both remained under Robotnik's control until his death in issue #50. Bernie was later returned to flesh along with the other roboticized citizens, but Jules remains a robot due to the fact that if he were restored, his old injuries would kill him. Both parents love and are proud of their son, but deeply regret not being able to be there for him when he was growing up.

Amadeus and Rosemary Prower

Tails' father and mother.

  • Cool Sword: Amadeus.
  • Colonel Badass: Amadeus is a veteran of the Great War and is the current commander of the Royal Army.
  • Dark Furred Redhead: Rosemary
  • Depending on the Artist: Rosemary has gone from looking like an older, feminine version of Tails, to her current, more distinctive red-haired appearance. Of course, now people say she looks too much like Sally...
  • Eyepatch of Power: Amadeus
  • Happily Married
  • Parental Abandonment: Both Rosemary and Amadeus were separated from their son, but have since been reunited with Tails.
  • Unwilling Roboticisation: Amadeus and Rosemary were the first to be cured of it, in fact.
  • Velvet Revolution: The Prowers try to lead a revolution in order to transform the Kingdom of Acorn into a democracy, but Elias proves to be reasonable and the two end up working out a compromise that makes everyone happy.
    • Rosemary does show some continued distrust of the monarchy, despite this. Which may explain why she seemed okay with putting Naugus in charge, even though he had tried to kill her son a few times in the past.

General Armand D'Coolette

Council of Acorn

  • Demoted to Extra: Dylan, Hamlin, and Penelope's reasons for joining the council, as they didn't get much chance to make a difference when in the shadow of the other Freedom Fighters.
  • Everything's Better with Platypi: Penelope
  • Obstructive Bureaucrats: Though they mean well, they've caused a lot of frustration for Sonic.
    • Hamlin more so than the others, due to his frustration with the main characters, which results in him often making it different for Sonic and friends.
  • Not So Different: During the Great War, King Max allowed Julian Kintobor, an Overlander, to assume position of warlord to help defeat the Overlanders. Max's adviser, Harvey Who, warned against this, but was ignored, causing the first Robotnik War. The council was formed to prevent the monarchy from making such mistakes again. Yet most of the council allowed Ixis Naugus, a known enemy, to assume position of king to help resolve the Nicole problem, with warnings from Sonic, Rotor, and Uncle Chuck ignored.
  • Not-So-Omniscient Council of Bickering: The Council is often divided between those who generally support Sonic and co. (Uncle Chuck and Rotor), the more obstinate members who distrust them or the monarchy for various reasons (Hamlin, Rosemary), and those that sit somewhere in the middle (Dylan, Penelope).
  • Pig Man: Hamlin.
  • Prickly Porcupine: Dylan.
  • Reasonable Authority Figures: When they're not disagreeing or being obstructive anyway.
  • The Resenter: Hamlin, due to years of pent-up rage over being a "substitute" Freedom Fighter who never got to do anything.
  • The Smart Guy: Dylan, when he was a Freedom Fighter.

Mina Mongoose

A teenaged mongoose once rescued by Sonic, who later developed a crush on him. Mina, like Sonic, has Super Speed, but did not feel she was capable of serving as a Freedom Fighter (when trying out, she panicked under pressure) although she has assisted them on occasion. She discovered she had a talent for singing and went on to become quite famous. Although it took her a long time to get over her feelings for Sonic, she eventually moved on to her current boyfriend, Ash.

  • Character Development: Mina started out as a lonely girl who uncertain of herself, who kept pining for Sonic and tried unsuccessfully to be a Freedom Fighter. Eventually, she grew past her crush, realized her true talent was singing, and found love with Ash.
  • Every Girl Is Cuter With Hair Decs
  • Genki Girl
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Averted. Mina is commonly portrayed as fully clothed, often with a tank top, shorts, gloves, and boots.
  • Idol Singer
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Backed off once she realized Sonic's feelings for Sally.
  • Loving a Shadow: Towards Sonic, who saw her only as a good friend.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After she learns what NICOLE was really going through during the Iron Dominion arc, and when seeing people taking her message differently than she intended.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: Has a red, Chinese style dress she wears from time to time.
  • Soapbox Sadie: After the Iron Dominion, Mina decided to use her music to try and make people be more active, and not just accept things so blindly anymore.
  • Super Speed
  • Unwitting Pawn: Mina's attempt to spread her message about standing up and getting the people to do things for themselves instead of relying on the Freedom Fighters was used by Ixis Naugus to spread fear all over New Mobotropolis.
    • Before that, she was one to Mogul, who activated her super speed in order to use her for his plans at a later date.
  • You Gotta Have Purple Hair

Ash The Mongoose

Mina Mongoose's manager/boyfriend. He's not exactly Sonic's biggest fan, and though he's at least tried to put his jealousy behind him, that doesn't seem likely to change anytime soon.

