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Surely someone out there knows why so many video game-born memes exist. We think it's all Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty's fault. Probably.

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Oh my god, JC a bomb!
A bomb![74]

"My name is Gato,
I have metal joints,
Beat me up,
And earn fifteen silver points!"

Politican: President Madagascar! A man in Brazil is coughing!

Welcome to th

Rosie: I'm a damn SHOCKtrooper.

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  1. Explanation The "announcer's" Gratuitous English pronunciations, upon acquiring each weapon.
  2. Explanation This line in uttered in the beginning of the game and ends up sounding like it's said by Elmer Fudd due to hardware limitations.
  3. Explanation Said when using a continue in the Arcade version only, as the Genesis version did not have enough space to recreate the quote.
  4. Explanation The Big Bad's line before every boss fight.
  5. Explanation Back when the first details of the game were released, it appeared as if Oswald (Mickey's jealous half-brother) was going to be the villain. 4chan picked up the ball and turned Ozzie into a funky Disney mix of Liquid Snake and Alma, with him constantly dripping ink/blood. The meme is his Madness Mantra, which appears to be derived from House of Mouse.
  6. Explanation From the first major section of the game, the Forest. Finding one is usually a player's first death in the entire game.
  7. Explanation This reaction video has come to represent the level of fear you experience while playing.
  8. Explanation Whatever it is, it is not traditional fire.
  9. Explanation Is pretty much the unofficial tagline for the game. Every time the player enters a new room, they have to face a brand new horror. Or sometimes, nothing at all.
  10. Explanation The video in question is taken from three friends playing simultaneously while chatting. One of them finds a bag of Milky Ways right before something scary happens to another, making it sound as though the player was in mortal terror of said candy.
  11. Explanation Another popular gif shows a player opening a door only to be confronted with a monster emerging from the shadows. Their reaction is to simply shut the door and briskly walk back the way they came.
  12. Explanation IOSYS made a famous music video parodying the Nintendo Hard nature of the game and the "Fucking Overpowered Enemies" contained within.
  13. Explanation The series' Catch Phrase has gained great popularity, to the point where there's a website specifically devoted to formatting your objections.
  14. Explanation The title of a series of comics by Peachi, in which Zak is a jerk.
  15. Explanation The Fan Nickname for Phoenix in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, in which he dresses as a hobo.
  16. Explanation A single mispelling turned a massive Tear Jerker ending into a joke.
  17. Explanation Franziska's Verbal Tic, devolving into this when upset.
  18. Explanation Another Peachi comic, in which another episode is added to Miles' traumatic childhood.
  19. Explanation In Ace Attorney Investigations, when frail old man Quercus Alba suddenly reveals his true nature, people likened it to a Pokemon evolving.
  20. Explanation Thanks to his visor resembling Cyclops's, comparisons between the two (including allegations that Godot can fire Optic Blasts) have been frequent. The fans ran away with this one, to the point that's it practically meta.
  21. Explanation Originated in on-line multiplayer RTS games such as Command & Conquer and StarCraft, probably when a player retorted with the line while a newbie was scouting to the exclusion of managing his base, and asked where his opponent was. Often used for LOLcats to be in your something doing something.
  22. Explanation Part of a Neogaf post from someone who had played a demo of the game at E3, which ended up being noticed by the developers.
  23. Explanation Line taken from a very caustic ESRB rating description.
  24. Explanation Commentary of a promotional image showing the three toads busting through a wall.
  25. Explanation From DW3, uttered by Zhang Bao. Thank you, terrible English dubbing.
  26. Explanation Also from DW3, a warning from Yuan Shao at the Battle at Hu Lao Gate. Despite being a Bonus Boss for the second story stage, Lu Bu is the most powerful character in the entire game. This has generally held up through the games' numbered iterations to the point that if you kill him in DW7, you get the achievement "Okay, you can pursue Lu Bu."
  27. Explanation From Guan Yu's death scene in 3 (again!), Guan Yu forgets a certain preposition between the words "be" and "my". Hint: it's not on, in, to, by, for, at, of, from, as...
  28. Explanation As seen in 7, [ R 4 the Shu faction has an unhealthy fondness with the word benevolence.
  29. Explanation toasters toast bread, not toast, but Mario doesn't seem to know that.
  30. Explanation Sony's latest advertising slogan ("It only does everything"), corrupted to fit whatever bit of Idiot Programming is currently hampering the Play Station 3 userbase.
  31. Explanation Sanger's Catch Phrase (Ware wa Sanger...Sanger Zonvolt. Aku wo tatsu tsurugi nari!; "I am Sanger...Sanger Zonvolt. The Sword That Cleaves Evil!") and used as part of his Memetic Badass credentials.
  32. Explanation Elzam's Leitmotif "Trombe" is one of the most popular musical Interrupting Memes, surpassed only by the Rick Roll. This was a result of a Good Bad Bug in one of the games that overrides all other music, including boss themes.
  33. Explanation Sanger and Ratsel can perform a Combination Attack with their respective Humongous Mecha, where Sanger's Dygenguard mounts Ratsel's Aussenseiter, after it transforms into a horse.
  34. Explanation Sanger's Kiai. It's actually a common Japanese Kiai, but it stuck so much on Sanger that it's associated with him.
  35. Explanation Ibis Douglas won the 2006 RPG Saimoe Tournament and is generally considered SRW's Moe champion, so much so that aside from the phrase, threads revolving around Ibis are referred to as "love threads" on certain Imageboards.
  36. Explanation Mist is largely considered the most reviled protagonist in SRW history; thus, whenever there's a new SRW announced, expect Trolls to photoshop some screenshots to make it look like Mist is in that game, just so the fans get agitated.
  37. Explanation Developer Banpresto jokingly stated in an interview following the release of Super Robot Wars Z that a signifcant portion of the budget for the game was invested in the attack animations of the machine. With the release of the Z sequel Hakai-hen, fans indeed noticed an Animation Bump, specifically the Nu. What was once a gag by Banpresto has since escalated to fan expectations of the Nu in future games pulling off further impressive visuals than the last.