The Forget Me Knots

Cream the Rabbit and Vanilla

A mother and daughter whose home, where all of Knothole's Chao had relocated, was destroyed by Snively. They were saved by Amy Rose, who brought them to New Mobotropolis. Cream quickly became friends with Amy, and participated in their adventure with Blaze and the Sol Emeralds.

As of issue 236, Cream and Cheese is now part of "Team Freedom", a group dedicated to protecting Mobotropolis against threats in the absence of the full Freedom Fighters.

Big the Cat & Froggy

Denizens of Mysterious Cat Country who became involved in the ordeal with Perfect Chaos. Big has since been exiled by the other Felidae and forced to take up residence in New Mobotropolis.

As of issue 236, Big is now part of "Team Freedom", a group dedicated to protecting Mobotropolis in the absence of the full Freedom Fighter team.

Dr. Horatio Quentin Quack

Knothole, and later New Mobotropolis's chief physician. Dr. Quack was used by the original Robotnik and Snively by threatening his family, forcing him to cooperate with their plan to kill Princess Sally. Fortunately for everyone, he used his medical prestige to deceive them. Dr. Quack has since lost his eye in the war with Eggman, and retired from field duty.

The Chaotix

Knuckles the Echidna

The hot-tempered guardian of Angel Island and its Master Emerald. Knuckles is descended from a long line of Guardians collectively known as the Brotherhood, a very secretive organization that kept Knuckles Locked Out of the Loop as part of his mandatory training. As a result, for a long time Knuckles believed himself The Last of His Kind when in fact a great deal of echidnas, including both his parents, were alive. Unraveling all of the mysteries, conspiracies, and histories of his people made up a very large fraction of the overall plot, not the least because Knuckles for a time had his own comic book alongside Sonic's. Suffice to say by now many of the secrets are out, but the situation has also changed considerably since his debut.

Knuckles takes his role as Guardian very seriously, almost to a fault if this means extreme measures must be taken to keep the emerald or his people safe. Due to living largely in isolation, he is somewhat awkward socially, but although he has been tricked on occasion this version is probably less gullible than other incarnations of his character. He and Sonic are billed as "friendly rivals," as their personalities occasionally clash but mostly they are able to get along. He is, however, closer to his team the Chaotix.

Sonic: "Hyper Knuckles was way stronger! Or are you just afraid of being pink?"

Vector the Crocodile

An old friend of Knuckles' and the current leader of the Chaotix. Known for his over-bearing street lingo and quarreling with Julie-su, he's since bulked up and focused on growing as a fighter. Later he was revealed to be from Downunda, where he was part of a group of orphans raised by an old mentor, along with Duck Bill and Barby Koala.


A tough, fighting-geared soldier and former member of the Dark Legion. She joined Knuckles soon after the Dark Legion's return to Mobius. She was later revealed to be a descendant of Dimitri, who had her past kept from her by her half-siblings Lien-da and Kragok. Julie-su is strong willed, quick to anger, and compassionate, much like her sparring partner/boyfriend (and future partner in the Mobius X Years Later timeline) Knuckles.

Espio the Chameleon

The stoic and mysterious member of the Chaotix known for his expertise in stealth and ninja skills. Has recently been revealed to be a spy for the Shinobi Clan sent to spy on Knuckles and the Brotherhood. Espio was briefly forced to serve the Iron Dominion, before helping to engineer the Shinobi Clan's break from them.

  • The Atoner
  • Cerebus Retcon: Originally just another one of Knuckles' friends. Now it's been established that he was sent to spy on Knuckles and the Brotherhood by his clan.
  • Expansion Pack Past: Originally it was established that he was from Rainbow Valley. The Iron Dominion arc later revealed that he was sent there by the Shinobi Clan to spy on Knuckles and the Brotherhood.
  • Hollywood Chameleon
  • Instant Awesome, Just Add Ninja
  • The Mole
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: Serves the Iron Dominion despite being ordered to turn against his friends. Makes sense, when you realize the leader of the Shinobi Clan is heavily implied to be his mother.
  • Straight Man: To the more dead serious Knuckles, the more comical Vector, the child-like Charmy, and the more easy-going and friendly Mighty.

Mighty the Armadillo

A super-strong armadillo (whose powers were granted to him by Mammoth Mogul) with patience and gentleness to match his might. He seems to be a bit of a big brother surrogate to Ray. Has recently left the Chaotix to search for his missing little sister, who he has learned is a member of the Dark Egg Legion.

Charmy Bee

The runaway prince of the Golden Hive Colony, who ran away from home out of a lack of desire to be king. He eventually returned to accept his lineage, only to have the colony destroyed by the Eggman Empire. Charmy was recently subjected to the torturous effects of the Egg Grapes, which caused him to mentally regress to the mentality of a child.


Charmy's childhood friend and current fiance. Joined the Chaotix after she and Charmy fled the destruction of Golden Hive Colony, and currently stands by him through his mental impairment.

Archimedes the Fire Ant

Knuckles' telepathic fire ant mentor, who helped him during his first ordeal with Enerjak. Archimedes is part of a long lineage of fire ants who have aided the Brotherhood of Guardians, and was his father Locke's mentor as well.

Ray the Flying Squirrel

An old friend of Mighty's who was trapped in a time warp for years before being rescued. He joined the Chaotix, but recently left the group to join Mighty on his quest to find his sister.

Team Dark

Shadow the Hedgehog

The infamous black and red Ultimate Lifeform. He was created for the purpose of finding a cure for a deadly neurological disorder called NIDS, which was killing the daugter of his creator Gerald Kintobor (yes, relation to Eggman was intended.) Imbued with the chaos power of a race of aliens known as the Black Arms, as well as speed granted by his rocket shoes, he is able to go toe-to-toe with Sonic. His personality varies very little from the games, a brooding, melancholy and silent (for the most part.)

Rouge the Bat

A skilled jewel thief, tactician and de facto leader of the Team Dark.


Hope Kintobor

Daughter of Overlander Colin Kintobor Sr. and half-sister of Snively. Recently severed all ties with Snively due to his constant desire to rule Mobius.

Commander Abraham Tower

Other Heroes


A well-meaning time traveller from a Bad Future with a talent for psychokinesis. He means to Set Right What Once Went Wrong by outing a "traitor" in the Freedom Fighters, but he's not such a hot shot at correctly identifying said traitor. Has the added problem that traveling through time can take him to multiple timelines, and so far it's not confirmed if he's even gotten back to the past from his own timeline.

  • Adorkable
  • Catch and Return: Used to great effect on Enerjak, (aka "Dark" Knuckles).
  • Did Not Do the Research: Actually, he did do the research, and believed Rotor was the traitor after reading that one of the original Freedom Fighters was "Boomer Walrus" and not "Rotor." "Boomer" is Rotor's nick-name.
    • He pulls it again, this time finding Antoine's journal and mistakes the faded words as proof of his guilt.
  • Future Badass: Somewhat averted. He's quite capable, but he's also a bit too inexperienced and naive, which leads to him making a few mistakes.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Silver'd probably do a better job of saving the future if he didn't jump to conclusions and confront "traitors" all of the time.
  • Inspector Javert: Has accused Sonic and Rotor of being the traitor that will bring his world to ruin, both times with very little to go on.
  • Psychic Powers: Like his video game counterpart, he uses telekinesis. He has some latent power for telepathy as well, but it apparently needs amplification in order to do much more than "give someone a headache."
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong
  • Skilled but Naive
  • Story-Breaker Power: He's powerful enough to throw Enerjak around, not actually hurt him but still, and has a rough idea of what's going on in the current timeline. However, his desire to not excessively screw with the timeline is stopping him from just ending all the villains himself, or just staying in the timeline to help Sonic and his friends out.
  • Time Travel: By using a super charged warp ring, or one of the Time Stones, which utilizes a technique called "Chronos Control."
  • What the Hell, Hero?: When Silver reappears again to Sonic, he now tells him that it's Antoine who is the traitor. Sonic promptly puts Silver through a wall for that one. Why? Antoine almost gave his life just before Silver showed up.