  38. Explanation In a scene where your characters' Gears are left hanging from crosses. However, you can have Team Pet ChuChu in your party at this point, who simply grows larger during Gear battles, leading to this.
  39. Explanation Catch Phrase of the captain of the Thames ship.
  40. "Bakyuun" "Bang!"] win quote, which is often mistaken for Precision F-Strike "Fuck you."
  41. Explanation This one is pretty self-explanatory. Terry Bogard's Engrish is legendary, to the point that he's become a Fountain of Memes. His Arch Enemy Geese Howard is no slouch in this department, either.
  42. Explanation An oft-quoted line of Geese.
  43. Explanation In '98, Rugal Bernstein gained a DM known as the Dead End Screamer, where he'd jump on the head of his opponent (complete with snapping their neck in the SDM version) and spin around on their sternum repeatedly, leading to the advent of "You Spin Me Right Round"-YouTube Poops. This would lead to many, many imitators, including Krauserspin, Goenitzspin, and Kyoshirospin.
  44. Explanation KOF '96 introduced players to Leopold Goenitz of the Wildly Blowing Winds, one of the cheapest bastards in SNK history (keep in mind that this is the company known for SNK Bosses). In battle, he just loves to spam a move called Yonokaze, which is a tornado which can pretty much hit anywhere on the screen due to having four varieties. The words KOKO DESU KA will be etched into your mind for all of eternity if you ever have the misfortune of fighting him.
  45. Explanation In XI, Robert Garcia, missing from the arcade version but ported over from Neo Geo Battle Coliseum to the console release, has a pretty funky stance where he grooves back and forth, leading to this Fan Nickname.
  46. Explanation One of Ralf Jones' most damaging moves is a mind-bogglingly destructive punch that leaves him very vulnerable while charging. The subsequent quote comes from the English dub of the Maximum Impact series.
  47. Explanation Kim Kaphwan is a Taekwondoka obsessed with Justice Will Prevail who will not stand for evildoers. He utters this line while either pointing and/or glaring at them, which is usually a sign that copious amounts of ass are about to kicked.
  48. Explanation One of Kim's win poses is a Twinkle Smile from his Eternally Pearly-White Teeth. Fans took this further by giving Kim his own line of toothpaste which would allow everyone the world-wide to have Kim's smile.
  49. Explanation Did we mention that Kim likes justice?
  50. Explanation The SNK Boss Sub-Boss in XI appears to be a lovely female. You'll gasp in despair when you discover that it's really an effeminate-looking dude.
  51. Explanation Iori Yagami has a very distinctive, very awesome laugh. It's a trademark of his.
  52. Explanation In XII, it turned out that Mai Shiranui, the series' resident Fetish Fuel Station Attendant, was mysteriously missing from the roster, prompting several... "impassioned fans" to threaten to boycott the game. This is the abbreviated version, by the way.
  53. Explanation When Rita hits Overlimit, she can cast spells without casting time and, at high enough overlimit, without cost. This is easily abusable.
  54. Explanation At the beginning of the game, Karol uses this line when trying to... well, kill an eggbear. Later, Yuri (and by Yuri, we mean Troy Baker) mockingly immitates him. Troy Baker + high pitched voice = meme.
  55. Explanation Senel shouts Stella's name as the latter faints from trying to stop the Nerifes Cannon. Draws similarities to Marlon Brando's screaming of the name of another Stella from the movie A Streetcar Named Desire.
  56. Explanation Asch shouts this in reference to Luke, right before the final duel involving the two.
  57. Explanation Asch's favorite insult. He uses it a lot.
  58. Explanation Guy teaches Luke the arte Sonic Thrust. At night. The screen goes black directly after.
  59. Explanation You have to return to the city Daath very often. Many players were annoyed by this.
  60. Explanation Barbatos Goetia does not like it when someone uses an item in front of him. As he will make quite clear if you do just that.
  61. Explanation Regal narmfully reacts to a glowing light trap.
  62. Explanation Lloyd's lengthy deceptive attempt to prove that Colette has lost her sense of touch.
  63. Explanation Richter gives words of advice to Emil when he first meets him. Emil remembers them. A lot.
  64. Explanation Kongman is the champion of the arena. He likes to remind everyone of this.
  65. Explanation These two are Most Annoying Sounds for players, and have been remade into a Stupid Statement Dance Mix.
  66. Explanation "Kekeke" represents the sound of Korean laughing.
  67. Explanation Mick learns how to market pins using outdated slang in horribly right ways.
  68. Explanation "Another Day" presents us with a considerably more upbeat Neku, whose love of Tin Pin Slammer prevents him from being the antisocial jerk he is at the beginning of the main game.
  69. Explanation And "Another Day" somehow manages to make Joshua even more suspect than before.
  70. Explanation The onamotapoeia created for the noise Pac-Man makes when it moves.
  71. Explanation An absurdly popular snowclone due to its highly exploitable nature, applied to absolutely everything. In fact, it's so exploitable that we had to close our "Pretty Cool Guy" page before it overran the Internet.
  72. Explanation A reference to the distinctive and... enthusiastic style of writing in the Interactive Fiction game You Are A Chef!
  73. Explanation A reference to how fondly remembered the game is, even over a decade later. Whenever someone mentions it on a forum, someone else is compelled to play it once again.
  74. Explanation This exchange between the pilot and the main character is the most notable instance of voice acting failure in the game.
  75. Explanation JC's explanation for why wearing Sunglasses at Night isn't a problem for him.
  76. Explanation A certain non-lethal double takedown in Deus Ex Human Revolution has Jensen knocking two opponents together then backhanding them both at once. Naturally, there are many YouTube videos demonstrating this on Detroit's prostitutes.