Geoffery St. John

A skunk. Formerly the leader of a rebel group allied with the Freedom Fighters, he went on to become head of the Royal Secret Service. He is known to have a hatred for Overlanders.

  • The Archer: His Weapon of Choice is a wrist mounted crossbow.
  • Australian Accent
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Has been known to wear a sharp-looking suit from time to time.
  • Badass Normal: His skills come entirely from training. Until it's revealed he's an Ixis Wizard, that is. That said, Geoffery's combat skills aren't entirely reliant on magic.
  • Casting a Shadow: Has gained shadow powers as a result of being Naugus' apprentice.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: In 235 he admits that while he isn't always trustworthy, he does respect his adversaries. He even admits that what happened to Sally and Antoine isn't what he wanted and sympathizes with Sonic over what happened with Sally.
  • Evil All Along
  • Evil Sorcerer: On his way to becoming one since his Face Heel Turn.
  • Face Heel Turn: Subverted. Geoffery was always Naugus's apprentice, and has been working to make him the king all this time.
  • Foil: To Sonic, being more level-headed to a degree.
  • Happily Married: To Hershey. At least he was, before she is presumed died under fishy circumstances. See "Interspecies Romance" below.
  • Hero of Another Story: He's been sent on missions of his own several times, most of which we never see.
  • Hero Secret Service: Once head of the Royal Secret Service.
  • Interspecies Romance: His wife is a cat. And he used to have a thing for Sally (a squirrel).
  • La Résistance: Led the Rebel Underground.
  • Manipulative Bastard: In heroic (and not-so-heroic) ways.
  • The Mole
  • The Rival: To Sonic in the early days, mostly for Sally's affections. Antonie doesn't like him either, for that matter, but for different reasons.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Honestly believes that making Naugus king was the right thing to do, for the good of the Republic of Acorn.
    • Which falls under Fridge Logic since Naugus implied that he started the Great War with his powers, meaning he basically killed Geoffrey's dad. That said, how much Geoffery knows about this is in question. The Fridge Logic goes further since 233 revealed that Naugus warned Geoffrey about Robotnik when they first met, but told him not to warn anyone, making Naugus responsible for Robotnik and everything that happened as a result, including Hershey's supposed death. Of course, Geoffrey isn't very fond of Overlanders like Robotnik, and wasn't emotionally stable at the time since his dad just died, so it's honestly possible that he never realized this.

Hershey the Cat

Secret Service

Ken "Monkey" Khan

Merlin Prower

The Wolf Pack

Downunda Freedom Fighters

Arctic Freedom Fighters

Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters

Rob O' the Hedge and Mari-An

Substitute Freedom Fighters

Nate Morgan

The original inventor of Power Rings and adopted uncle of Maximillian Acorn.

Eddie the Yeti

Tommy the Turtle

E-102 Gamma

Sir Connery



The Brotherhood of Guardians

Constable Remington




The Lost Tribe

Echidnas of Albion

Eggman Empire

Robotnik aka "Eggman" (Julian Kintobor of the House of Ivo)

  • Big Bad
  • Faux Affably Evil: Much more murderous and irredeemable than his games counterpart, but with nearly all the same whimsy and charm.
  • Gadgeteer Genius
  • Joker Immunity: Subverted. The Dr. Robotnik that the book started with died in issue 50, which was considered the final issue at the time. Dr. Eggman however, is an alternate universe version of Robotnik that moved to the comic's world to fill the void left by the original's passing. The original came back for an issue, but died again. Eggman's still around because, according to the Zone Cops, "Sonic Prime has to fight Robotnik". The current writer has been avoiding the subject directly, somewhat acknowledging the original's death, but generally referring to both doctors as the same character.
  • Laughably Evil: Flip flops with this. He begun the series highly comical before evolving slowly to fit his more sinister Sonic Sat AM counterpart. After returning in his "Eggman" form, he slowly began to display similar goofy qualities as his games counterpart to match.
  • Reason You Suck Speech: Hits Sonic with one in issue 175 saying that he has accomplished nothing in all his years fighting him and has only survived so long because he had fun fighting him, and later Snively during the Iron Dominion arc, owning him despite being locked in a jail cell.
    • Also got handed one back in #200 by Sonic (inadvertantly breaking him in the process). Following his breakdown, Snively would spend many enjoyable visits to his cell mocking Eggman in a such a manner, until he was sane enough to hand it all back to him.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Descends into insanity after issue 177, and completely loses his mind in 200.

"Snively Robotnik" (Colin Kintobor, Jr.)

Robotnik's nephew and right-hand man. Often used as the doctor's punching bag, Snively has gained a conniving and ambitious personality intent on overthrowing his uncle.


Metal Sonic

Dark Egg Legion

Once a group of legionized (cybernetically enhanced) echidnas known only as the Dark Legion, the Eggman Empire's DEL has recently expanded to several other species. All who are placed into the Legion are subjected to legionization. Eggman ensures every legionarre is in line by implanting a small explosive to each soldier's cybernetics, which he can trigger at anytime. However, he is aware that some of his subordinates are likely to turn against him, which he treats as a twisted game.

Conquering Storm

Drago Wolf

A disgraced former member of the Wolf Pack, he not only sold out his team and the Freedom Fighters to Robotnik for power, he used his would-be (now ex) girlfriend Hershey as a tool to kill Sally and frame Sonic during the Endgame. He was imprisoned along with Slueth Dawg and other criminals but were set free by Dr. Eggman.

He is currently a co-Grandmaster of Soumerca's chapter of the Dark Egg Legion.

Beauregard Rabbot

The uncle of Bunnie Rabbot, he was one of the victims of Robotnik's roboticization. Sometime after the de-roboticization from the Bem, he and several other former robians were subjugated and oppressed by the citizens of Sand Blast City. After leading his group out to the Badlands, he sought Eggman for help, and is now in charge of Great Desert Dark Egg Legion.

Matilda the Armadillo

The Dark Legion

The Dark Legion

Dimitri / Enerjak

Distant ancestor of Knuckles, Lien-Da, and Julie-Su. Spent several centuries as the Chaos-empowered demigod Enerjak.

  • A God Am I: When he became Enerjak, he declared himself a god.
  • The Atoner: Has become this following his Heel Face Turn.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Was stripped of his powers by Mogul.
  • The Dragon: As Grandmaster of the Dark Egg Legion, he served as this to Eggman.
  • Fake Defector: He reveals to Knuckles that he joined forces with Eggman in order to weaken him from within.
  • Heel Face Turn
  • Mad Scientist
  • Physical God: As Enerjak.
  • Really Seven Hundred Years Old: Was kept perpetually young by his Chaos powers. When they were stolen, however, he aged rapidly, to the point that the only way to save him was to surgically remove his head, and attach it to a life support system in a floating fish bowl.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: He spent several centuries buried under the rubble of his own fortress, and shortly after escaping from there, was launched into space for a while.
  • Unwitting Pawn: To Finitevus during the events leading up to the "Enerjak Reborn" arc - he thought his power would be returned to him, but Finitevus was just using him to figure out how to turn someone else into Enerjak.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Was a pretty okay guy until he became Enerjak, at which point he completely lost it. Fortunately, his sanity was restored when he was DePowered.



Power mad older sister of Julie-Su and current Grandmaster of the Dark Egg Legion. Despises her little sister (the feeling is very mutual).

  • Adult Child: Can be quite the spoiled brat when things don't go her way. She's not above teasing Snively either.

Aw, is little Snivy-kins not getting the attention he needs?

Moritori Rex

Dr. Finitevus

Once an ordinary scientist of Albion, he was affected by the Chaos Siphon after it had malfunctioned. This renegade Echidna has develop a twisted belief that the world is corrupt that needs to be cleansed, and will do anything he can to do so.