  77. Explanation Jensen never wanted to be augmented. It's also a phrase that's extremely applicable to lots of things.
  78. Explanation One of Jensen's lines from a trailer. Often used to rejoice.
  79. Explanation Uboa is a monstrous character which has a small random chance of appearing when a light switch is pressed in a certain house, in one of the game's most famous creepy scenes. When he pops up, the music turns into what vaguely sounds like someone muttering "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa".
  80. Explanation The Hero goal of Cosmic Fall, as explained by a particularly-grating Vector the Crocodile.
  81. Explanation Shadow misemphasizes a Precision F-Strike in a particularly narmful way.
  82. Explanation Knuckles has a history of battling Sonic because Eggman told him he was up to no good. At least three times.
  83. Explanation One Eggman boss in Shadow is a rapid-fire Mook Maker when not under attack. And he says this line every time.
  84. Explanation Can we just say "lots of Narm" for the rest of the Sonic quotes and be done with it?
  85. Explanation Silver says this A LOT during his boss battle.
  86. Explanation The line reading for Tails had a few grammatical errors, especailly on the part of Tails' Voice actor.
  87. Explanation In Sonic Adventure 1, Robotnik would say this during the final battles with Sonic and Tails. Constantly.
  88. Explanation Alton Towers has a "Sonic Room" with audio from Roger Craig Smith as Sonic himself recommending assorted things, such as the game consoles in the room.
  89. Explanation In the Final Boss battle with "Time Eater," all of Sonic's friends keep saying a variant of this every time the boss uses homing missiles. Which feels like every fifteen seconds.
  90. Explanation Born from the Sonic Stadium Message Boards mocking the Fan Dumb's usual sentiments after noticing a tree on one of Rooftop Run's rooftops. Eventually Rooftree became a Joke Character in the forums.
  91. Explanation before his Boss Fight, Silver has dialogue asking if Sonic is an impostor or not, Silver then starts the fight by chucking cars at you.
  92. Explenation The message shown on the HUD whenever killing one of the worm enemies in Toxic Caves.
  93. Explenation Message displayed whenever a bird-type mook spawns in Toxic Caves.
  94. Explanation A bizarre early sketch of Sonic.
  95. Explanation A Tumblr meme where internet artists draw animations of Sonic running in a bizarre manner, often edging into Deranged Animation territory. The results are predictable.
  96. Explanation A common response whenever Stardust Speedway is brought up casually due to a strange sample being used in the most popular versions of the song.
  97. Explanation Some odd synths in Sonic the Hedgehog 4.
  98. Explanation Axel's sudden Catch Phrase in Kingdom Hearts II. Initially translated as "commit it to memory" in the original Chain of Memories, it's featured at least once in every game he appeared in, including the remake of Chain of Memories.
  99. Explanation Kingdom Hearts 1 did not allow you to skip cutscenes. You have to watch a cutscene every time you die if you die at a boss. Many people died several times during the Maleficent fight. Nuff' said.
  100. Explanation Xigbar's catchphrase that shows up in Kingdom Hearts II and 358/2 Days.
  101. Explanation Seifer's least effective insult ever?
  102. Explanation From one of Xigbar's lines in 358/2 Days when he asks Xion, who he sees as Ven, "Do you always have to stare at me like I just drowned your goldfish?"
  103. Explanation Terra's hakama in Birth by Sleep are beloved by many fans.
  104. Explanation Aqua is by far the most well-endowed of the Kingdom Hearts females.
  105. Explanation Vanitas's laugh, first heard in the game trailers, quickly caught on with the fans for its creepy awesomeness.
  106. Explanation The word "darkness" is said a lot throughout the games, particularly by Ansem in the first game. Do not attempt to make a drinking game out of it.
  107. Explanation Inspired by the prevalence of the "DARKNESS" meme, one YouTube video showed Ansem ordering a fast food he made up and refusing to accept that it didn't exist. It... seems to have been pulled.
  108. Explanation Characters tend to refer to the three party members of Kingdom Hearts II by name. And always in the same order.
  109. Explanation Phil's piece of advice for Sora while fighting the Hydra in Kingdom Hearts II, repeated often.
  110. Explanation The last level of Kingdom Hearts II is called "The World That Never Was". Individual rooms have names like "Altar of Nothing". Before then you had (mostly) cheerful Disney worlds, and then you get this.
  111. Explanation Due to being the series' patron saint of Unstoppable Rage and a prime candidate for the Red Lantern Corps, it's assumed that "Rage Awakened", the theme of the Lingering Sentiment/Lingering Will, will play whenever he goes on the warpath. Which is always.
  112. Explanation At one point in 358 Days Over 2, Roxas and Xion are together on a mission and Roxas finds himself without a Keyblade. He picks up the first thing he sees to use as a weapon. Xion lampshades the ridiculousness with that line.
  113. Explanation Pyramid Head (not its actual name) and its tendency for rape have been Flanderized to hell and back.
  114. Explanation Said while standing next to a clock with the word "RAPE" replacing the numbers.
  115. Explanation Harry asks every character in the game if they've seen his daughter, almost to the point of a Catch Phrase. Used to demonstrate his stupidity and/or determination.
  116. Explanation Harry says this while standing in front of a dog house after encountering several monster dogs. Used to demonstrate his stupidity.
  117. Explanation A drawing on a wall that James encounters. Used to summarise to Mind Screw nature of the series.
  118. Explanation Summary of the town after it switches to its Dark World.
  119. Explanation The famous words spoken by the Mael-Num to the newly-genocidal Black Ur-Quan just as they were embarking on their "Eternal Doctrine" (read: genocide). The words piqued their conscience just long enough for their slightly-less genocidal brothers to stop them (though actually this is ancient history by the time the player gets involved). Y'see, the green Ur-Quan weren't that much better than the black Ur-Quan. Now used as a gamer's in-joke to call out any idea for being too outrageous for consideration.
  120. Explanation Orz speech is very entertaining to both write and read.
  121. Explanation: the Neo-Dnyarri is laughably bad at Most Definitely Not a Villain act because it relies on mind control, but while jammed, it has just enough of opening to steer the conversation away from whatever subjects it deems inconvenient.
  122. Explanation The guards of major settlements tend to say "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee." quite a lot. This has been exploited.
  123. Explanation A shout used to push down just about anything with one's voice. Literally means "force balance push". Often used in videos that show someone or something getting knocked over. For example, this video.
  124. Explanation The master-level shock spell in the destruction tree, Lightning Storm, looks like an electrical variant on the (semi) trope-naming Kamehameha from Dragon Ball.
  125. Explanation Another quote from those silly guards. This is actually a reference to previous Elder Scrolls games, where the multiple-choice character creation option would ask you what you would do if someone stole your sweetroll.
  126. explanation From the intro to Kirby's Epic Yarn when Kirby first arrives in Patch Land.
  127. Explanation From the theme song to "Midnight Cowboys".
  128. Explanation Bosco lives in constant fear of T.H.E.M. in Season 2.
  129. Explanation Popular Mondegreen of one of Raiden's gibberish lines.
  130. Explanation Refers to an Urban Legend of Zelda about being able to make Shang Tsung transform into Kano in Mortal Kombat 2. The message comes from a counter in the Arcade's test mode reporting the number of Kano morphs. The phrse itself was one of two captions that appeared in Nightwolf's Friendship in Mortal Kombat 3 where he turned into Raiden, an MK 2 cabinet dropped down beside him and this caption or the other "NO BUT I KNOW HOW TO DO A RAIDEN TRANSFORMATION" would appear.
  131. Explanation Swordfights in Monkey Island games are handled through witty repartee. By the way, did you know that the above exchange was penned by Orson Scott Card?
  132. Explanation The break sections between circuits in Punch-Out!! show Little Mac training by jogging behind his black trainer Doc as he rides a bike. Memetic Mutation changed the context of the image.
  133. Explanation Memetic Mutation based on Super Macho Man's "RELEASE THE BEAST!" technique being dodged, interrupting the voice clip with another of his Surfer Dude lines.
  134. Explanation The message brought up when Giygas attacks, adding to the Mind Screw of the fight.
  135. Explanation The "u" in the title screen looks a lot like "li".
  136. Explanation Verbal Tics of Mr. Saturn.
  137. Explanation You're not allowed to complete any of the levels unless your sidekicks (one of them Curtis "Superfly" Johnson) make it to the end with you.
  138. Explanation The warning screen used to signal the appearance of a boss. There are perhaps one or two games in the entire series that do not use this.
  139. Explanation The Engrish-filled warning screen at the beginning of Don Pachi and Do Don Pachi.
  140. Explanation AGTP's translation of Balrog's Incoming Ham line. Nicalis' translation changed this to "OH YEAH!", a reference to the Kool-Aid Man.
  141. Explanation Any situation can be solved by Fording it.
  142. Explanation From Something Awful's Oregon Trail II Let's Play.
  143. Explanation One of the most common ways to die.
  144. Explanation An epitaph found on a tombstone in a popular ROM for the Apple II version of Oregon Trail. Most likely a reference to the old "What do you want on your Tombstone?" ads for Tombstone frozen pizza.
  145. Explanation If you ever reduce the budget for Transportation, the advisor for that department takes it badly and yells this in all-caps.
  146. Explanation A Loading Screen message that's become a franchise-wide Running Gag.
  147. Explanation Societies is the least-favorite game in the franchise.
  148. Explanation The imp from the first level of House of the Dead 2 taunted you with this line, but his squeaky and high-pitched voice made it instant Narm, turning it from a threat into a question. It's a hilarious way of sending up the games' laughably terrible voice acting.
  149. Explanation When it was announced that the game would be delayed after finally getting a solid, firm release date, the fans immediatlely jumped on this, resulting in the aformentioned Incredibly Lame Pun.
  150. Explanation Both lines are from Andrew Ryan's opening speech.
  151. Explanation The fourth game features one of the hammiest parodies of Shakespeare ever. Yes, it happens in game, it is absolutely uncalled for, but it is absolutely hilarious.
  152. Explanation From this cutscene from the first level of Devil May Cry 3.
  153. Explanation A very tender and sorrowful moment at the end of the first game is kinda... ruined when Dante's VA delivers the aforementioned line.
  154. Explanation If you haven't noticed by now, the series runs on Rule of Cool. This fanart lampshades this by having Dante defy physics... to deliver a spiteful message to his brother Vergil. There's also a DmC: Devil May Cry variant [dead link] in which Dante does the same thing to Not!Dante from the Darker and Edgier Prequelboot.
  155. Explanation A game infamous for all darkness, all the time.
  156. Explanation The voice acting in Dawn of War's Soulstorm expansion spawned several memes. This one even infiltrated the original tabletop game, with Space Marines and The Emperor constantly referred to as Spess Mehreen and The Emprah respectively.
  157. Explanation More Soulstorm goodness. Though less popular, Metahl Bawx is sometimes used to describe the Rhino transport. Now an Ascended Meme, as the Orks in Dawn Of War 2 periodically refer to enemy vehicles as 'metal boxes!'
  158. Explanation The laughable voices of the Chaos Cultists (not exclusive to Soulstorm, though) are popular for similar reasons.
  159. Explanation Bale yells this after Sindri betrays him. Popular with YouTube Poop.
  160. Explanation Most characters are bald, leading to this.
  161. Explanation The above swiftly died after Dawn of War II, in which most characters possess immaculately maintained hair, leading to this accusation.
  162. Explanation Soulstorm again, this time a General who claimed to have 100 Baneblades at his disposal, which is absurd bordering on impossible, but loses them at the beginning of his stronghold mission. Despite this setback, he canonically goes on to win the Kaurava campaign.
  163. Explanation Cyrus says this after his comrades pester him to explain what happened on Kaurava. Even the creators hated Soulstorm.