  • Affably Evil
  • Arch Enemy: To Knuckles, replacing Dimitri.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Rather than fighting hand-to-hand, he prefers using his warp rings to make enemies knock themselves out (think having a portal gun in the farm of size increasing bracelets), only doing so once because Knuckles pissed him off, but then dropped fighting him straight up (despite being even fight), and tries to kill him by seeing what happens if he closes a warp ring while someone is part way through it. Thankfully the rest of the Chaotix have Big Damn Heroes moment and prevent the Gorn
  • Evil Albino
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Seemed honestly surprised that Knuckles' friends were willing to die to save him.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Knuckles, in a way. He actually looks a bit like a negative photo of Knux, fights using the same powers, and has an evil version of the Chaos Emerald chant from the game.
  • Eyes of Gold
  • Karma Houdini: While none of his plans have ever worked the way he intended, he's still responsible for Enerjak rampaging across Moebius and has yet to suffer any beat downs or Humiliation Conga defeats the way other villains have because he always gets away thanks to his warp rings.
  • Mad Scientist
  • Manipulative Bastard: He once manipulated Scourge, the Destructix, Dimitri, Knuckles and his father, and two factions of the Dark Legion into helping him create a new Enerjak.
  • Obviously Evil: By far the most evil looking character in the comic
  • Omnicidal Maniac
  • Villain Exit Stage Left
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He believes that the world is corrupt, and that it needs to be "purified" - in other words, destroyed. Though it's more Knight Templar if anything.
  • You Killed My Father: Not directly, but Knuckles holds him responsible for the death of his father Locke, since Locke killed himself in order to free Knuckles from Finitevus' control after Finitevus transformed him into Enerjak.

Other Villains

Mammoth Mogul

An ancient mammoth wizard with a penchant for verbosity.

Geoffery St. John: You said that all in one breath. You are a talker.

Ixis Naugus

A wizard and recurring villain. He had once saved Maximillian when he was banished into the Zone of Silence, while making him swear fealty to him, making the wizard a legal ruler. He had been trying to take over Mobotropolis twice and failed thanks to Sonic (who he frequently refers to as "Quickster"). It wasn't until after the failed Iron Dominion invasion in New Mobotropolis that, through his magical manipulation, he was finally able to become king -- with a little help from Geoffery St. John.

  • Biological Mashup: Naugus was created when three other Ixis wizards - a rhino, a bat, and a lobster - were permanently fused together.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: He pretty much never works for anyone unless he plans to take over their operation at some point down the road. In fact, it's even the reason he exists to begin with: the three original Ixis wizards specialized in land, air, and sea respectively, and collaborated to add fire to their repertoires, but all three tried to screw one another over to take all the power for themselves.
  • The Dragon: To Mammoth Mogul, for a while. He got one of his own in Geoffrey.
  • Elemental Powers: He has power over the four classic elements, among others.
  • Evil Mentor: To Geoffrey.
  • Evil Sorcerer
  • Hate Plague: He has the ability to amplify people's emotions - it's implied this was used to start the Great War between Mobians and Overlanders.
    • Also almost caused a civil war between Mobians and Robians.
      • And more recently, he's been using this same magic to turn the people of New Mobotropolis against NICOLE.
  • Hearing Voices: Since Eggman's mucking with reality in the Genesis arc, he's been haunted by the spirits of the wizards who formed him.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Especially after he regains his mind.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Naugus spent years trapped in the Zone of Silence. He escaped and was resealed several times before escaping permanently.
  • Squishy Wizard: Didn't do that well fighting the Battle Kukku.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Used the aforementioned Hate Plague against Nicole to boost himself into having this in New Mobotropolis when he promised to dispose of her. He sealed the deal by defeating a giant Metal Sonic and saving New Mobotropolis.

Uma Arachnis / Arachne

Warlord Kodos

"The Iron Queen" (Regina Ferrum)

A technomage who controlled the Dragon Kingdom with her partner The Iron King. First seen is issue #60 as a more typical sorceress and reappeared, revamped, in issue #200. She briefly took over the Eggman Empire after Eggman lost his mind.