  164. Explanation Golds (with the trailing "s") is the unit of currency in Faxanadu's world.
  165. Explanation Healing devices found in the gloomy 2300 AD give this message.
  166. Explanation Bad ending.
  167. Explanation Robo's theme sounded coincidentally like Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up to some fans.
  168. Explanation After the name of one of his techs.
  169. Explanation The lines spoken by the Milkman as he reveals himself at the end of the Milkman Conspiracy level.
  170. Explanation Any time you enter a cheat code, you'll hear this.
  171. Explanation From the "Lungfishopolis" level, which casts your google-wearing protagonist as a 50-foot-tall monster rampaging across a peaceful city.
  172. Explanation During the Goggalor level, as you trek across Lungfishopolis destroying the harmless citizens who come to welcome you with their tanks, you will hear the cries of distressed civillians. A few of those revolve around Goggalor attacking the orphanage...and are uttered with much Narm. Luckily, it turns out to be the puppy orphanage in the end.
  173. Explanation One of the lines spoken by the G-Men interrogators in the cutscene that follows if they capture you.
  174. Explanation A disgruntled pirate log disagreeing with the science team's attempts to tame Metroids.
  175. Explanation A pirate scan wall detailing rules on the utilization of Metroids.
  176. Explanation Comes from how a number of Pirate bases seem to have an abnormally convenient amount of tubes just perfect for Samus to Morph Ball inside of but the Pirates are unable to make use of. Spawned from a comic in which a Pirate Architect questions his cohort on why they would need to keep placing tubes in their bases. His buddy replies with the meme inquestion, red eyes aglow. Eventually the architect also ends up brainwashed.
  177. Explanation Early line from Anthony Higgs, first heard in the E3 trailer for the game, despite the fact that no one had ever seen him before.
  178. Explanation Another nickname for Anthony Higgs, which perfectly captures his Memetic Badass status.
  179. Explanation Catch Phrase of Adam Malkovich... which later becomes an As You Wish moment.
  180. Explanation Samus's final line to Mother Brain back in Super Metroid before killing her. If Other M is to be believed.
  181. Explanation Other M's attempt to explain Samus's lack of use of her powerups without resorting to Bag of Spilling... was not well received.
  182. Explanation Metroid Prime 3: Corruption's CO is more of a Memetic Badass than Adam.
  183. Explanation There is motherhood symbolism in Other M. And Samus's internal monologue won't let us miss any of it.
  184. Explanation A Phazon-corrupted Ghor proclaims the same fate for everything else in Corruption.
  185. Explanation Famous code that removes Samus's armor. One of many such as the Narpas Sword, but this one is the most remembered.
  186. Explanation He's a lot bigger than Samus... and a lot of people wanted him in the Smash series.
  187. Explanation The biggest success of Slowbeef's Let's Play of the Metroid Prime trilogy was the Alternative Character Interpretation of Ridley as a put-upon henchman with a screechy New Jersey accent. The above is his Catch Phrase. He is also known for falling for long periods of time and fits of claw-waving freakoutery.
  188. Explanation The first spoken lines of the original Fallout, and Arc Words for the entire series.
  189. Explanation Fallout is a game that lives and breathes on salvaging random crap from the wasteland. Unfortunately, your character can only carry as much as his/her strength allows before they become overloaded and slow. The sheer amount of goodies to be found and sold means this is going to happen A LOT.
  190. Explanation If you try to grab the sword in the Zelda-inspired room, it kills you, just like everything else.
  191. Explanation A popular Good Bad Translation. Just like "You spoony bard!", Atlus kept this line in for the PSP remake/retranslation.
  192. Explanation Akihiko's victory cry. It is actually really sad, since he starts using it only after Shinjiro dies.
  193. Explanation Mitsuru will often use Marin Karin (a spell which sometimes (read: almost never) inflicts Charm status on enemy) instead of something more appropriate.
  194. Explanation The Ear Worm battle theme.
  195. Explanation Used to mock the gratuitous Japanese used in the English localization. Can be used to mock any claims of realism a game has (e.g. "It's like I'm really committing crimes!" for Grand Theft Auto).
  196. Explanation A rather infamous Mondegreen.
  197. Explanation From a 4chan edit of a Rise hentai doujinshi.
  198. Explanation Teddie's dedication to bad puns is endless.
  199. Explanation One of Kanji's most famous lines.
  200. Explanation From Feinne's LP of the game on the Something Awful forums.
  201. Explanation From a fan hack that had Adachi as the Aeon Social Link.
  202. Explanation This line, uttered by the narrator when seeing Yukiko's laughing fit for the first time, became attached to Yukiko in many many fanworks related to her laughing.
  203. Explanation Yosuke and his peeing problems.
  204. Explanation The first one comes after episode 9 and 10, which is full to the brim of Rise/MC Ship Tease. The second comes in episode 12, in which Yousuke and the MC (Narukami) start going by First-Name Basis in a scene that's simply dripping with Ho Yay. Naturally, 4chan had a field day.
  205. Explanation After episode 15 (which shows the infamous field trip and the love hotel scene), the MC became a full-fledged Memetic Sex God. 4chan had another field day.
  206. Explanation A meme that started in Japan. Was originally a line in one scene where Adachi says he only has enough money to buy cabbage. Fandom later decided to make it his Trademark Favorite Food. With the release of the anime, it now has become an Ascended Meme.
  207. Explanation In the episode "Bad Day at Peril Park", Rush bites off one of the animal costumes to reveal Gutsman's shapely posterior. It quickly became fodder for YouTube Poop.
  208. Explanation In layman's terms: "We may be able to locate another energy emission from the radar room! When we find that meteor, we'll find Dr. Wily!"
  209. Explanation Frost Man's level in 8 has two auto-scrolling sections that require you to jump and slide quickly to proceed, or risk getting killed.
  210. Explanation Expect to hear this a lot when fighting Flame Hyenard in X7.
  211. Explanation From a dream sequence in Um Jammer Lammy.
  212. Explanation Princess Gwaelin/Lora won't take "no" for an answer after you've rescued her.
  213. Explanation Yet another arcade Mondegreen: the first boss, having been defeated, is actually saying 'Bury me with my money'.
  214. Explanation Originally posted on 4chan (or similar) describing OP's decision to switch his friend's accessory for something better during a bathroom break, because the Power Wrist had the worst defense but increased strength by one point.
  215. Explanation Frank says this early in the game, before it becomes clear that covering a zombie apocalypse is going to be a little harder.
  216. Explanation Chuck can make just about any combo weapon with a little duct tape.
  217. Explanation Halfway through the story, the narrator berates you (again) for making Jane do "sick" things, such as agreeing to her perverted boss' proposal, in order to proceed. While he's talking down to you, he puts on a chicken suit, and the picture is flipped upside down. The Angry Video Game Nerd's reaction to this turn of events is priceless.
  218. Explanation ...except you can actually knock the Blob on his ass in mid-taunt.
  219. Explanation As with most games, the player character (Ramirez) has to do absolutely everything himself, but Modern Warfare 2 actually contains another character telling him to do it, leading to endless jokes.
  220. Explanation In the background animation for Para Q, one of the rapidly-flashing images is of a dog with the caption "DOGY".
  221. Explanation When the Special chart for Enemy Storm was released, it was notorious for being the most difficult chart in the game at the time.
  222. Explanation The majority of the stripped-down lyrics in Supersonic (Mr. Funky Remix).
  223. Explanation Upon failing a song in Technika 2, shutters will suddenly slam down on the screen while a voice shouts "YOU FAILED. GAME OVER."
  224. Explanation Taken from a four-panel fan comic (formerly viewable on the wiki's page for God Hand) about the average reaction. It became a very popular source for edits.
  225. Explanation From the Bragging Theme Tune that plays over the ending credits.
  226. Explanation A video review gives a rather laconic but entirely accurate description of the game.
  227. Explanation An Interrupting Meme, based on how Dwarfs can easily be interrupted from whatever they are doing by Rhesus Macaques or any number of other things.
  228. Explanation Cats in the game are Explosive Breeders and can quickly turn into pests.
  229. Explanation Boatmurdered was a popular Let's Play with had contributions from many people, that due to epically poor management became a spectacular Wretched Hive, then a steaming crater.
  230. Explanation The format the game uses for item descriptions. "All craft(X)ship is of the highest quality" and "menaces with spikes of (material)" are especially common.
  231. Explanation Word of God as to the Carp, which could once shred dwarfs into pieces with little effort.
  232. Explanation The response you get in Adventure mode if you ask a child what their profession is.
  233. Explanation Footkerchief is a Big Name Fan on the game's official forum who's famous for being able to find if basically any question someone asks has been answered by Toady somewhere before.
  234. Explanation: Bracketing an ‼object‼ in "‼" indicates that it's currently on fire. The DF motto is "losing is fun" (in that it's a pure simulation and there's no winning condition). Fire often causes "Fun" (i.e. losing).
  235. Explanation: There's no manual, so finding things out the hard way is inevitable, whether for practical gameplay purpose or For Science!. That's why in DF common Self-Imposed Challenges include wide variety of dangerous, absurd or disgusting activities otherwise typically considered the exclusive purview of Mad Scientists. Which often involves magma and/or fire (see above).
  236. Explanation: a common joke is that the perfect solution to any problem in DF is dousing it in magma. Except the excess of magma, which can be solved by pumping it out onto something else.
  237. Explanation One of Travis' one-liners after dispatching a Mooks with his beam katana.
  238. Explanation Travis' derogatory nickname for the Irish assassin Henry (who, unbeknownst to him at the time, is his twin brother). Henry, having just kill-stolen by interrupting Travis' duel with Letz Shake, infuriates Travis to no end. Travis mocks Henry with this line in an Irish accent right after Henry leaves. This would soon become Henry's nickname among the fandom.
  239. Explanation Right before Travis goes on to fight the Big Bad of the sequel, Sylvia shows up at his apartment and makes good on her promise to have sex with Travis from the first game. Earlier in Desperate Struggle, Sylvia mentions that her favorite yoga position is the Downward Dog. After Travis bangs her, he excitedly walks outside and shouts the aforementioned words.
  240. Explanation A phrase randomly screamed by Mooks after you kill them. After they explode into fleshy confetti.
  241. Explanation A oft-used taunt by some enemies in the sequel. They will say it nonstop, and, yes, it is as annoying as it sounds.
  242. Explanation Another taunt. Same guys as before. Equally obnoxious.
  243. explanation Travis, being an Otaku, is heavily obsessed with Japanese culture. This cultural fascination is passed on to Travis' self-proclaimed pupil Shinobu in Desperate Struggle. Who has no idea what it means, and even asks.
  244. Explanation In Desperate Struggle, Shinobu takes over as a playable character for a short period of time. The first is Million Gunman, a greedy man with a Money Fetish and a colorful vocabulary.
  245. Explanation Given how over-the-top NMH is, it should be no surprise that Million Gunman's choice of weaponry is a golden gun that uses money as ammo.
  246. Explanation The third boss of the sequel is Charlie MacDonald, who you duel in a mecha battle. The Death Parade Beam is one of his favorite attacks.
  247. Explanation Charlie usually belts this out in response to you kicking his ass.
  248. Explanation The last boss and the bonus boss shatter the fourth wall in the first game, with the former commenting on how if she didn't say her life's story in fast forward, the game would be delayed or banned. The quote also doubles as one of the many Take Thats in media to Duke Nukem Forever.
  249. Explanation One of Travis' one-liners during a Super Mode, all of which are based on deserts/berries/characters from his favorite anime.
  250. Explanation When Ethan's son gets lost in a crowd, pressing the X button causes him to shout "JASON!" over and over.