  • Ambiguously Human: She looked like an Overlander, but was married to the Iron King, an ox. A fan writing in for clarification was told she was actually a badger. However, when Ian Flynn brought her back, he reversed this. The Queen is indeed human, and the titles "King" and "Queen" are purely honorary (so she's not an animal or in any sort of Interspecies Marriage).
  • Amplifier Artifact: Used a Power Ring to amplify her staff.
  • Black Magic: Her first appearance had her using actual magic as opposed to Magitek.
  • Dragon Lady
  • Magitek: She can control the electrical impulses found in all active electronics and send him out at will. As you can imagine, she's quite dangerous to opponents who are partly or completely robotic.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: Even in print, it manages to be grating.
  • Playing with Fire: In her original appearance she set Mount Stormtop on fire via magic.
  • Start of Darkness: A backstory fleshes hers out -- she was born into a "technomancy" cult, and trained in Magitek as a child. She never knew she was doing anything illegal until they were all arrested and she was ultimately exiled, with no friends or any place to go, just as the great war was breaking out. She became a villain to claw her way back to power, restore her cult's status, and get revenge.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: The statuesque Iron Queen dating the Four-foot tall Snively.
  • Unholy Matrimony: With Snively. Though it would seem each of them were to an extent using each other to advance their own positions, there's some genuine mutual affection there too.
  • Vain Sorceress
  • What Could Have Been: Plans for post-issue 134 involved her brainwashing Knuckles and looking to control a giant Master Emerald.
  • You Gotta Have Green Hair

The Iron King (Jun Kun)

Battle Bird Armada

Babylon Rogues

Nack the Weasel

Bean and Bark

One's an overtalkative, more-than-slightly bonkers duck who can spontaneously generate bombs, the other's a mute, hefty polar bear. Together, they cause crime. Usually in the employ of another villain, Bean and Bark don't seem to carry any sort of grudge against the heroes, and are mostly in it to earn a quick buck and have fun.

Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg


The Destructix

The group as a whole

Scourge the Hedgehog

Formerly known as the Anti-Sonic, Sonic's Evil Twin from an Alternate Universe where the Freedom Fighters are evil. Exposure to the Master Emerald turned him green and led him to reinvent himself as "Scourge", going From Nobody to Nightmare in the process. Very much a Base Breaker.

  • Badass
  • Butt Monkey: Prior to becoming Scourge, this was all he ever was.
  • Casanova: Has been involved with Anti-Bunnie, Anti-Sally, Anti-Penelope, and Fiona.
  • Cool Shades
  • Evil Twin: He's Sonic from a Mirror Universe. Though he's trying to make himself more than that (maybe)
  • For the Evulz: He has no clear motive for his evil beyond being drunk on his own strength and making Prime!Sonic's life utter hell (though this ranges anywhere from picking scraps with him to trying to destroy his respective universe).
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars
  • Hell-Bent for Leather
  • Name's the Same: Transformers often uses Scourge as the name for an Evil Optimus Prime clone.
  • Palette Swap
  • Parental Neglect: From what we've seen, his father was too busy to pay attention to him. Now Anti-Jules simply isn't.
  • Shout-Out: In Issue 172, he claims that the only thing it would take to make Sonic like him is "one bad day."
  • Smug Snake
  • Super Mode: The craziest looking one in the series.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Before becoming Scourge: a petty wannabe punk who was just a two-bit player in the grand scheme of things. After becoming Scourge: a world-conquering psychopath who beat up both Sonic and all his allies and almost destroyed No Zone.
  • Unholy Matrimony: With Fiona. He's stated that he prefers her to the girls in Moebius because rather than being evil by default, she chose to be evil. And apparently Scrouge finds that hot.
  • Villainous Breakdown: When the Suppression Squad betrayed him, he decided to go Super and destroy both worlds pretty much for the Hell of it. Of course, this leads into...
  • Villainous BSOD: ...him being arrested by the Zone Cops, DePowered, and locked up, which seems to completely remove his drive; he lets the other inmates push him around and abuse him, including giving him the degrading nickname "Snot". However, Fiona arriving with the Destructix to break him out of jail snaps him out of it.

Fiona Fox

Former Freedom Fighter gone bad. Tails' one-time crush and Sonic's one-time girlfriend.

Sergeant Simian

Predator Hawk

Lightning Lynx

Flying Frog

Other Mobians


Yagyu Ninjas

Chameleons/Shinobi Clan

Gossamer Clan

General Helmut von Stryker

General Kage von Stryker

Harry the Dingo

Cosmic Beings

The Ancient Walkers


A demigod being imbued with the power of a living Chaos Emerald. The first Enerjak was Dimitri, who attempted to drain power from the Chaos Emeralds that were keeping Angel Island afloat to try to bring it back down to earth. His device failed, granting him the power that rivaled a god, which he intended to use until he was sealed away for several centuries.