  251. Explanation This is one of the more infamous lines said by Iji while under the effects of a secret unlockable, the Scrambler, which scrambles game dialogue and replaces it with either random nonsense or hilarity.
  252. Explanation Palm's death cry in Mushihime-sama Futari from Stage 3 onwards. Reco is a plot-critical friend of Palm and the other player character.
  253. Explanation Your cousin invites you to hang out at inappropriate times.
  254. Explanation The Professor sees puzzles in everything.
  255. explanation Soldier ants are the single highest cause of death in the game, according to
  256. Explanation One of the pre-determined "help" messages that can be left behind by players.
  257. Explanation The English version's...odd name for a substance that can be used to enchant weapons.
  258. Explanation The Narmtastic reveal in 7 Days a Skeptic.
  259. Explanation Cougars are the resident Goddamned Bats of the game, leading to this reaction.
  260. Explanation The only warning you get before you are killed by a Cougar.
  261. explanation Said by the masked shopkeepers who appear in every town.
  262. Explanation Spoken by the endboss of Stage 4, Ariana, in the English dub.
  263. Explanation A few of York's many eccentricities in Deadly Premonition, talking to "Zach" and consulting his coffee for advice every morning.
  264. Explanation Recette's Catch Phrase. Used to summarise the game's version of Adam Smith Hates Your Guts, where the player gets to inflict it.
  265. Explanation A video about the complete history of the Soviet Union sung to the melody of Tetris quickly spread across the internet. The line would constantly reappear throughout the song, and now you can usually expect to find it several times in the comments for any video related to Tetris or Korobeiniki.
  266. Explanation Sulu is the first quest giver, located in an office near the starting point. New players got overwhelmed with the huge social area and never found him. Eventually became an Ascended Meme.
  267. Explanation An NPC who tricks the player character pretty thoroughly into doing his bidding more than once. Some people weren't too happy about it.
  268. Explanation A glitch caused the aforementioned station to disappear, prompting the joking explanation from the developers which also became an Ascended Meme.
  269. Explanation The first mission with voice acting, which was released near Halloween, and involved exploring a dark, creepy abandoned section of a space station. The voice comes out of nowhere and seriously scared a surprising amount of people.
  270. Explanation due to misunderstanding the game's UI, some people thought an "able crew" meter, which will drain and refill as the ship is attacked, represented hundreds of red shirts dying and being reborn constantly.
  271. Explanation the first few special rewards for helping test new content were Borg tribbles and Undine tribbles. A holographic tribble came later. Now, anytime there's speculation for a new limited availability item, the first guess is always some kind of tribble.
  272. Explanation The Star Trek fandom looking way too hard at 3D models and threatening to Rage Quit over tiny inconsistencies with the TV program.
  273. Explanation On newer computers, the sequence where the Infomaniac asks if you really want to quit the game glitches a lot. Leaving it at the right moment may cause him to get stuck looping one of six known phrases and then appear floating around the island.
  274. Explanation The first time that The Unintelligible Jamba spoke, his goons reacted with "Uh-oh!" and a translation: "The boss is... seriously angry!", respectively. Jamba's goons did this every time he spoke, and every time after the first the translation was very non-Uh-oh-worthy.
  275. Explanation One of the first things the player must do when starting up a new game is finding wood. The character in the game is capable of punching a tree until it seperates into wood blocks. Don't ask how it's possible.
  276. Explanation Creepers were originally a pig model that failed.
  277. Explanation See the attached picture.
  278. Explanation Rana is a removed female character who wears a frog hat.
  279. Explanation Someone wrote a story about them building a machine designed to suck mobs into an underwater basin and drown them. He caught a Sheep, and it looked at him as if he was saying "How could you?" right before being sucked in. He made a memorial and named it Thomas; he quickly became a prophet to the community. Shortly after, Notch added Cows which are both annoying and had a case of pushing someone into a lava pit. Someone called their god "Mooch", and it quickly became a religious war with Sheep vs. Cows.
  280. Explanation The King of All Cosmos at one point says Russia is big, "but it's not as big as Our royal thing".
  281. Explanation The sound that a priest makes in the first Age of Empires. Became a taunt for Age of Empires II.
  282. Explantion ASCII art of a jinjo from Banjo-Kazooie that pops up in ASCII art threads or discussions about jinjos. Always unexpected, similar to the Spanish Inquisition.
  283. Explanation Although it refers to extra lives today, it was originally used to identify "player 1" (or some variant). The "U" wasn't always used though, resulting in "1P").
  284. Explanation In Japan, this English word refers to losing a life/ship/what have you.
  285. Explanation Refers to getting an extra life. Again, chiefly Japanese usage.
  286. Explanation Typically the name of the "no point-based extra lives" setting. Again, used mainly in Japanese-developed games.
  287. Explanation William S. Sessions, Director, FBI
  288. Explanation Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, originally a manga comic, got made into a Playstation game. One of the characters has a special attack in which he screams "ZA WARUDO" (the closest Japanese transliteration of "the world"), throws a bunch of knives at his opponent, crushes them with a steamroller, then stands atop the steamroller and lets out a primal scream that has received memetic mutation of its own, usually spelled "WRYYYYYYYYYYYY!" The whole thing can be seen at
  289. Explanation Rage of Sparta is the music track that generally plays whenever Kratos kills one of the gods in the third game. People have started to apply it to whenever Kratos gets pissed enough to kill something.
  290. Explanation (all) From a video showcasing abuse of the game's text-to-speech function for fun and profit.
  291. Explanation This is what Q*Bert would always say whenever he hit an object (or an object hit him). It appears in a speech bubble, a reference to it's clasic use in comic books.
  292. Explanation Pre-battle speeches in Total War games change according to your general's traits. This amusing line is heard in Rome:TW when your Roman general is known as a Butcher (a trait gained by repeatedly playing on to kill routing enemies after you've won a battle).
  293. Explanation Joe's own spin on Captain Blue telling him to say the words "HENSHIN!" to transform.
  294. Explanation Bomb Squigs are the Orkz' suicide troops and pack a helluva punch. They also travel in packs and have no qualms about assaulting you while you're stuck in melee with 20 of their green buddies. Oh, and they do enough damage to kill you outright if you've taken more than 3 hits.
  295. Explanation Announced at the beginning of every boss stage.
  296. Explanaton This one evolved out of the perception that the Hetzer,a tank destoyer with fixed gun, is a terrible tank, as sort of an insult.
  297. Explanation Retsupurae's riff on the second game inspired a million of these comments.
  298. Explanation Two-face says this after Catwomen scratches him, causing his gun to fall outta his hand, and she taunts him by saying "No gun, Harv? Shame."
  299. Explanation Gades's Badass Boast, a simple typo created by the translators.
  300. Explanation Outside his own name, this is pretty much the only word he says that isn't spoken in his "unique" language.
  301. Explanation Typically translated as "Let's go!". Klonoa sometimes says this when he's about go on his next adventure.
  302. Explanation What his name sounds like in his language whenever it's spoken.
  303. Explanation Joka's name sounds like this when it's spoken.
  304. Explanation Aside from the internet, this one is otherwise only known in Japan since the Famicom (the original Japanese name for the NES) Disk System was never released in North America or Europe. Many games made for it would more often than not have the players turn the disk over in order to actually play it, although Side A needed to be put in first ("Set" refers to the action of inserting a disk).
  305. Explanation "Please insert [lit., "set"] side B"; the Japanese rendition of the above.
  306. Explanation There was in fact loading on a Nintendo console long before the Nintendo GameCube (let alone the Wii) came along. This happened on Famicom Disk System games.
  307. Explanation "Please wait".
  308. Explanation This marketing slogan for the NES continued into the first two years of the Super NES era. It was even incorporated into Nintendo Power magazine on occasion. It was replaced with "The Best Play Here" around the Super Mario All Stars release and then "Play It Loud" alongside Donkey Kong Country, which continued into the early Nintendo 64 era.
  309. Explanation An early slogan for the Nintendo 64 that was even incorporated into renewal notices for Nintendo Power subscribers.
  310. Explanation This anti-piracy message (along other variants) appeared in Super NES games whenever anyone tried to use cheat devices (e.g.: Game Genie), or tried to copy the game's files to a PC. Some honest gamers have reported being scared by the message when they first saw it (especially if their game didn't have a booklet).
  311. Explanation In Raocow's Let's Play of Cat Planet... he repeated the name of the game. A lot.
  312. Explanation It's become rather memetic to make remixes and parodies of the startup.
  313. Explanation Buri Hamachi videos are set to a looped segment of a song from the game called "EXEC_HYMME_BATTLESPHERE/.#Saki extracting". A part of the song sounds like the singer is saying "buri hamachi", buri and hamachi both being words for the Japanese amberjack. Thus, Buri Hamachi videos involve a dancing character holding a fish. The stripping at the end comes from the "Purging" game mechanic, in which female characters strip to their underwear to power up their magic.
  314. Explanation In Black Knight 2000, if you acheieved the game's "Wizard" mode (called "The King's Ransom" in this game), it would eventually tell you that every feature of the game was lit.
  315. Explanation In most games, this light appears near and between the flippers, and lights up when you get an extra ball. Later games would display "SHOOT AGAIN" when your extra ball gets used.
  316. Explanation A very high number of points that, in early games, would steadily increase between games, much like lottery jackpots.
  317. Explanation Refers to a free game, which is very hard to get.
  318. Explanation Usually appears when players are on their last ball.
  319. Explanation After the players lose their last ball, they are given a chance to get a free game, which would be given if the last two digits of their score matches a randomly chosen two-digit number, but this never happens most of the time.
  320. Explanation The sound most machines make when a free game is earned.
  321. Explanation When two or more balls are in play at the same time.
  322. Explanation A feature, sometimes controlled by the player that usually prevents your ball from going into the outlane (which would result in your ball being lost).
  323. Explanation The earliest machines were often used for gambling, which was later outlawed in most states. Now pinball games must make it clear that they are not to be used for gambling.
  324. Explanation A side mode in Creature From The Black Lagoon involved an annoying guy in a drivethru and the methods used to remove him. The main quote from the mode has shown up in a large number of other pinballs.
  325. Explanation A running gag among Bally/Williams pinballs is a completely random cow showing up somewhere during gameplay, usually in an obscure manner. This has even made its way to video pinballs made by Fuse Games.
  326. Explanation Many pinball machines designed by Pat Lawlor include a spinning disc on the playfield that throws off shots, and some even include magnets underneath the board. A variation on this quote often shows up in those games.
  327. Explanation The word the Teladi are obsessed with, and say using Sssssnaketalk.
  328. Explanation "GoD" is the name given to the games' economics management engine, which among other things deletes underperforming NPC space stations. Closely related to Random Number God in effect.
  329. Explanation "Bimmy" is a typo that appears in the NES version of Double Dragon III in the opening prologue of the 2-Player mode. Curiously, the 1-Player mode spells "Billy" correctly, since it loads a different string of text.
  330. Explanation On the launch of the game, Diablo III, everybody has been receiving a error called Error 37 which basically preventing you from loginning in the game thus preventing you from playing the game. cue Internet Counterattack where tons of gamers going to metacritic giving reviews with scores of 0s.
  331. Explanation Nintendo's pre-E3 2012 announcement video featured a demonstration of the Wii U's capabilities via a nerdy video gamer's struggle against zombies. His only friend (prior to using the Wii U) is a bizarre custom action figure that he refers to by the above name. Viewers took a shine to it immediately, to the point of demanding its appearance in the next Super Smash Bros..
  332. Explanation A demonstration of the Wii U had Reggie making a zombified version of himself. Cue his terrified reaction.