After Finitevus tricked Knuckles into absorbing power from the hexed Master Emerald, Knuckles became the newest avatar for Enerjak against his will.

  • A God Am I
  • Legacy Character: So far, Dimitri, Knuckles, his counterpart from the "Dark Mobius" universe, and said counterpart's daughter have worn the mantle of Enerjak. Finitevus has implied that there have been more, touching back on the fact that when in flashbacks Dimitri took the name Enjerak he said he was taking the name of an "ancient evil."
  • Hero-Killer: Is extremely feared by the heroes regardless of the incarnation. Knuckles really only survived against Dimitri the first time due to Idiot Ball moments on Dimitri's part, Knuckles required Super Sonic to fight him, when Knuckles was Enerjak, Super Sonic was needed to fight him, the Dark Moebius incarnation had already beaten every hero and villain from the main stories (including Super Sonic), the Freedom Fighters in that timeline were only still alive because he was bored and let them live for his amusement.
  • Physical God
  • Reality Warper: To a slight degree.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: More Dimitri than Knuckles' incarnation.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: More Knuckles' incarnation than Dimitri's (though his Dark Mobius counterpart is more Knight Templar)
  • Women Are Wiser: Unlike Dimitri and Knuckles, Jani-Ca retained her sane state of mind after transforming into Enerjak, and is implied to be smart enough to despose of her powers after she briefly utilizes them, solely for (genuinely) benevolent purposes.



Perfect Chaos

Other Zones

The Suppression Squad

Dr. Ivo Kintobor

  • Early Installment Weirdness: His original appearance had him look just like the original Robotnik, his second was much thinner, and then finally, he was portrayed with his current, more Eggman-like appearance.
  • Friend to All Living Things
  • Kindly Vet
  • Mythology Gag: His current appearance is based off of Eggman's classic appearance from the Genesis-era games.
  • Omnidisciplinary Scientist: A lot like his Mobius Prime counterpart. He's a vet, but he's also made powered armor, "sweep-bots", and a method for travelling between dimensions.


Zonic the Zone Cop

  • Because Destiny Says So: His reason for throwing Sonic into interdimensional conflicts, and why he hasn't taken care of Eggman.
  • By-The-Book Cop: Sworn to keep balance between Zones. As a result, he tends to avert Sonic's Screw Destiny tendencies. But at least he usually has good humor about it.
  • Did You Think I Can't Feel?: Shown after Sonic calls him out for callously throwing him into a scenario where he had to fight an alternate version of his father. Zonic shows he sympathizes with Sonic by revealing they're both alternate versions of one another, thus proving he knew what Sonic's been through.
  • Gravity Screw: Zonic is from a zone perpendicular to all others, resulting him to appear to be standing sideways. Invariably, all of his appearances tend to involve this.
  • Guardian of the Multiverse: Tasked with keeping the peace between multiple realities. Interestingly enough, he says it's Sonic's job to do this, and he has a bad habit of getting Sonic to do his job for him.
  • The Un-Reveal: He's an alternate version of Sonic. What a shocker.

Zone Cops

Blaze the Cat

Marine the Raccoon

Horizont-Al and Verti-Cal

Dark Knuckles


  • Kid From the Future: In one continuity, she does travel back to the past, giving her name as "Jani-Ca." She later takes on that alias even in her own time.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: She tries, but not being informed as to what needed fixing in the first place, she doesn't do so hot.

Dark Freedom Fighters

Alternate Mobians

Mobius X Years Later


The future daughter of Knuckles and Julie-Su, seen in the Mobius: 25/30 Years Later storylines. As a Guardian, she possesses all of Knuckles' abilities, including Flight and Chaos Control.

King Sonic

Argyle the Crocodile

Belle and Jacques D'Coolette

Melody and Skye Prower

Manik and Sonia

King Shadow

Lien-Da (future)



  1. usually during Ken Penders' run
  2. Note that all three of these have only been seen once.
  3. if a Super Emerald is the equivalent of roughly seven Chaos Emeralds, the whole set would be about 50, making Hyper Sonic four times more powerful than Enerjak or Master Mogul, the strongest opponents the book has shown. Bear in mind, either of those are considered mutli-verse level threats, so if Hyper Sonic really would be that strong, it'd basically require divine intervention to stop him
  4. Ex.: Zobotnik, Znively, Zector, Zespio...